Feb. 9th, 2013

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Allo. I went to London yesterday. I 'took' a friend who wanted to see a particular musical, but had no one to go with and wouldn't go alone, but had been wanting to go for 20 odd years! So I did all the booking etc and off we tootled yesterday. She's an older lady with limited mobility (who won't admit to limited mobility) so the day was literally getting there, watching the show, eating a sandwich and getting back again - no gadding about or shopping (apart from flying into muji and buying some more of my favourite toothbrushes!)

It was a nice day though, good conversation - although if you were among the commuter crowd seriously held up by our very slow progress through the tube tunnels I offer my apologies!

The show (Phantom) isn't one of my faves and I think the Phantom was pretty poor really, poor enunciation and a bit screechy. (I don't know who played him, the website says the current listed artist is on holiday), but the performance still held my attention. The 4 people beside us though... They arrived at the last minute and proceeded to spend the first half eating - not theatre appropriate snacks though, oh no, they chowed down on numerous hot pastries with cheese and onion and god knows what other stinky ingredients - from paper bags. Rustly paper bags that they only abandoned after some very pointed looks from those directly in front of them. In the second half, 2 of them relocated to vacant seats in the row behind them, allowing the other two to hobble their coats together, make pillows and go (apparantly) to sleep. Surely there are better (cheaper) places to do that?

Friend loved it though, thrilled with the staging and the performance in general and seemed very happy.

Today I was ridiculously exhausted though - I took Mum for blood tests and shopping and lunch then came home. Popped upstairs to turn the heating and change my clothes and sat down on the bed for a cat cuddle. I woke up 3.5 hours later!

Perhaps my poor stamina explains why on the tube, with a limping, wincing obviously in discomfort 63 year old, I was the one who was offered a seat! (how mice that I was offered though.)
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Oh but perks of the tube journey...

The evening journey was horrendously packed, people crushed together, usual stuff. There was a man standing leaning against the glass near the door and at the last minute another chap jumps on. He has to hold on to the pole for balance, grabs hold and off we go. The flurry of activity and grabbing and balancing passes and second chap realises that he is standing practically nose to nose with the other chap, his grasp on the pole means that he is reaching out and past him, holding on near his head/neck. They are literally inches apart, facing each other and subject to the swaying of the train. The agony of eye contact, eye contact avoidance and trying to balance whilst not invading the other's space was delicious.

The other notable point in my day? Walking to the train station first thing in the morning and a lorry drives past me - straight through the puddle I'm walking past and causing a stereotypical drowning with ice cold water. I was soaked, dripping wet hair and soggy face - and fuming! I may have shouted a very rude word after him.


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