Feb. 21st, 2013

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Hello. I'm feeling a little more in control of things/less desperate at the moment, thank goodness.

It's come at a cost on the one hand, in that I worked 36 hours in 3 days, but on the other hand, I made some progress in those 36 hours. In particular I spent a couple of hours on Wed not actually working as such, but sorting out all the variously located collapsing piles of paperwork, so that I now know what actually has to be done and by when. It hasn't made any less work (in fact I found some things that had been missed) but at least I know now what I'm facing. So that has helped enormously. Plus I can see the desk now!

I had today off - for the last I don't know how long, my days off have been spent in my pyjamas alternately sleeping and crying but today I made sure I had a 9am appointment, which got me out and about early and I've been busy all day. Which I knew I should have been doing/done earlier, but just couldn't.

But today I have delivered all the things that needed delivering, bought, wrapped and sent birthday presents, taken stuff to Charity shops and the recycling centre (Oh the woe, no-one but no-one wanted my vhs tapes. I went to several charity shops and emailed others and they all said a resounding no. They went to the tip for recycling in the end. I watched once loved tapes go into the bins and there was sadness.), I also took my Mother's rubbish. She collects every piece of plastic, including taking apart bubble wrap envelopes and asked me to take some to the recycling centre - When I went to pick them up she had 4 enormous (so large they wouldn't fit in my car boot) sacks full!

Also I've done washing and drying, had a haircut, been to teh pharmacy for medication, been to the free range butcher chappie, slow cooked and frozen stuff, made the world's biggest fruit salad, been to my brother's and my mothers *and* won £80 on a scratchcard!!

I feel healthily tired today and for the first time in a very long time there isn't a cloud in my head.

I hope it stays like this.


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