Mar. 7th, 2013

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I'd planned to spend the day in my jim jams, but Mum's been a bit under the weather, So I went to keep her company instead. Now I'm home and in my PJs and I realised I'm hungry and have very little food in. I'm contemplating going to a drive through without getting dressed again, but I suspect I'll have a banana or something.

That sent me to sleep writing that, sorry for making you read it.

I took all my vhs to the recycling centre a couple of weeks ago. Films and shows I hadn't looked at in years, but I whimpered as I put them in the crate and keep finding myself on Amazon - my finger slipped Sunday and I bought the entire Soldier Soldier - mainly because Jerome Flynn in Ripper Street, which I finally caught up with. 23 discs of Paddy and Dave and oh I shipped them before I knew that's what I was doing and I'm not sure when I'll find the time to watch them, but I am excite for them to arrive. (Oh and Tony and Donna and oh, so many others. Oh I did love it)

Ripper Street is finished. So is Suits *and* White Collar (I guess that's where I'll get the time to watch Soldier Soldier, if none of my other shows are on!). None of them ended on a high, oh but I saw a still from Lincoln and Hardman from Suits is in it and he looked so curly and chubby cheeked and vulnerable.

I've decided. Coffee and a banana.
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Oh. I've just watched Broadchurch. Amazing start to a show, very strong. So good.


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