Apr. 1st, 2013

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I had vague plans of painting my bathroom this long weekend, I even went so far as to but the paint on Friday - but then Friday disappeared in taking Mum out and about and paint buying, Saturday vanished in a muddle of washing and then somehow falling asleep on the sofa and sleeping the *entire* afternoon away. Sunday I took Mum out again and I spent this morning out with my friend, and although it was feasibly possible to start decorating this afternoon, I have instead spent the last 3 hours dithering on here, reading fanfic and using the cats to keep me warm after the heating turned itself off.

And I don't actually care. House is still an (unpainted) mess, but I have at least had some relaxation. Mum is out this afternoon, so I've had some guilt free time and I don't mind that I've used it to be lazy instead of chores. At least I've managed to stay awake, which is a greater triumph than it should be. So tired, all the bloody time. I wake up tired, so wakefulness is a success, time with friends also.

Plus Lent finished so I got to eat chocolate too, which is yet another win.

These victories are small, life is kinda sucky in real terms, so I'm going to take what I can get, when I can!


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