Apr. 21st, 2013

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There was sunshine yesterday, which yay! And it meant I was productive.

Some of it I didn't have a choice over, my bathroom light broke in the week - I've been peeing in the dark ever since, (good job I know where everything is!) Yesterday my friend's lovely Dad came round to fix it for me, so I was up at dawn's crack blitzing the house, hoovering etc. I had a shiny neat house. Yay!

Light was mended and I was all settled to be productive for the rest of the day. And I was, just in my usual haphazard, 2 minute attention span kind of way.

I have(had) a plastic mini shed in my yard for a while. It's broken, but full of stuff. I bought a new, much smaller one and have been waiting for good weather to get out there and sort it. So yesterday I attacked it. The process went something like this:

Take all the stuff out of the shed. Argh! spider. run away. Back again. What's this? Takes 30 minutes working out what this is, before realising you don't need it. Find paint tins. Remember you meant to look up how to dispose of paint tins. Go on internet, find out you have to call the council for paint tins. Have a browse on the internet whilst there, after all it would be churlish not to. Remember that you've been looking to get a piece of foam cut to repair the ottoman seat. Google and find out who does this locally. Phone them and be told they can do it, and could do it today if you get there before noon. Go and measure ottoman. Decide you might as well go now. Go get foam cut. Waiting in shop get a call from mother. Say you'll call her back later. On the way home, go get petrol, realise you're now only 5 minutes from mother, you might as well pop in rather than phone. Visit with mother. Brother and sister in law arrive while there, so visit with them too. When they leave it's lunchtime and you know if you insist on lunch Mother will eat too rather than just eat a biscuit, so stop there for lunch. Get back home around 2.30 and remember the carnage in the back yard. Empty and sort contents of shed. Realise you need to dump 95% of it and wonder why you bought a new storage thing at all. Attempt to disassemble the old storage shed. Realise you don't have a clue how and end up attacking it with chisels and hammer. Break it eventually just as you noticed there is blood all over the place. Repair hands, hoping you haven't got some dreadful disease from the muck in the wound. Decide now is as good a time as any to go to the recycling centre. Realise the shed parts are bigger than your car. Jump up and down on them in the street, being glad for the first time that you are the size of a small elephant, before remembering that you are doing in this in the main street. Carry on regardless. gather pieces and put them in the car. Go to the tip, realising en route that you left the windows open in the house. Queue for ever for the tip and when you get home realise it's taken you almost 90 minutes. Return to the yard and start once more. Pile the second load for the tip to one side, watch your cat pee all over it and realise your car is going to stink tomorrow. Contemplate the building of the new storage thing. It's flat pack, it's a plastic rectangle. How hard can it be? Realise you should never have even thought that. Watch as hands start bleeding again at the very idea. Break the habit of a lifetime and decide to prep the area before actually starting. Realise that the tiny patio slab in the corner is as unmoveable as a mountain when you see the gigantuan spider that lives behind it. Give up and take a bath.
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I took on the spider and won!

(Well, I encouraged him, at arm's shovel length to wait in another part of the garden until I'd done.)

I then realised the truth in the adage "you get what you pay for" and realised that my cheap storage chest was exactly that. But it's together, things are in it. I've made a second trip to the tip and 2 of my fingers aren't sore and bleeding, so that's good.

Now I'm wondering what to watch, whilst pining for 8pm when the heating comes on and I can stop hiding beneath my biddy blanket.


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