Apr. 23rd, 2013

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A proper good day.

Work, well, work was work, but I have begun to find my mojo again and remember what it is I like about the job, so that in itself is a win. It's still impossible to do it, because of the workloads, but I'm remembering why I enjoy it instead of feeling the money is the only thing keeping me there.

But good though that is, that isn't why today is a good day.

That is because Mum's latest health scare, which I haven't posted about because it's been too depressing and scary, and writing about it meant making it real, has been descared a little. She's had a recurring water infection, that has been hanging around for around 3 months now. different lots of antibiotics haven't worked. Then she started bleeding when she passed water, then she said she found a lump, then she was talking about nasty discharge and blood when she pooped. Joined with general tiredness and loss of appetite... so we've been scared, and Mum's been depressed with the pain and discomfort and the fear and.

Well, she had blood tests back today that didn't show anything scary, the water infection seems finally to have gone. She has a rectocele (the 'lump') and piles (the bleeding) and is a little anaemic (the tiredness). She still has to have more tests to confirm the water infection has gone and the other symptoms should go with that. It's a huge relief and you can see her feeling better already, with just that terror gone. It means I'll be able to sleep that's for sure!

And then, to top of the day nicely, I've spent the evening in Carluccio's restaurant in Norwich, learning how to make pasta from scratch. It was fab, a small group of us set up in the corner of the restaurant, all with our own work station, gas burner and ingredients - we made fresh egg pasta and created spinach and ricotta ravioli and tortellini and farfalle and tagliatelle. Cooked in a butter and sage sauce with parmesan - it was brilliant - we made it, then cooked and ate it. Such a fun evening, we got to take our (uncooked) leftovers home, pasta, sauce, cheese etc, got a pasta cutter and recipe books to take home and had wine, coffee and dessert thrown in.

It was grand.


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