Jun. 9th, 2013

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We went to Aldeburgh yesterday - and got bumped into, pushed past, barged against and stopped in front of the whole time we were there. Not one apology or smile, or acknowledgement at all. I think it is the rudest place we have ever been to. It's incredibly pretty (one of those places you can imagine having a committee meeting about you if your grass is too long, or a shrub out of place.) but rude rude rude.

So we went on our way in a huff and went to a little beach cafe near Sizewell... which was very much the opposite of Aldeburgh. It was clean and seemed okay (it had been recommended as a hidden gem), and our scone and coffee was very nice. But then they cooked scampi for someone whilst we were there and the place filled with a greasy fug and the stench was unbearable (smelled of burnt fried eggs) and so we also left there as swiftly as we were able.

And then, driving home I near screeched to a halt having seen this awesome pub sign:  photo 08062013311_zps6d4f5ba8.jpg

It restored my mood most efficiently.

Today I have been mostly asleep, although I did venture out for an eye test. No new specs *needed*, but I shall buy some when the vet and blinds have been paid for.

oh yes, the blinds arrived. They look good, although the cats haven't quite sussed out how they can sit on the windowsills. The chap who fitted them told me he fitted some last month to an elderly couple with a small dog which also liked to sit on the windowsill and watch the world go by - and they had him cut the bottoms off 5 of the vertical slats to make him a viewing window. That's dedicated pet ownership for you!


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