Jul. 6th, 2013

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And for all but two days of it, I've been lain on my sofa feeling sorry for myself. Which in itself is unpleasant, but it limits the inspiration to say something more interesting than "I've been flaked out on the sofa for 5 days feeling sorry for myself."

Today, though, I made an attempt to sort out my kindle fic - the kindle itself is sorted into fandom, but I've kind of chucked everything I download (I'm talking about fanfic here, not novels) into a kindle folder on my pc, and so that contains everything, higgledy piggledy, and includes all the ones that I've gotten halfway through then deleted in disgust, or boredom or frustration, and I really need it sort it all out. I've started at least.

My kindle content is, well, I bought a slightly less than official set of discs containing 9000 books, so, my kindle consists of the Potters, Pratchett, Reacher and a few other 'comfort' reads. Plus for some reason 19 Dresden books, when I haven't read any of those and can never bring myself to start. Someone must have said they're good for me to click on them when I saw them! Anyway. Those aside, the rest is fanfic. Which is nice, 'cos it means I'm never far away from some porny hurt comfort. But I'm not fully savvy on converting files, so if it isn't on AO3 in a mobi file, I can't read it.

Anyway. I started listing and foldering and sorting things out. And then I got distracted by reading and that's as far as I got. However, as I still find moving further than the bathroom and back slightly impossible, I anticipate I'll get time to sort further tomorrow.

My Mum has been a sweetheart though. She's spent Friday and Saturday here with me, feeding cats on demand, replenishing my hotwater bottle (pretty much on demand) and just mothering me to within an inch of my life. :)


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