Jul. 8th, 2013

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Today has seen more of the same, but I made it into the garden for 10minutes today. Twice! (Once to put washing out, once to get it in. The excitement!

I took photos of two of my kitties. I'm still trying to learn the new camera and these were taken using the "Specially for pets setting". This doesn't explain why Rufus looks so distorted. Bruce was trying to look pretty though.

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Someone put a picture on facebook today that reminded me of Sunnie Mann (Wife of a man taken hostage in Beirut in the 80s), I commented as such and was going to post an image of her too.

She wasn't on google - well, to be 100% truthful, it was almost impossible to find an image, I had to do all sorts of word combinations to find her and eventually found a grainy, tiny shot. By which time the momentum was lost and I didn't bother linking.

It got me thinking though, all the movies and dramas where the detective (or stalker) gets a full profile within seconds. I know that's fake, "sequence has been shortened" stuff. But it made me curious.

So I googled myself, which sounds ruder and more fun than it is. On the image search there is nothing relating to me at all. The web search does go straight to my facebook, (which has some (most?) of the security things in place for non friends.) But that's it.

I'm not disappointed by this, and I know that movies fib. But I've been bored brainless. Laying on the sofa, browsing the web and/or reading and watching DVDs sounds delightful (and is) when it's a rarity, but when it's all day, everyday it gets old fast.

I googled Lolabobs too, and although about half of the web search results (well, the first ones, I couldn't be bothered to search in depth) relate to me, again, none of the image search results are actually pictures of me. (Although there are many many things that I have commented on though!)

Hmm. Why am I wittering on about this? See comment above re boredome I suppose. And now you're bored too.


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