Jul. 9th, 2013

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I live in a seaside town, and the seagulls have their babies on the local rooftops every year. A few years ago there was a baby wandering round the road after it fell from the nest and, for a brief period of time, the street was adorned with small bowls of food and water outside every other door - which warmed the heart. Until someone shot it.

Today, there was a dead seagull atop my car. It showed no signs of injury, no wounds, but was (apparently, I made Mother go look when she visited) just dead on the car, with food in its mouth. I don't know what kills seagulls, if it could be natural causes, or if someone has poisoned it. The roof above has a dead chick on it. Not sure whether poison killed both, or whether the parent gull died and the chick died as a result. Further distressing me, is the fact that I can't be sure if there is another chick on the roof, (it's too dark to see, I spotted something that might be just as dusk was settling, there was nothing noticeable all day.) And if it is, I don't know if it's now abandoned or if the other parent seagull is tending it. Do they care in pairs? There are so many seagulls in the street, it's impossible to tell if any sounds are coming from a chick on that roof, or one of the others. It's unsettling me.

I'm also unsettled as I don't know whether I should go to work tomorrow. Realistically, I don't think I should. I would have to leave for a 90 minute drive for a morning's training, leaving at 7.30am, before moving on to a prison visit (more driving) in the afternoon. I'm still exhausted, have had two naps today and feel bleurgh. So, logically, I know I shouldn't even be thinking about it. BUT I no longer feel like death, so feel guilty at being absent on sick. Plus I will have to phone in sick tomorrow and still struggle under the thought if you call in sick you should *sound* sick.

It's stupid. I won't have the energy to do a day's travelling. I am still worn out, I have some residual pain and I am wan. it is very unlikely that I shall go in, but I shall not sleep fretting about it, and I shall feel sick until I call, and guilty after I do. You can see why I have never ever 'pulled a sickie' in my life, can't you.

I just feel bleurgh in general today.

Oh, but to end on a positive note, I watched Raymond Blanc tonight and he is soooo slashy. He has a chef mini me assistant. (Sous chef? I don't know his rank) called Adam (Although Raymond pronounces it all French and sweet and A-dam) and they have a fun relationship. But today Raymond was chasing him with a spritzy water bottle. And then, as if this little bromance with Adam isn't enough, he went to an Australian butcher and whilst they were carving up some beef, the butcher was saying how the clavicle was "just the right shape to spank a french chef" and how he would like Raymond there "all the time to hold my meat." Later they were drinking beer together, with Raymond asking "Why is yours bigger than mine".

So there's that.


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