Jul. 11th, 2013

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1. So there is a chick, but it belongs to another gull. This is the only truth I am prepared to accept now.

2. I went to the Doctor this morning. He saw me in the waiting room and told me to go and wait in his room, whilst he was off doing I don't know what. There were letters on his desk, and his pc was on and open. If I were in a movie, I would have stolen lots of data and amended someone's records. Or at the very least, proved my Doctor was a drug dealing criminal mastermind. Instead I sat there nipping my arm, because I was a bit broken this morning.

Time waiting in the surgery and plotting the overthrow of Evil!Doc was considerably longer than actual consultation time. Basically I have more pills and they are now on repeat prescription, so I don't have to go back to see him (He knows I'm onto him.) I accepted this today, 'cos like I said, was too wibbly to contradict, but I *will* go back if things don't improve.

3. This was all over by 9.30am and my instinct was to return home and go to bed, but as I have to go to work tomorrow, I thought I should attempt to build some stamina (as, prior to today, I have only been outside for 30 minutes in a week and a half). So I went to Reydon and *finally* photographed The Angel. This is a statue in a church yard I spotted around 4 years ago and have been wanting to get at with a camera ever since. So now I have the equipment off I went.

The Angel )

It actually turned out into a ice morning - I drove around aimlessly after Reydon, wafting along various country lanes, through small villages, stopping into random churchyards in the hope of other beautiful finds. It lightened my mood no end.

4. I might go into my back yard and chop down some of the neighbour's ivy. (It's a derelict neighbour and it threatens to block my access. It was always a job for Daddy.
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I did. I did go and chop down the ivy. With no appropriate forward planning. Hence there is now a mountain of Ivy blocking my access way, it's just on the floor instead of on the tree. I did have very naughty thoughts of sweeping it along to the end of the passageway and through a hole in the fence into the derelict garden below. This garden has been derelict and broken for years. Today, as I crept and swept along the path, I saw that someone has cleared it all and is planning a garden. Which, lovely for them, slightly inconvenient for me.

Oh, and I mentioned insufficient planning. This was emphasised when half way through, I brushed a leaf from my top and realised I was still in my pyjamas...

Ah well.

As an aside, Mcdonalds' Mango smoothie is very nice when diluted with lemonade.


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