Jul. 12th, 2013

In Deep!

Jul. 12th, 2013 09:08 pm
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Jennifer sent me In Deep. Along with a gloriously glittery Get Well greeting.


I don't like it at all. Garth is called Garth. He has an awful accent and awful hair and appears to be styled to be the worst looking he could ever look ever. He's called Garth.

Liam is Nick Berry.

It's dreadful.

Which is why I've watched Season 1 in a day and a bit and am about to start on season 2. Liam's dysfunctional marriage is crumbling and it feels all 90s gritty even though it was made later than that, and Meera Syal is the psychologist and is wry (and breaking probably every rule invented.) And Garth gets wonderfully attached and vulnerable. And the second episode, with the paedophiles was the best. Garth cried and I found him disturbingly appealing when he was in the prison and yes. Liam and Garth appear to ignore each other and don't do deep and meaningfuls and yet.

I'm off to watch the next episode. (eta: Ian McShane oh my goodness.)

Thank you Jennifer for In Deep and the gloriously glittery Get Well greeting.

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In non tv related news, I went back to work today. That was unpleasant. 300 emails (I managed to get that down to 200 by deleting all the emails about absences, cake and bee slaughter*), a morning spent trying to find b&b accommodation for a bod and an afternoon spent with shouty/letchy man, followed by a man whose partner died in their bed on Tuesday and is in shock and mourning and my bosses want me to force him to complete specific tasks and another man who upon receiving a warning letter re a missed appointment decided to discover "what colour his bones were" by cutting himself open to see.

I'd like that life changing lottery win about now please.

*bee slaughter.... apparently we had a bee's nest on the property, so they hired exterminators and destroyed it. This prompted a response of dismay from one or two colleagues - the only response they were given was a stern reminder/warning about the "misuse of company email" in complaining about it.


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