Jul. 16th, 2013

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Work was work and unpleasant and busy and not a jot enjoyable.

I had a very enjoyable family meal this evening however, so that was good.

During the course of the meal, my brother and sister in law, showed their latest tattoos. Anita has a pink ribbon in angel wings, to mark her all clear from breast cancer. (She's having a big party next week for the same celebration.) It's quite nice and aesthetically pleasing. Pete's is on a similar theme - A pink ribbon, but entwined around a naked woman.

Both have a number if tatts, and Pete acknowledges he is 'addicted', he is now planning a sleeve. He goes for the Marillion harlequin/jester style of art, which isn't my cup of tea as such, but he likes them.

I have such mixed feelings about tattoos, I am always intrigued by them, but terrified by the idea of having something I would ultimately hate, knowing it's there forever. I'm also intrigued by the pain aspect of them - it seems like the acceptable side of self harm. (They were talking about scarrifying earlier too, which also intrigues me). I don't know.

Peter said that when he got his latest tattoo done, he asked his artist to draw a specific image for a tattoo for me - he wouldn't say what it was, but he is paying this guy to draw the design out for me to look at (completely unprompted by me) - and now I'm really curious as to what it is he thinks I wold be tempted by.

I go through this cycle of wanting a tattoo every so often, but have never yet succumbed.

My hare arrived. Screen prints are a much safer, less permanent way of inviting art into ones life!


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