Jul. 24th, 2013

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I skived off work this afternoon. I had a prison visit (where, for a change, when asked why he acted in a certain way, the chap said "I was a prat." which, you know, refreshing.) But it finished earlier than expected, so I called in and said I was leaving off and I went for a meander instead. So a circuitous drive through the countryside (where I saw my first real life owl), eventually led me to the seaside, where I treated myself to a 99 on the clifftop.

Whilst there a group of teenagers walked by, one of whom sat next to me as his chums peeled off elsewhere. Then, at the top of his voice, he sang out "I've just had sex.... I put my penis inside her....it was good."

He then got up to walk away, stopped in front of me and said "I'm doing that on X_Factor. I'm making myself look like a douche, and my friends will pay me." before scootling off.


After that, I went to the cliff hotel (http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g1066785-d192778-Reviews-Cliff_Hotel-Gorleston_on_Sea_Great_Yarmouth_Norfolk_East_Anglia_England.html), where I sat on the terrace with a long cold drink and actually did a little writing. (wearing my sun hat in public, deciding that I didn't care if it looked silly, I didn't want sunstroke.) It was lovely.

The evening was supposed to end with a crazy gold tournament, but there was some road accident which completely screwed the traffic (it took me an hour to travel less than 3 miles), so it was too late by the time we all got there, so we went and had a meal instead.

And now I'm home with a long tall glass of (retro) Archers (the menu at the restaurant we went to included Rum Baba, trifle and coke float - it felt very vintage (and being on the seaside Rubbish Row, could very possibly be unchanged since the 70s!)



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