Aug. 13th, 2013

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I've been driving a brand new "3 series BMW" today - I'm assured by the reactions of the folk around me, that this is something to be envied and for me to have revelled in. I was just grumpy that I had to drive a 90mile round trip for more training. Especially when said training lasted only 2 hours. Still there you go. I am now trained in using the new computer systems at work. Hurrah.

I am very grumpy in general today, probably because I have to go back to work proper tomorrow and catch up on all the crap that entails. Finding it very hard to motivate.

Oh but one thing has amused me - a friend posted on facebook:
"Growing up: the realisation that none of your dreams will come true."

And I responded with:
"Giving up: the reason that none of your dreams will come true."

Primarily because I know it will annoy him, although there is a strong element of truth there of course. Mind you in my pessimistic moods I agree with him, But there you go.

I was going through my holiday snaps - all the pics I took at various cemeteries and I took several angel memorials again, I am, as you know, hooked. The things is, I take the shots from many many angles trying to find the ones that work. Digital camera, one can do that with impunity.

However, when you do this, then scroll quickly through the images it becomes a movie of kinds, a movie of jump cut, ninja quick, moving, weeping angels. I literally freaked myself out so much I had to stop what I was doing and watch jolly things on youtube to defear myself!

I shall go and continue my grump elsewhere now.


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