Sep. 30th, 2013

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Mainly 'cos I persisted in pretending it was warm enough to sit in the garden and read. Even under a blanket this was not the case.

I wanted the fresh air though, because I spent the best part of the day driving to Bury (about an hour and three quarters away) to collect an ebay purchase. So the drive there, then sitting in the street for another 90 minutes. We were 30 minutes early, the chap hadn't given me the house number only the postcode and his mobile number. The mobile number that he hadn't switched on. We waited, we phoned and left messages and we texted. He eventually phoned me at 12.30 wondering where we were... When I pointed out that we'd been waiting and he didn't have his phone on he responded with a vague. "No, no I don't suppose I have."

The plan had been to collect the item, then spend the day in Bury - it's a nice enough town, we were going to mooch and lunch and the like. But Mum had gotten stiff from sitting, so we turned round and came home again. A long old drive for not much reward. But it was sunny and dry and she got the trolley she's been looking for, so no catastrophe.

Even more positively, I managed to get into the dentist - my dental surgery closed down, suddenly - staff got two week's notice, customers none. They're a national chain but closed down our branch - they still haven't written to tell me. If I didn't know one of the staff I would have turned up for my apt none the wiser. No wonder they failed if this is their attitude to customer service (They took over the small independent surgery that I was under.) Many of you will know I'm a complete dentistphobe and I have been alarmed at losing a dentist that I could trust and who knew my full freakdom and treated me accordingly. But Hurrah! My Mum's dental practice have taken on my dentist and I got a place. Yay - So relieved.

Still cold though.


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