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And came back with a £3.99 bar of soap.

(which yes, four quid for a bar of soap is ridiculous, but still.)

I only bought it because it was in a nice box. There was a notebook too. It was A4 size, with really lovely pages - a kind of expensive but cheap looking finish. Lined and heavy. (that sounds ridiculous, the finish made it seem like an old fashioned type of paper. the ages were lovely and enticing. But the cover of the book was some kind of (fake, I hope) pony skin/fur concoction and I couldn't bear to touch it, it made me shudder and I walked around touching other things trying to rid my hands of the feel* so I couldn't buy it.

still, it's not as if I don't have a notebook or two about.

Then I took other to the supermarket, which was teh hell it normally is, made worse by it being a Saturday afternoon.

Where does one get a hearing test in the UK? I'm not sure if my Mum is getting ever more softly spoken, or if I'm going deaf. Either way it's driving me up the wall. There's a certain kind of white noise in the supermarkets that not only blocks me from hearing properly, it builds into a pressure in my head that makes me want to scream at times. (I'm fairly certain it's the nose, although I d hate supermarket shopping.)

*my senses seem a bit, well oversensitive of late. That whole touch thing with the book, the noise of supermarkets squashing my brain and I have to wear earplugs at night now to stand a chance at sleeping (baby seagulls on the roof and neighbours thinking that ta beautiful warm summer's evening means they should sit in the garden enjoying it. I mean what is the matter with some folk, how dare they sit, quietly chatting and laughing in their own yards. Seriously, it's the quietest and most inoffensive of noises, but it keeps me awake. I am walking around like a zombie at the moment.

Although last night's not sleeping was due to the fact that just as I was dropping off, I was startled awake by somebody (I would swear my Dad) calling my name. I saw or heard nothing further but lay awake for a good while listening, desperately for more.
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