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Took Mother into town today - it felt like everybody was in my space, my whole skin felt itchy and imposed upon. We went to buy a satnav - yet after I paid (and before we had the item) the cashier said - "if it goes wrong you know you can't bring it back here don't you - you'll have to send it to the manufacturers" - So I told her to refund my payment and I wouldn't bother. I don't think she could believe it, she stood there "but... but..."

(I'm kind of aware I shot myself in the foot with it, because it was a half price deal and therefore good value, but the attitude was poor, I think the policy sucks, you sell me a faulty product then my contract is with you (I'm not talking about a year down the line, oh, and I've just realised she tried to sell me the extended warranty, so how would that work? Pay £30 extra and still not be allowed to return it to them? Hell I don't know.)

Triumph though, in that we set up Mother's kindle - she is an absolute technophobe and terrified of anything with buttons. But I set her up an amazon account and got her to 'buy' a few freebie books and to be able to switch on and read a few pages. I'll have to show here again tomorrow. And probably the next day, but I figure that repetition will eventually get her there :)

And otherwise? Finished Jack Reacher, I found it a little dissatisfying but enjoyed the journey.

I have 5 episodes of True Blood left. I'm not enjoying Season 6 as much as others, but I'm grading on a curve and am still having fun with it.

I know today doesn't fully count as cheerful, but I'm trying my damnedest and it's the best I've got.
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