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I have also grown, over the last few weeks to hate the colour of every single one of my walls. I have no desired colour springing up in my mind, just a generous hatred of every tone and shade. Most loathed are the bathroom (dark blue) and the front room (shades of green). I might paint everything pink. I probably won't.
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I've been reading (and really enjoying) Lewis fanfic this week. But I've never seen Lewis...

I've been reading (and really not enjoying) those Grey books. Or rather I read the first and am now skim reading the last. I *didn't* buy them, they were badgered on to me by a colleague at work with whom I've shared other books. SO. I'm glad to have read the one, so that I can comment with knowledge instead of just pre-judgement, but really. Aside from all the other ills that have been described by those much more able than I am, they're just so damn repetitive.

Oh but White Collar came back and Lo! It was good. Peter wore jeans and smiled in the sun and looked beautiful and oh. I would say other things but they would be spoilery and I don't have the brains to make a cut right now.
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I read new Reacher and am filled afresh with utter disbelief (DISBELIEF) that they think Tom Cruise can in any way, shape or form essay Jack Reacher. What were they thinking? And everytime I read Lee Child saying how he's sure Tom will be just FINE, then I imagine the words turning to sawdust in his mouth and him choking on them. Do you think he made some kind of deal with the devil and instead of going to hell in exchange for his success, he has to stand by and support dreadful, dreadful casting? It's the only possible explanation.
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I has internet, but it is rubbish.

In other news, I quite liked Doctor Who this week, and SPN was also of the good. Primarily for the same reason :p

I can also enthuse about two books The Boy I Love by Marion Husband and the sequel Paper Moon The first set immediately in the aftermath of WW1 and the latter following WW2, but with characters and themes in common. I've a weakness for novels in such settings, but with some Daddy issues thrown in amongst the angst and discomfort, well, I thoroughly enjoyed these. The only shame is that reading the second, I still had a much greater concern and care for the characters from the first than those that were supposed to be in main focus; but that's probably just me refusing to let go!

Watched the second and third in the Ocean's.... trilogy over the weekend, initially only watched for SC, but they were fun too.
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I've had a lot of pain in my hip today - so I had a hot hot bath and then applied a heat pad, donned my comfy pants and spent the day reading, lounging and watching films.

Lots of Hawaii Five-0 fic - I really will get a list together soon. (I've also bought more bizarre - but very cheap - dvds in the name of research...)

I watched last night's Supernatural )

I also watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - bits in there that I'd forgotten from the cinema viewing. Hot Tub Time Machine - funny. And I could really see Joan Cusack in John at times. Facial expressions etc. Oh and I've just watched ( ) The Trip - one of the dvds I discovered when I had my recent sort out. That was really good too - Larry Sullivan reminded me of Scott Bakula at times, which was a little disconcerting, but I really enjoyed it - although the wigs could have been better!

(I had three unopened TLA/DEFA shrink wrapped films that I was choosing between this evening, couldn't decide so went onto Empire Reviews to see which had the best feedback - and not one of them had been reviewed. Hmm. I used to know a website which reviewed gay themed books/films can't find it now though - any recs?)

I might have rewatched some favourite bits from the most recent Hawaii Five-0 episode too. Yeah yeah, what can I say. I can't help myself. apart from the obvious ) bits like that!

I finished Flanders too, having held off doing so, but now it's done and I want to be able to read it for the first time again. Has anyone read Patricia Anthony's other books - they're strongly Sci-Fi from what I can gather. Apparantly she's been unable to get her subsequent books published because they're not sci-fi.

Oh and I rewatched the season end of Doctor Who in preparation for next week.

It's been a very lazy, restful day :)


Apr. 8th, 2011 10:22 pm
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I finished reading the Morecambe and Wise biography this morning, and ended up in tears reading an account of Eric Morecambe's death.

And now I'm re-reading Flanders by Patricia Anthony and although I know it's one of my favourite books, I think I had forgotten how beautifully written it is. How compelling. I've reached the halfway point and am slowing because I know what's coming next and that, well, without spoilering, bits of it are hard to read - although equally, if not more so, beautiful.

It's one of those books I want everyone to have read a) so they can have the experience and b) so they can tell me about it!
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I has a puppy and a suicidal bunny! Thank you [profile] dawn_eh and [personal profile] elfinessy

I also has significantly less chocolates than I started the weekend with, but I won't tell if you won't.

I was talking on Wednesday with a friend about reading - and he said that he always read the ending of books before he started reading them, as he couldn't cope emotionally if there was an unhappy ending. He did this always, and, if reading a series of books and one he reads has an unhapy event he skips the next book(s) in the series - as an example: a character's partner died in one series, he missed out the next two published books until he thought it would be safe to read another.

This boggled me - I can understand people liking spoilers, and I know when my Mum read Mills and Boon she would read the last chapter to see how sappy it was (which we as a family welcomed as it limited the amount of times a book went flying across the front room when she became exasperated!), I just find it hard to imagine being so vulnerable that you can't cope with a less than blissful happy ending.

For me, part of reading a book for the first time is that whole 'not knowing what's going to happen' the tense anxiety or anticipation, the 'I can't put the book down till I know ' experience. And while I will reread a book over and over, I want that first time experience unsullied!

What do other people think? Do? Like I said, I can understand the 'tease' of spoilers and anticipating how they will appear/play out, but to know the ending fully? I'm genuinely interested in your thoughts.
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I just finished reading Outlaw by Angus Donald. The tagline, "Meet the Godfather of Sherwood Forest", could have been enough to put me off, as could the little silver sticker declaring "as good as Bernard Cornwell or your money back", but being a fan of all things Robin Hood, I bought and read and, actually, enjoyed.

I'm not sure why, it kinda spits on a lot of the mythology, plays with other aspects - Robin loves Marie-Anne for example. It has a lot of bloodshed and gore and some rather horrible parts, but I enjoyed it, read it in a couple of days and recommend it. It's bloody and gruesome, but I liked.
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  • Talking of books.. I'm reading this at the moment.
    and it's beautiful. Not a huge amount of text to be fair, but stunning, heartbreaking photographs.

  • I made pie )

  • and crumble )

  • It's really quite cold at the moment and 'they' have promised us snow by the weekend

  • Tomorrow I am going to a pantomime that doesn't have Starsky in it This feels very wrong, and makes me pine ever more so for the proper panto and Paulie. The panto tomorrow has Colin Baker and Davros(?)in it. I'm not sure what story they will be telling.

  • I watched Strangers with Candy (the movie) last night and it was... kind of awful, but also kinda compelling. It had Stephen Colbert in it, who I didn't know I liked at all, but kind of did. Plus some other very dire people. It was.. slightly hypnotic and did leave me, despite myself, wanting more. Hmm.


Jan. 2nd, 2008 06:51 pm
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Well I threatened I would enlist the books of my year, so here goes: )
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Did this meme quiz thing, that says I'm 'A literature nerd' )
And it must be true - because one of the questions was 'How many books have you read in your lifetime?' -and the UPPER level was... 60

I read more than that last year?!?

Car having it's MOT tomorrow. Ulp.

It made me laugh - Mum was talking today about when I was ill - she was saying how awful it had been for her and Dad, how helpless they felt etc etc, then went on to say how proud they are of me now and how Dad boasts about me to everybody!!(aw:blush:sniff). She added a comment or two about how much more confident I am now, and can handle all sorts etc. Yay me right? She then went on to confirm that if I met Dad at 4.00 tomorrow he'd take my car to the garage for me seeing as I'm too much of a wuss to do it myself!

Oh yes - I'm so fantastic!! Lol!
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I was so bored at work today I came home at 2.30. I was trying to persuade myself to stay, but then my boss came and asked to use my office, so I had no choice (!)

I came home, still pmt-y and sorry for myself - so I went to bed and slept for two hours. Doesn't bode well for tonight's sleep, but meh!

I have Friday off - this is a good thing and means I have only two more days to get through. I want to get things done (tons of housework and washing needs sone, I wanna sort things, chuck things. I have two boxes of stuff for the charity shoppe - that if I had any energy I could eBay, but phew, too much hassle!)and cupboards and chests that need a big sort out.

I did hammer in two nails today - which is a start yes?

Oh - I put 'shoppe' - perhaps I'm feeling olde worlde?

I was talking with [profile] ironicdutchess and remembering books that were in the home when I was a child. Not the well beloved books, but the others that were about the house. Ie a Child's encyclopedia about island natives eating explorers, with gory illustrations to match, and a medical book, which as well as graphic photographs of skin disease and cancer, had a section on how to survive an atomic explosion.

Cee commented that these weren't very politically correct and it made me realise that PC didn't really exist when I was little! A friend's pet dog was called n*gger for example - and, whilst we as children knew this was wrong, the expected and respectful terminology was 'coloured' and 'half-caste' (which, to be fair would have been an odd name for a dog!) - jesting aside though - It makes me feel old!

I also remember a child's version of Pilgrim's Progress which gave me nightmares for a fortnight after I read it and I would never even dare touch the book again.

Mum had a thousand Mills & Boon books, Dad read Dennis Wheatley and Reader's Digest and my brothers had Commando Cartoon books with wartime heroics (and a lot of h/c in hindsight, all that soldierly love ... hmm, maybe I should hunt down a few!?)

I also remember the day I found my dad/brother's porn -but that's a different story! :P
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I watched Borstal Boy tonight. It was actually really goos - and all the way through I was soo bugged by where I'd seen the leads before - imdb saves the day again - there was 'jack' from In & Out! (plus a guy from The Trench which I vaguely remember too.
The film was good though, - and there was a lovely boy love story, and angst and it was all quite quite sweet. - And now I wanna read the book -
- Which will have to wait until I work my way through Neil Gaimen tho - now on Anansi boys.

My cheese was unmolested today
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1. Bold what you have read
2. Italics what you started but never finished
3. Underline what you want to read
4. Add three books that you've read at the end.
ridiculously long! )
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I have the attention span of a gnat at the moment.
I think my nephew infected me with more than a cold last week - At work I have a trillion things to do, a pile of which MUST be completed by tomorrow - yet I type a paragraph, then sit and stare at the wall - it appears in fact, that staring at the wall is possibly the only thing that doesn't bore me at the moment.

I am reading voraciously, getting through D&P books at the rate of 2 every 3 days, and this is all I can focus on.

I can't be bothered to watch tv or any of the many many unwatched dvds, I'm ignoring Big Brother and haven't turned proper telly on for days - since Thursday when I watched the going in BB.

I even got bored waiting for the water to boil today!(mind you that's so much better since we got our anti-social kettle).


I 'booked' my central heating today - that's £5k gone in a flash, but at least this winter I won't be huddled in front of the puta with 7 different layers on. I can't decide whether to get a nice new gas fire (one that looks stylish and warm and homey, nothing mank) to go with, or whether I just won't need it? there's something kinda psychological about seeing flames in winter.. I don't know.

pooh - have only just realised that Dalziel & Pascoe dvd isn't actually out till Spetember. poo.

Also, my freeview box is really crap at the mioment and gives me less channels than proper tv - do the aerial booster things help with freeview signals?

All these silly puzzles.

I will send my sweepstake thing Friday by the way..

I could sit here now just hitting the keyboard with random letters, but probably not very productive. I think I will go and have some malt loaf instead.
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la la la.. cheesy, beany mash for tea. yummy!
hair cut at 8.15am Saturday.. Why?
Sore arm.
good mood.
The Stranger House by Reginald Hill - book I am reading is becoming very engrossing. Lust by Geof Ryman - the book I have been reading at work - well despite being full of teh gay, so glad it is now finished.
The Shield - all finished :( ..... unless I succumb to Season 5...
Offender 1 today - everybody was swooning over him, "Isn't he lovely, What's he like" etc - (Is he pretty? Kinda, in a very fit dad kinda way, but I don't swoon over him)
Offender 2 - Had great fun smacking him down! (Sex offender who tries to justify his actions) it's so satisfying to logically counter his arguments; and so much more effective. That minute when you get hesitation and a stumbled answer instead of the usual rote justification. YES!

I had a thought about lie detector tests - I know they pick up changes in the heart and bodily reactions, which I presume is supposed to be linked to the stress and anxiety of giving an incorrect answer? Well what happens if the question is one that promotes anxiety even when telling the truth? Hmm.

I think I only really started fancying Derren Brown when he put a gun to his head.
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I decided to not be lazy and went the park'n'ride way, and walked the long walk to lunch. (If I hadn't deleted the huge paragraph about my dilemma yesterday, you might know what I was talking about.. it's better this way)

Lunch was goood, (but not really, and I'm afraid to say it wasn't because that might be hinting that we are pulling apart after not working together anymore and was probably just cos was crowded and difficult and time constrained...)

I shopped - ( and I haven't done an I Bought... list for years, but feel like it so..): two cork noticeboards for practical reasons, books: Alan Cumming, Colm Tobein and Jake Arnott, DVDs: Dodge Ball, Bad Education and Garden State (have seen none of them, I had vouchers, they were on offer I couldn't find Compulsion or The Outsiders (both of which I think are out of print) so bought these instead) and Elvis Calandar (The King), and a 1930's football team in the bath...

I had clothing vouchers but from previous bitter experience know it's not a good idea to go clothes shopping when one is in a "My God Ms Jones underneath those glasses you're really ... Repulsive" mood.

Pah. I also bought a Terry's Chocolate Mint (not orange) orange thing - for 49p. Hmm.

My crabbiness has not yet departed.


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