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And I have 300 less pounds.

Vetses is expensive.

They gave me the whole, "He'll sleep, not go out or want to eat much" talk - Rufus wasn't listening and has proceeded to devour some chicken, patrol his estate and loll around looking cutesome and sweet. No hesitation in necking the chicken either, considering he has 13 holes in his gums. He's a lot hardier than I am when it comes to dentistry, that's for certain.
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And Bruce clearly agrees with me.

Bruce. photo 22092013366_zps4191a670.jpg

I spent the day writing a report for work to try and minimise the problems caused by my forthcoming absence. Bruce tried to sabotage me throughout, sitting on papers, knocking them to the floor, biting them and then trying to sit on the laptop when all else failed!

Still, it's done now - well, as best as it can be. I've emailed it in and I've posted my sick note, my list of case apts and details of what's coming due through the postbox at work and I've phoned and left a message that I won't be in. Now all I have to do is have the actual conversation with my boss tomorrow.

And my back is a little easier too so I might actually sleep tonight.

Little slivers of sunshine.


Sep. 16th, 2013 10:53 pm
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I'm sitting on my sofa. On the far arm, Phoebe is curled up, nose under her tail. cute as you like.

At my end, I am sitting with my feet curled up beside me, laptop on my, well, lap.

On my feet, snuggled up against my thigh is Bruce, curled round, head upside down and feet in the begging position.
On my other thigh is Albert, he is stretched out, slotted in under the laptop. On the arm of the sofa is Rufus' bottom, his head and front paws are resting across my arm and boob.

I am as warm as toast.

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Rufus is king of the castle and is sitting, solidly ensconced, but Bruce is fascinated and keeps going to peer in the various little portholes or poking his head recklessly into the tunnel entrance.

It'll end in tears.
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Today has seen more of the same, but I made it into the garden for 10minutes today. Twice! (Once to put washing out, once to get it in. The excitement!

I took photos of two of my kitties. I'm still trying to learn the new camera and these were taken using the "Specially for pets setting". This doesn't explain why Rufus looks so distorted. Bruce was trying to look pretty though.

kitties )
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People in my street are being very loudly. I am unsure if they are friendly being or hostility.

I spent the day at Mother's, gardening for her. Not my favourite pastime, and efficiency was hindered by my squawking at the spiders that have colonised the space, by snail and worm rescuing and by the ridiculous amounts of empty and dead troughs that needed emptying and shifting. Note to all gardeners out there - when you decide foam,china or bricks are a good idea to aid drainage on pots, remember you'll have to empty them one day and a brick filled trough is a heavy trough.

I do not like gardening.

The ultimate aim of the day was to build a seat set that Mum bought for the space. After an entire day spent as described above, it is very peeving to find that none of the screws fit the allocated holes. I gave it all up as a bad job in the end, with a view to trying again another day.

I do not like DIY either.

I do like Lewis however, and I spent a mellow couple of hours, rewatching an ep this evening, under a cat who would have preferred my undivided attention.

put the phone away )
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For a week. Sheringham is a cute North Norfolk Seaside town (village?) and its quiet and twee and friendly. We had no internet and no telly and no radio. (Well, we had the man downstairs' telly, let me tell you, Women's tennis heard with no context or cues sounds very disturbing.)

Apart from fearing murder on the ground floor, however, it was a restful week and I have returned slightly more serene than I left.

I am now drowning in cats, who seem to think that the way to prevent me abandoning them to the perils of Ray the Cat Feeder, is to never leave me unaccompanied for more than a second at a time. I escaped this afternoon and when I returned an pulled up outside, Bruce leapt into the car before I could get out and settle on my lap. Do y'think they missed me?
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This is pretty much what I have been doing all day...


The only difference is, I've been alternating watching cookery shows with sleeping through cookery shows and Rufus has been alternating sleeping with watching his food bowl.

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Me and five cats on one sofa ...

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I have a man coming to survey my windows this morning. I got up early and did a 'Oh God, just make it look presentable' tidy round, and now I'm waiting waiting waiting.

I have cats. Every day I come home from work, then my mother's at around 9pm to a clean litter area. They take it turns to go when I get home. Nice of them. So - every day, they wait until 9pm to poop.

This morning I have just cleaned the litter for the THIRD time as the little shits (and yes, I do mean literally) are determined to sabotage my (surface level) tidy and sweet smelling house!

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As the owner (ownee) of 5 cats, it's safe to say that most days are cat involved. Today, however, has really taken the biscuit.

* I spent the day sorting through things. Cuboards, boxes etc etc in an attempt at decluttering, with everything going to the local cat rescue for fund raising. My cats have been the inquisitive "helpers" that you can imagine.

* I had to leave this task imcomplete however, when I was summonsed to my friend's house to, erm, help her wash her cat's bum. No, no, it's not what it sounds, she (the cat, not my friend) is old, fat and can't reach her bum.

[I interupt this tale to state: she's under the vet, she eats a special diet food and very little of it, but she's old and has arthritis, and she doesn't exercise much. She's not overfed but she is loved, has steps to every piece of furniture she could possibly want to sit on and is not suffering. She has problems with her organs that impact on her weight, but the vets are happy that she is happy and is being cared for appropriately.]

Cat is currently having trouble pooping, so needed a vet visit, but trouble pooping had left her bum... soiled. I had to go round and bathe her...area. This was accomplished.

* Then (after going to the vets with my friend for moral support just in case of bad news - there wasn't) I went to Mum's to feed her cat.

I walked in to find chaos - Dad's photo on the floor, jars and pictures knocked over and out of place - and a strong smell of cat pee. Assuming there'd been some sort of cat visitation I set about straghtening things up, I washed down the wall in the hall to try and eliminate the smell and I febreezed the boundaries. I fed cat and we sat and fussed. Neighbour (who feeds cat in the morning) knocked to say he believed Tommy had been shut in the front room overnight. (Nice that, having noticed this he ddn't see fit to pick anything up.)

So I assumed this is why the uproar - I set about wiping down visible surfaces in the front room, then sit down with the cat for a cuddle, I phone my Mum and we talk, I read the paper.
About an hour later the 'kitten' comes in. He is not a kitten but he comes in every night, eats Tommy's biscuits, they have a little play and then he goes away. He came, he ate, they played, he went.

I packed up to go. Before I went I decided to have one more wipe over/febreeze. I shut Tommy out of the room and set to with a vengeance.

As I moved the final chair, there was an explosion of cat. Yowly, incredibly agile cat. Bouncing off the walls cat. Remember where I said I shut Tommy out - this means I shut explodacat in. Have you seen a cat do the wall of death? This one finally came to a halt hanging upside down from the pelmet, where I was able to grab him. I would have checked for a collar and well being, but having trashed the house he started on me and all I could do was get him to the door and release.

This was the aftermath: Photobucket
Note the remains of the pelmet, the broken pot plants and spilled soil. Imagine this across the entire room.

I eventually got home at 10pm.

Remind me why I'm a "cat person".
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I am so relieved I can't tell you, shaking and crying. He's fine, a bit dirty and hungry but okay.

I went out to call again (like I've been doing every hour) and he answered! It was so loud and plaintive. I ran out into the opening and did my peering over walls thing again, but no sight, but he was yowling and yowling. So I ran round the side streets, calling and into the other opening (houses back onto each other.)

It was horrible, cos he was calling but I still couldn't see him. I knocked on a door that hadn't answered before and a man came to the door, I started to explain but he interupted me, saying he'd looked and he wasn't there.

"But I can hear him" I wailed. So he let me through his house to look myself. He wasn't there, but the crying was louder. Man suggested I go and call in my road. (I bit my tongue from asking him what he thought I'd been doing for the last 6 days!) and just started calling in his garden! ]

And he appeared, he clambered over some sheds and appeared. All yowling and leaves on his head and grubby and yowling!

He's okay. Still very yowly, He came in the house, straight to his food bowl and practically shattered my eardrums asking for food! He's eaten now and prowling the house interspersed with coming for cuddles (and getting grabbed by a slightly hysterical Lola every few minutes!)

I don't know what hapened to him, if he just got himself lost, or did get trapped somewhere and is now released, but he's home, and fit and well and I'm sooooooooo relieved.
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My friend came down with stepladders and we've been peering over walls and into tangles. Aso I managed to speak to the man in the shed filled garden, who was very nice and looked in his shed and under things, and even clambered up to look over into his neighbour's shed/garden. Still no Bruce but I feel better to know he's not in the sheds. I'd gotten myself so convinced he was trapped - knowing that he is roaming is some small comfort in a strange way.

I've put messages on local lost and found facebook pages and I'm going to stick up some posters in the area.

:( Bruce

Jan. 28th, 2012 04:57 pm
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Still no return, and things have gotten worse - he hasn't responded to my voice at all today. We simply can't find him and now we don't have his voice to follow...

There is one garden that is a possibility but the owners are out, the gates are locked and the walls too high/rickety to climb - We spoke to their neighbour who is going to speak to them and ask them to check and will call me.

But I'm feeling really negative and desperate now. I can't bear that he has/is starving to death wondering why I haven't come to save him.
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Good and not so good.

Bernard returned mid morning. Unharmed but hungry.

Bruce is still missing. BUT: When I call him, I can hear him answering, sad and plaintive cries in direct response to me calling. Except I can't pinpoint where they're coming from. There are a tangle of gardens that I can't access and can't see into properly and so I can't see where he is. He's obviously trapped though, which is breakng my heart, beacuse what if I don't get him out?

I've put notes through the doors of the houses I think it might be, and I even went into the scary pub on the corner and asked the landlord there. My brother is going to come tomorrow and try and help me pinpoint where the cries are coming from. What we'll do then I don't know. I already called the RSCPCA who said they can do nothing. I don't know.

I don't know if Bernard was trapped in the same place and managed to escape or if it's just a fluke. I tried to follow Bernard, but he just kept throwing himself on the floor for a belly rub. (Although he followed me door to door when I was putting the notes through.)

[and before I realised he was trapped somewhere I went to my vet's and asked them to be on the alert - when I was there, the receptionist recognised me as Dad's daughter and talked about how lovely he was and how sorry they were. She said that he'd been upset when he took the stray in to be rehomed, but said that they'd found him a lovely new home.]
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I've seen neither Bernard or Bruce since yesterday morning. They've both just vanished. I've been out calling them, but nothing. It's awful. It also seems very strange that two should disappear at once. They are the two that my neighbour just left here when she moved, so I've been wondering has she been and kidnapped them, or have they got stuck in her house (the landlord's been in doing work), or then I think has someone caught them to o horrible things to them. I want them to come home.

And I was looking today, and I daren't look over a wall and I knew that My Dad would have done, he would have gone in, peered into people's gardens and all sorts and I want him not to be gone and to be helping me.

And I realised that in a way it's as if I've lost both my parents, 'cos I'm so sad and I want someone to hug me and make me feel better, but I don't have my Daddy and I can't worry Mum with it all, and I don't want to do this anymore. I hate it and I feel so pathetic and just so damned sad.


Jan. 23rd, 2012 04:34 pm
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About a week ago, when going to bed I noticed my wardrobe door was a little ajar - I shut it, but did the cat sweep first. I put my hand on warm fur, so pulled said feline out and into my arms.

Cue mutual squawking as it turned out this was Not My Cat. Not My Cat was most indignant at being thus disturbed and absolutely furious at being held. Struggle and scratches ensued and he fled. (Pausing only to do a cartoon run on the spot as he couldn't get to grips with my laminate floorboards.)

NMC was to be seen again, he walked into my front room a couple of days ago, took one look at me and scarpered. (Still not fully on top of the flooring situation.) He then took up residence in the garden shed thing I have. (That I leave open with a cushion in to allow any sad cats to shelter in overnight/from the rain.) Sh. There's a reason I have so many cats.


This particular NMC was soooo skinny and threadbare he worried me. But then today I found a Missing Cat poster and phone calls were made and soon there were folk knocking on my door. I opened the door and said that I couldn't promise NMC was their cat, but to come and see.

(As an aside, the woman at the door said "Oh yes, you've got lots of cats yourself haven't you?" I was a little perturbed as the house was clean, moderately hair free and my cats were all absent. I became more perturbed...turns out they back on to my house somehow and "We see you." My sense of 'doing a good turn' wavered a little at this point. And I made a mental note to replace the broken blind in the spare bedroom.)

Back to cat. They explained that they didn't expect it to be their cat as he'd been missing since Christmas Day and was over 20years old.

And then there was much joy and exclamations of "Barnikins!" (And many loud yowling, complaining, miaows.)

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Last week, you may recall, my cats brought me a rat.

I was less than effusive in my thanks and, it seems this wounded my kitties.

They've upped their game.

Today I awoke to a steak.

Someone in my neighbourhood is not happy!
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Today there was a rat. In my bathroom. Well, more precisely from my perspective, there were rat droppings. In my bath. The previous owner of said poop was thankfully well hidden when I began my tentative investigations this morning.

Then I went to work and called in the Daddy cavalry.

I don't want to know the full details of what happened, but I returned to no rat and a somewhat vandalised bathroom.

Process of elimination suggests that rat arrived courtesy of a cat (one of whom, father reports saw said rat when Dad was there and ran away!). This deduction (hope) comes from there being no apparant entrance to the house and the rat bearing bitemark injuries.

Anyhoo. Bathroom is currently under a thick layer of disinfectant and I need a new loo brush and holder and my laundry needed doing promptly.


Then I went to work. I passed a grey haired older lady with a stick in the car park. I assumed she was going to Court, but as I let myself in she called to me to hold the door and sheepishly I let her in. She had Probation fobs and cards on but I couldn't see the details on them. She followed me in, then wandered off to an empty office. Policy demands that if you don't recognise someone you should request to see an ID card but I really couldn't face such a confrontation, Instead I went to reception and described the woman and asked who was expected. No one. Receptionist phoned my nice boss and said "Lola's let a murderer with a stick into the building, she's in the office next to you." There was naught but a strangled noise from nice boss as the woman walked past his office to reception.

I've spent the rest of the day being teased by everybody (except her!) about the fact that I didn't recognise our uber uber uber boss and described her as an old lady with a stick.

Thank God I didn't ID her!


Today I got 7 new cases. Which takes my caseload to 31 on a half time basis. "Average recommended caseload" is 40-50 on a full time basis. Work is fun.


This week's H50 ) That wasn't supposed to be a cohesive review or anything. Just a splurge of words.



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