Oct. 6th, 2013 09:26 am
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So yesterday I dreamt of Derren Brown, a little eye contact and shared understanding, but nothing else.

Last night I dreamed:

I had to euthanise my Grandmother (an imaginary one, none of my real ones thank goodness) by lowering her into a crocodile infested pond. This was normal, was what happened to people and was considered humane. (!)

I then realised I was supposed to be doing a degree as part of my work and hadn't done any of the work. I still had to go the year end feedback summary though - so I had to go and see my old boss from programmes. He gave me the nicest hug in the world. (In real life he looks like he gives the best hugs, I'd like a Charles hug.)

Then I had to go and see all my "work" on display boards - my colleagues were trying to say nice things about it, despite it being incomplete and rubbish.

Then I saw another colleague was giving "my" family (a mother and father and a young girl in a pink dress) all my feedback - like parents' day. I went and challenged him, saying just because I was mentally ill, he didn't have the right to do that. He apologised and took me off to see my work in his lock up. We went there and I had to wait for him, so I went and sat on his ginormous horsehair, scratchy sofa/bed. I woke up later (in dream) in bed with him, snuggled up against his back. Completely innocently, fully clothed, but his girlfriend was standing over us looking cross.
(In real life I would NOT like to be snuggled against this colleague in any way shape or form!)

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It's tipping it down with rain, which means staying in - which should mean doing lots of housework. So far it's meant sitting shivering on the sofa.

Yesterday I started housework and felt quite productive about it - I did the bathroom and most of the kitchen - then I found my Police voting thing and ended up on line researching the candidates. I wasn't overly happy with my choices, and probably voted for the wrong reasons, but I voted. So there's that. I don't think they should provide pictures of the people. It makes it very difficult. I didn't vote according to how they looked, but I did have to concentrate not to reject the creepy looking one just 'cos they looked creepy.

Then there was no more housework as I had to take Mother shopping. (note to self: NEVER enter a supermarket on a Saturday again.) And then we went to see Anita, who is now home from hospital and making brilliant recovery, but oh my goodness the scars! They'll fade wonderfully of course, but right now it looks as if someone has cut her half! She's doing really well though.

Friday I went to the theatre - went to see an amateur Production of Mort - I was really wary, because with the exception of Going Postal, I think the tv adaptations have been quite dreadful, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was very well done, and Death - Death was done fantastically and his voice was spot on (although [profile] ugerchucker - I think your costume was better!)

Oh and tv... I watched Derren Brown's Apocalypse yesterday - did anyone else see it? I haven't seen any comments, only on twitter when I hunted them down - I loved it. I can't watch tv shows aimed to humiliate people, but it appears that I can watch them be tortured! I loved the second half, and got goosebumps a couple of times. And yes, I'll be honest with myself: I love h/c and so we got the torment and then at the end a good dose of comfort! I do love Derren Brown.

And finally SPN - I'm really enjoying this season - It's like we've clicked with each other again and I'm really enjoying each episode. And I'm really surprised that I haven't seen any Dean/Benny fic yet!

And now it's still raining, I'm still freezing cold (so much so it's affecting my typing!) and I'm still on the sofa.
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Oh. Once, there were 10 days without work in them, and someone has stolen them, and this means I have to set my alarm for 6.30 (and then 7.30 and then snooze it 'till infinity) and get up, and find clothes that people can see me in, and then drive, and then, as if that wasn't enough, I have to spend 8 hours at work. Talking to people. And trying to remember what it is I'm supposed to do.

Today I have painted. ooh and I polyfillad first and sandpapered. I pretended a little bit that I knew what I was doing, but that got boring, so instead I had imaginary conversations with Father Michael, who I called Christopher, and a very irritating girl called Tanni. (This might mean I am a little bit mad, but I know it wasn't real, and they didn't tell me to do anything like go and kill people, So I think this is ok). The bathroom is now very blue, and when I paint the white bits too, and build the flatpack stuff, and bribe someone to put it on the walls I think it will look very nice.

I don't think I am obsessive, but this is the 4th colour in the bathroom and I only moved in 6 years ago. First it was beige (that wasn't me), then it was raspberry pink, but that was a big mistake. Then it was aqua, with purple paintwork. Now I am going for traditional blue and white.

Since I moved in I have decorated; My bedroom 3 times, kitchen twice, bathroom as above, front room twice, other rooms just once. that's not too bad is it? It's only really paint and blinds.

I missed Derren Brown, and Sharpe 'cos I accidentally watched more Shield. It is very exciting, and I'd forgotton what it's like to be totally unspoiled for something and truly not know what is going to happen next.

the only thing that makes going back to work tomorrow bearable is the fact that I have the first week in May off! heehee - 5 more days then it starts over!!
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my friend's little boy is 9. I hadn't seen him for almost a year, but saw him this morning (before he went off to enter a talent contest as the lead singer of the kaiser chiefs!) and he is the spitting image of hanson! - not all of them obviously, cos that would be quite alarming, but the youngest, with theshoulder long blonde hair. He was pretending to be a geisha girl and had flowers in his hair and a proper chinese parasol thing.

i also saw my other friend who has been on holiday and whom I have missed greatly. We had fun. And a kfc. There were two men (as opposed to a little one) and as we placed our order, one asked if we were together. P replied "not like that" then went red (why? why why oh why? makes me a little bit cross, but I still love her) - then the man went red, his boss (the one who gives me free things when I flirt drunkenly) scolded his colleague (in a nice way) saying that P&I might as well assume they two were together. Then they started duetting to a cheesy Belinda Carlisle song. It was a bit surreal.

After this I took my mother grocery shopping (as father had been, and I quote "Splicing the mainbrace" and was unable to drive). We then cooked a meal for my brother and his girlfriend. I had to forcibly prevent mother from offering more than 3 different desserts (pavlova - from the shop, trifle-home made and flan-half and half), there were only 5 of us eating!

finally I returned and watched derren brown (mmm) tv heaven something, which was ok, and then stumbled across life on Mars which is being rerun, and I managed to miss first time around. Very pleased to catch this, My flist have raved about it and now I can see it. I love John Simm anyway, and after the first ep I know I'm gonna like it.

somehow tho it is now 12.40 and I have to be up at 7. I wish I could be nocturnal...
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hurrah! I am back - there has been illness. Not bad illness, or anything identifiable as such, but I have had tin foil instead of bones, and pains like putting your tongue on a battery. ooh - there was violent shuddery shaking too, which amused for a little while, but then didn't stop. But I am better now, so that's old.

I made pancakes for breakfast! That's how better I am - I made proper pancake day pancakes for breakfast, and had lemon and sugar. This is very bad actually, but does at least count as me 'cooking' and may counteract the chips Dad brought round for my tea when I was poorly? ( I don't think putting my own ham, pineapple and cheese on top of a microwave pizza counts either...)

There was tv whilst I was ill - there was Derren Brown, who is something of a God, but I was a little disappointed in this one, cos I like a bit more Derren hurt/comfort and there was only a little(!) - but was cool to see the Milgram experiment redone - (though the screams weren't very convincing) - i liked the little man who turned into a "I'll kill your family" style armed robber tho...

ooh, and last night there was MOJO - which was fab. had that wonderfully mannered style that always comes with plays transferred to film, and starred Andy Serkis - who whilst I appreciate all the gollummy goodness, I wish he did more him acting instead of stop motion, cos he is good (and some very nice arm pron last night, and dressed in late 50s gear too.. yum), and Ian Hart and Ewan Bremmner who are both fantastic actors, and it was very intense and fab. ( oh and aiden Gillen from Queer as Folk was in it too, but there wasn't a great deal of difference between this character and Stuart - I don't know which camne first 'cos I cant be bothered to research it, but one role definitely "informed" the other - either that or he can actually only do one character)

And now I have three days of flist to read.......


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