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Doctor Who keeps happening. I keep watching. I'm not quite sure why. I want to remain hopeful I suppose. I do like Rory.

White Collar - also keeps happening. I am much clearer why I keep watching this. This week for example there was spoilery stuff )

And there's also been Lewis. Which I'm watching out of order, because some were on the telly and now I'm watching the ones I've missed and it doesn't really matter and there's a delightful distance between Lewis and Hathaway and it's all blissfully underplayed and Laurence Fox is very appealing.
(Where is the fic? I need the fic and there isn't enough. Where's fic?)

Oh, oh, and there was Greg and John from Masterchef doing that antiques roadshow auction competition thing and are there spoilers in antiques roadshow auction competition thing? )

And finally, how fantastic is Sue Perkins' quiff in The Great British Bake Off?!
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I've had a lot of pain in my hip today - so I had a hot hot bath and then applied a heat pad, donned my comfy pants and spent the day reading, lounging and watching films.

Lots of Hawaii Five-0 fic - I really will get a list together soon. (I've also bought more bizarre - but very cheap - dvds in the name of research...)

I watched last night's Supernatural )

I also watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - bits in there that I'd forgotten from the cinema viewing. Hot Tub Time Machine - funny. And I could really see Joan Cusack in John at times. Facial expressions etc. Oh and I've just watched ( ) The Trip - one of the dvds I discovered when I had my recent sort out. That was really good too - Larry Sullivan reminded me of Scott Bakula at times, which was a little disconcerting, but I really enjoyed it - although the wigs could have been better!

(I had three unopened TLA/DEFA shrink wrapped films that I was choosing between this evening, couldn't decide so went onto Empire Reviews to see which had the best feedback - and not one of them had been reviewed. Hmm. I used to know a website which reviewed gay themed books/films can't find it now though - any recs?)

I might have rewatched some favourite bits from the most recent Hawaii Five-0 episode too. Yeah yeah, what can I say. I can't help myself. apart from the obvious ) bits like that!

I finished Flanders too, having held off doing so, but now it's done and I want to be able to read it for the first time again. Has anyone read Patricia Anthony's other books - they're strongly Sci-Fi from what I can gather. Apparantly she's been unable to get her subsequent books published because they're not sci-fi.

Oh and I rewatched the season end of Doctor Who in preparation for next week.

It's been a very lazy, restful day :)
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I went to bed at 2, was up between 3 and 4 with toothache, and slept till 11.15 as a result.

Despite that I managed to do some washing, take doen the Christmas decs, go out with a friend and do some knitting. Do you know how long it takes to cast off 490 stitches?! 40 minutes is how long! Bloody hell. Glad I did the longest bit first.

Erm. I watched Doctor Who )

Am I supposed to do resolutions? I don't think I want to. In fact, no, I'm not going to. That was a sudden decision when faced with teh idea of reviewing self and situation just before bed, and even though I'm sitting up waiting until I can take some more painkillers, I'd raher full my time with freecell than self-examination.

Right. Also, I've got to wind some wool.

Oh, but I am going to use my icons in alphabetical order on posts, just to use the buggers.

Teh Doctor

Jun. 30th, 2007 09:06 pm
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spoilerific )
I had more thoughts than I thought!
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I took a day off today - head still in meltdown mode, so thought I'd take a day to breathe... and what have I done with that day?


Well. Awake at 7am after another sleep disturbed night - I pottered a little, then had breakfast. I next woke at 12 noon! After that..well I had lunch (Having worked up a huge appetite!) I pootled on teh interweb awhile, then sat down to read my book (Am now on OoTP - I think I overestimated how long it would take me to read through the Potters in prep for the new one!) - after reading awhile.. I woke up at 8pm. WTF!

Since then I rewatched the last Dr.Who - Still enjoying the phone scene. Then watched the last hour of Hot Fuzz.. now I'm going to bed.



dr who

Jun. 23rd, 2007 11:53 pm
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grrrr )
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Hmm. that makes two episodes of Doctor Who in a row that I have liked now! It took me 30 minutes to remember where I knew the actor who played Hutchinson(?) from but I was disproportionately pleased when I worked it out.

I had my hair cut - apparantly there are ghosts at my salon - a man called Roger and an old lady called Kitty. I don't think I brought them home with me, but they seem to have been friendly ghosts so I don't mind if they did.

I bought melon and grapefruit and rhubarb and grapes and apple and pineapple but forgot febreeze and shampoo. They are changing our tesco from normal tesco to identikit giant tesco and I hate it. Mind you I hated it before, but I hate it more now. I am very equal ops, I hate all supermarkets.


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