Oct. 6th, 2013 09:26 am
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So yesterday I dreamt of Derren Brown, a little eye contact and shared understanding, but nothing else.

Last night I dreamed:

I had to euthanise my Grandmother (an imaginary one, none of my real ones thank goodness) by lowering her into a crocodile infested pond. This was normal, was what happened to people and was considered humane. (!)

I then realised I was supposed to be doing a degree as part of my work and hadn't done any of the work. I still had to go the year end feedback summary though - so I had to go and see my old boss from programmes. He gave me the nicest hug in the world. (In real life he looks like he gives the best hugs, I'd like a Charles hug.)

Then I had to go and see all my "work" on display boards - my colleagues were trying to say nice things about it, despite it being incomplete and rubbish.

Then I saw another colleague was giving "my" family (a mother and father and a young girl in a pink dress) all my feedback - like parents' day. I went and challenged him, saying just because I was mentally ill, he didn't have the right to do that. He apologised and took me off to see my work in his lock up. We went there and I had to wait for him, so I went and sat on his ginormous horsehair, scratchy sofa/bed. I woke up later (in dream) in bed with him, snuggled up against his back. Completely innocently, fully clothed, but his girlfriend was standing over us looking cross.
(In real life I would NOT like to be snuggled against this colleague in any way shape or form!)

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A few days ago there I was in the arms of Scott Caan. Warm and needed.

Last night I was inside someone's nose .

Every bit as unpleasant as you might imagine.

Oh Danno

Jul. 28th, 2013 10:37 am
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Sometimes my subconscious is kind to me. I spent a good chunk of my sleepytime entwined in the arms of Danno/Scott Caan. Not in *that* way, just in a kind of crisis, emotionally interdependent can't bear to let go while dealing with this trauma kind of way. It was very explicitly stated in fact, that we weren't together in that way, just needing the body contact. Good times!

(At one point we backed into a doorway to hold/comfort and then realised it was the doorway to a war vets shelter, and we had to move aside for a vet, who reached out and touched Scott on the shoulder in support, before going in.)

Sometimes dreams are the lovelymost.

I mean, look at those arms, who wouldn't want them tight around you in comfort and warmth? )
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I've been having anxiety dreams for weeks now, waking up unrested and tetchy and it's all a bit bleurgh really. But this latest one, in the cold light of the morning makes me laugh!

I had to conduct an interview panel for an important job. I was heading a table of 5 or 6 people, paperwork on the desk, job specs etc and it was all terribly important. In the dream it was dreadful, because I was asking questions of the candidate and getting poor responses and everyone was looking at me, all sniffy and "God, she can't even do this right" and so on and so on.

So why is this funny?

The candidate, who didn't respond to my questions, who was messing up the paperwork on the desk, who climbed on the table and showed me his bottom...

Was a *cat* called Mr Tailor!
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Dreamt: A supernatural episode - very ghostfacers-y in terms of production values. At one point the SPN males held hands and ran to catch a baddie, which they did by encircling him. I watched and thought "They look like they had fun making this one". Then they had to make a cake in the form of a batered and torn London underground seat. When they finished Castiel walked up to Dean and plunged a knife into his chest and carved a slice from him and started to eat it.


(this was a dream on migraine meds though, so might explain it!)
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I dreamt last night (or is it I dreamed? )
I woke up pretty much immediately after this and felt so guilty I thought I was going to be sick.

In my waking hours I think it's just a good example of the denial going on in my brain.


In other news I spent the afternoon attempting to Christmas shop on line. People are going to get very unimaginative presents this year.
Oh an dmy concentration was so shot I ended up ordering all the gifts from one website - but in 4 separate orders. Thank goodness for free postage!

I bought myself some new pyjamas in the week. Mum admired them muchly and, as it was her birthday yesterday (great timing Dad!) and imagination as I've indicated above is very low, I ended up buying her a pair as a birthday gift. Today saw us sitting in adjacent chairs, in identical pjs, initially reading the Sunday papers in unison and then knitting...!
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I lay in bed in the early hours of this morning, feeling waves of... strangeness wash over me. Each one came with this bizarre feeling of weightlessness and as wave followed wave, I began to realise that with just a few more I would be able to lift myself off the bed, levitate if you will, to the ceiling.

I was aware of my body and my bones, I could feel myself touching the mattress beneath me, and the sense that this contact was reducing with each mysterious wave. My arms were moving upwards from my body and I was getting closer and closer to being able to rise.

Towards the end, each wave brought with it a burst of heat and arousal, it was so intense, the wierdest sensation ever.

I suddenly felt overwhelmed and scared by it all and I had a choice between continuing or stopping it all and I made myself move and shake off the weightlessness.

Looking at it now, I can only conculde that I *must* have been dreaming, but I wasn't.. I was in bed, I knew how I was laying, I could feel the covers and the pillow and, oh it was just odd.
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When you read a novel about horrible horrible domestic abuse and you watch H50 just before bedtime; sometimes you get the WORLD's BEST hurt comfort fanficcy dream. )
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So after dusting with Jensen, my dream self obviously decided it needed to be a bit more upfront.

I spent the first half of my dream getting up close and personal with a rather nice (imaginary) chap. Or should I say *nearly* up close and personal. At the point where things would have been getting interesting shall we say, my Mother started banging on my dream bedroom door.

Not to be deterred, my dream self decided to opt for something a little more self managed... I spent the remainder of the night hunting for batteries. The *moment* I found them, a strange old woman knocked on my front door and handed me a bedraggled blue fur creature that needed caring for.

My poor unsatisfied subconscious!
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Supervising an offender - such passion. Heated glances, lingering accidental touches, inconsequential chat and walking the long way round when we needed to go to external appointments. All with the knowledge that nothing could come of it. So tragic. One final farewell hug, outside a supermarket of all places.

Then we parted. Will Young (but not him him, and I.

WTF dream self?
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Stupid creepy dreams all night.

And an interlude where there was a significant food shortage/rationing/starvation; so I spent ridiculous amounts of money on a chinese takeaway, which I gave to my cats.


Then I woke at 5 having toiled through the night with threat and fear and so on, and I've been awake ever since, my eyes have bags of enormous magnitude and I have to go back to work.

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They did a big robbery and faked their deaths in the process, then escaped into oblivion with their money. No woe at all. Hurrah!

Then I spent the rest of the night fighting giant alien manbug things, before getting captured, placed in a cae with lots of other people and drowned. Not so hurrah!
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[livejournal.com profile] lauramcewan - I dreamt that you asked me to vouch for your friend; to sign that his hair wasn't too red for him to be pictured in a magazine. I had to stand there reading a magazine whilst your friend stood beside me, putting his head on the opposite page to prove he wasn't too distracting!

When I agreed it was okay I had to provide my National Insurance number and my Driving License and sign a contract. Then you had me lean forward and you scratched a statement onto the back of my neck (as in scarring me!) that I was a PO and a responible adult etc, but that as you only knew me via the internet you couldn't vouch that I was really female!

That's the last time I do you a favour!
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I've never watched anime or manga, I haven't watched cartoons since I was a child and I don't play computer games - yet last night I dreamt a complicated story where all the characters/particpants (except me, though I never saw myself, I was just pov) were animated.
Even to the extent of having some effects drawn on - ie a light flare would be drawn starlike on the end of a chracters cigerette.
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So; I dreamt that I completed a meme that somehow, gave the impression that I had 4 children. When I realised, instead of either editing my post or saying "hey, whoops chaps, I phrased that wrong" I thought you'd all be cross with me. So instead I broke into an empty house and started a fire, in which I cooked some baked potatoes. These would represent my children, which Children's Services would then come and take away from me. This would, clearly make everything okay again.

Of course.

So got that? I didn't make a silly typo - I had four potato children which I cooked and were taken from me. So much better. Friends again right?

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I got a job working for Prince Charles because I happened to have the right trousers on. I kept saying that I had a job and didn't really want to have dinner with Charles (which was the main duty) but didn't get very far with my protest.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were in a children's playground with thug types in it who were threatening to cause trouble for them, so they started snogging to deter them, this went on for a while. I wasn't complaining.

I was a shaven headed man being threatened by another, he was leaning in and whispering threats so close to my ear, lots of aggressive posturing and close close contact, and all I could think was how sexy it was instead of fearing for my safety!d
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Yep, last night I dreamt I was sitting on a beach, wrapped in a robe, in the midst of angst and woe, with Starsky lying beside me. As we talked I was gently carding my fingers through his hair. It was an abstract action, and about comfort not lust. We recharged each other's batteries, then returned to the angst.

Little windows of goodness.

Today I have bought two new sofas.(They came as a set.) Well, my parents have. A random gift perhaps, but my furniture is falling apart and so they are gifting me. It was all a bit frantic though. We've been looking for the right one for a while, but without luck. Today my friend and I went to an independent store looking for a dining table for her. (EVERYONE assumes you're a couple when you look at furniture together btw. Not that we bothered to correct them.)

Anyway, last day of this sale and there's a pair of sofas - I had two hours to decide before end of business and end of the sale - it was an independent sale, not a chain never ending sale scam. This two hour window saw us driving all the way home to measure the house and try and envision if they would fit, before zooming back again (25 minute drive each way!) I went for it (obviously), but am now a little anxious as to whether it was a good decision - but I saved £460 so... fingers crossed they fit!!!

And now I'm lying here trying to wait for a respectable hour to retire! So tired.
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In amongst a dream of mundane moments and low key nothingness... Dean and Sam, brothers only nothing more) were in a store of some description, with the proprieter hitting on Dean heavily and without subtlety. Needy. And Dean just reached out a hand and snagged Sam's fingers with his own, saying "I'm good, thanks." And Sam just went along with it.

I don't know. Just a moment.
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Last night:

1: I was sorting things out in my home and the floor beneath my feet kept sliding away from me. Everytime something was finished/making headway/lookingokay, I'd move slightly and the flooring would just slip from beneath my feet leaving a drop beneath.

2: I was managing a bar - old world stylee, the beer pumps went beneath into the cellar - but there was a societal taboo about having cellars or any type of substance under the surface. I was having to conceal the existance of teh layers beneath.

3: I was trying to sort my office space, and people kept coming in and taking things away, or placing things in there that they thought should be there.

4: I was in an environment and trying to make a place for myself but then the place started to flood and I was fighting not to go under.

Hmmmm. Let's struggle to interpret those!!!


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