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i have tried a trillion times to post art in naarmamo. it didn't work. i deleted them but poor jen will have a trreillion ppooppy comments.
so much vodka when i wasn't going to do any. i took pimms, cos low alcohol and no hangoevr but no wi feel that there will be pain tomorrow.



well there

i have been bitten too. but there was dancing which can be good - especially as only us in pub. only us cos everyione else gone. even the dj just left a compilation csd on and went away.

i will be good and not wriet pages of drunken squit.

sorry jenniefer for the crubbish
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alcohol is yhe bestesbt thin gi nthe world... maybe

there has certauinly been musg - ih fit wihisch is food and it n=mkaesa me haahoy. his is h=ood enuff in itsekf and it duzznt natter aboiyt whtehr other opple are> but feekl i can cioe wthcars id everyfing else is ok?>???
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am getting ready to go out - getting ready to go out is always difficult, because clothes are just impossible and ug. we nearly went in fancy dress, because believe it or not, that its much easier. but we had our minds changed ( by people who 'or not' that its much easier) so, to simplify things as much as possible we said 'theme'. this boils down to denim and black. denim bottom black top. narrows the options, makes it easier...

so why am i sitting here surrounded by 8 different skirts and 9 differnet tops? that makes a lot of permutations, but the vodka makes that too hard to work out. i am being picked up in 30mins, need to have done hair and make up by then too, and have been driven back to the comfrot of lj, because its TOO HARD.
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vodka happened.
dancing. ( with Lesbians, and a man with only one arm)
I dressed a man ( outer layers only ) who was too confused to do it himself
I danced
I flirted ( obligatory) with the kfc man
vodka happenned.
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i would do a post pr something sensisble but i have drunkeness so is not alloed. nor is spekllcheckimng or anything like that - so will just post new yearsness and it doesn';y maytter. OI had foor and drink and a few sigarettes which is naughty and a puff od cigar but i dont like that so only one. but bbq, cos thats where i was, thenm chinese food at midnbight and myu people form wher e i used to work calle me many trime s tio senbd me klove and stuff and they live me and i think ios kloveley. but myt bestest friend didnt even text me, which could be due to the =vcrao networkness or could ne her feeling grumpy cos i didnt see it in with her - but eiother way she didnt send me love.

i ealkjed home throught a grave yard - at 1.40am and i wasn't even a tidgy bit scared. the mostest worried i was was that i would fall over scvao of the mudness, but it is the graveyard where my firend cheryl is buried, and her bay nephew and i thought well uif all the dead people are like her then they wouldnt be wanteding to hut me so was not scared and now i am home safe, so know that i was rioght.
it was verfy dark tho

so i am home and meeding to sleep and not have hangoeverness cos i need to post resolutioneyness type things about readinga dn eatinga nd writing letters, but that has to be tomorrw. so in the meantime i send buig big love to pauler, what didnt text me, and loads to debs too and all my lj friends what are lovely. and i had higs and kisses and oden't matter that i isnt married or stuff like that, cos people hugged me and luvved me anyway, even the girls from norwich made a special effort. whioch made me happier than u might think.

s drunkeness isover now. is new year. is 2006. ans many thinbks to wirte and do and fink. but i will wirte and do and think them tomorow. now is bed and much soft drinkness and sugaryness. n
happy new year


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