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In Deep fic, so there's only one person in the entire world who will be interested in reading it, but I dun it nonetheless.

Story: Character Assassination: to thine own self be true.
Author: Lolabobs
Characters: Garth O'Hanlon, Liam Kettman, Nicola Kettman,
Rated: 18? I don't know - Reference to suicidal ideation, violence and child abuse.
Spoilers: All three seasons.

Summary: Garth has an unfortunate tendency to fall in love with the people he sleeps with.

(Inspired in part by [ profile] jekesta and her delight in this show (and specific episode reactions) and her generosity in loaning me the discs and enabling me to delight in it too.)

Character Assassination )

I did fic.

Aug. 9th, 2010 10:45 am
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I did Bobby/Crowley fic.

I might be going to Hell myself.
Title: Pie
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Bobby/Crowley
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers throughout S5. Some reference to torture, but nothing graphic.
length: 2.500

Pie )

New Story

Sep. 30th, 2008 07:24 pm
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New Story: Liver Lamest title in the world ever.
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch Of Course!
Slash: Of Course!
Rating: They refuse to do rude for me - this will be PG-13 I guess, for swearing.
Word count: Around 7000
Notes: I started this about 18 months ago in response to a challenge on list. I don't even remember the challenge exactly, something to do with Liver is all I know (Hence the title, this has been The Liver Story for so long it stuck.). This was going to be a quick one shot response to the challenge, but the guys just kept on talking. Or rather they didn't, one day they disappeared on me and were gone for a good 9 months. (hmm, what were they doing?). Anyway, they finally came back to me and I finally finished this.

So here it is )
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Nicked from [personal profile] nerdcakes

The Two-Minute Warning: A multi-fandom fic challenge


1. Clear your schedule for two minutes.
3. Then look under the cut tag, where you will find ten prompts, all of which are book titles (selected at random from my nerdcakes' shelves/desk/whatever's lying around).
4. Choose one of the prompts, and - using any appropriate fandom/character[s] - write.
5. Reply with your teeny weeny story in the comments to this post.

Note: you are on your honour here. Don't look under the cut tag until you're ready to start writing. Feel free to fix the spelling or tidy up the formatting before hitting reply, but the point is to see what people come up with in two minutes (i.e., no multi-chapter epic romances. *g*)

Any fandom that strikes you is shiny. Also, you should totally post it to your journals so that other people can play.

prompts )

my 2 minute effort below this cut )
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Of course, the problem when you write a fic that is made up of a series of moments as opposed to a smooth linear flow, and then write the series of moments at different times and places, is that when it comes to putting it all together, what you think you have (a nice collection of scenes, which can be jiggled nicely to fit) turns out to be something else entirely (ie a collection of scenes in different tenses, with differing pov, some of which need a crowbar to slot in where they're supposed to go!)

Guess who's got a big 'ole editing job on the go :#
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I have been so up and down today. Incredibly low this morning. Felt kinda helpless, which I don't really understand. Definitely just going through the motions at work (I didn't actually see anyone, just shuffled paper). The only thing I enjoyed was gate-keeping reports. I was a bit clumsy too, which is crap. However G brought me in a slice of his birthday cake so that was cool. Home made carrot cake.

Mum came round and did my washing up - that was good. Oh and I had pancakes which were lovely (told my friend - she sent me numerous texts reminding me how unhealthy and fattening they were. I know this.)

Scrubs was on - the episode where Carla and Turk are having marital probs. One tiny section - Carla goes to visit her mother's grave. Low key. Not a big dramatic moment - but I started crying - and I mean proper sobby type crying, not just pretty watery eyes. Odd. Bloody hormones. I never used to do PMT like this - not for years. I get bad pains, and am grumpy on the first cple of days related to the pain, but these last two months I have been crap beforehand. Bah

However - I have gotten some fabulous feedback for my fic - so I was beaming when I came home from work! Wasn't sure whether to post even (PMT insecurity plus unbeta'd) but went for it this morning - glad I did now. I know FB isn't the be all and end all, but it doesn't hurt!
Will respond individually tomorrow.

this is the picture I was gazing at when I wrote it! )

The new girl at work seems to have decided I am great. (Which is an entirely logical conclusion.) Her discovery of this however means that she keeps coming in to my office to talk to me. Regular visitors to my brain will know that I am not overtly sociable... She 'popped in' 8 times today! 8. I guess I am too helpful. I caught her cheating though! She was supposed to write a paper without accessing my report to do so - but she cheated and didn't realise the computer would tell me. Tee hee.

That's it!
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A bit of fluff.. Unbeta'd. Now beta'd by [profile] moondroplette Thank you very much, Moon!!!

Just feeling silly.

oyster )

The facts are sorta facts. All on wikipedia. Well most of em, and maybe not presented exactly as I have done... what?
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Here be fic!

I've written a fic inspired (yet again) by one of [ profile] kimberlyfdrs discussion posts - this one sprung from a question around the guys' favourite memories. So here is one of Starsky's favourite moments.

It is, not suprisingly (for those who know me!) Slash. It is Schmoopy and soppy. It is older SH, it is suitable for any age. I don't own them (though any of you try and take 'em off me and you'll be in for a fight!)

A million thanks to [profile] kimberlyfdr for Beta reading this and offering much help and guidance. Remaining errors are all my own work!

This way to the sugar! )
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Ulp! Well here it is - the sequel to my previous woe filled tale: here

Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Pairing: Starsky & Hutch (no, really?)
Disclaimer thing: Not Mine!
Rating: There's a swear or two..
A/N: This is the sequel, there is not so much woe - though some remains of course... I think there is going to be a next bit too..

(I can't remember what else goes in the headings!)

Thanks VERY muchly to [profile] kimberlyfdr who done a stonkingly good (and stonkingly quick!) Beta for me x

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Our computers crashed today - and were down till 4.00pm. After I tidied, filed and disposed of everything in sight I sat like a zombie waiting for something to happen. Hardly anyone was in, I had no one to talk too, and a shedload of work that I could not do.

Also, I'd sent some fic to work to edit at lunchtime and couldn't even do that.

I came home and cooked a manktastic tea, and settled down to watch Starsky & Hutch to cheer myself.



This disgruntled me because I just didn't get it. It just seemed so clumsy and laboured. They normally do funny so well... Also disgruntled because I had written a snippet/happy fic, using Tyrone and Marlene from Huggy & the Turkey, and this ep kinda naffed it up! (How dare canon get in the way of my fic!). I will post it anyway, just getting final edits done.

My sequelesque thing is being read over (by me) before I inflict it on a beta. I will post them eventually.

Bed I suppose. One good thing about the naffed computers today, as I am now so far behind in my work I have evaded the dull as dishwater training I was due to suffer through tomorrow!
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okay - so it's 2am and I've just finished writing a sequel to my S/H story! Well when I say finished, just completed the handwritten splurge onto the page, but even so I'm excited! Not 'cos of any big 'hurrah I wrote good' or anything like that, just because I've taken them on from the huge WOE, where they were...

oh, they are so pretty...
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Well - I went to the prison - and they didn't let me in - though the friendly chap at the gate suggested I might like to go now, and try again later.. I like driving an hour to be turned away, I'm sure I'm gonna do it twice in one day. Actually I was quite glad though - this way, instead of the 8 page document I would have had to prepare containing risk assessments and sentence plans and offence analysis, I wrote 100 words saying basically "I went but they wouldn't let me in, it's their fault ner ner na na naaa"

I spent the rest of the day alternating between working extremely hard and sitting around for 40 minutes at time chatting. (which may explain why I had to work so hard when I did... hmm, there's a theory..)

I worked out how to download tv today tho of course I didn't actually do it . What I would like to learn next is, if someone did download a tv programme and had it saved on their computer, how would they be able to save it onto a disd, cd or dvd. I had imagined they might try to 'burn' it using media or realplayer, but something tells me they would get an error message....

Entirely coincidentally to the above paragraph, I watched FACELESS today - pilot ep of a 'new' drama Sean Bean and other random people. one of who, might, maybe, be Paul Michael Glaser
and? )

I wonder if those cuts worked?

I have been mellow today.
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I cheated at work today - couldn't face doing the whole deep and meaningfuls - kept everything very surface level, lots of motivational interviewing, praise for achievements made thus far, implied having a gentle week 'cos of progress made...
It's not wrong ...

Hair cut today, young girl washing my hair was so short her breasts were literally resting on my forehead...

I know who Paul Muni is! Hurrah for [ profile] rightclickdrool!
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Okay. So this is a first for me. It's a new fandom, and this is kind of AU already. Prompted by a discussion in [profile] starsky_hutch about 'What it would take to separate the boys' . This made me have a bunny. It was a happy, reunion bunny. Unfortunately somebody squished that bunny.
This is more friendship than Slash, though more slashthan friendship and is more woe than anything else.
I know I should get it beta'd, but I find that to be something that proper writers do, and I don't feel brave enough to wave this in front of someone who knows what they're doing.
Do not feel compelled to read this, or say nice things (or anything at all) about it if you do read it.

ETA: This has now been betad (Thank you so much [personal profile] kassidy62

It is SAD! not a happy fic. Sorry. I wanted happy. but the boys weren't having it.

Read more... )

Sequel now available! Here >>>
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Well then.. thanks to [ profile] lydia_petze I have been reading long, satisfying h/c Starsky & Hutch fic. Very good it was too.

It is early,or late. i should be in bed. I was gonna go at 12, but then I msned my chum for an hour, then had to finish the fic.

I've been shopping today. I bought clothing> I bought a beigey skirt thing - that I already have in slate grey, but it is my loveliest favouritest skirt, because it is very swingy and I feel female in it, and now I have it in another colour. the lady in the shop said she wore hers to go belly dancing in...

I bought many other things too, including a box of malteasers - which I have eaten in their entirety over the last 8 hours.

I also bought a packet of jam do-nuts, but the one I ate had custard in and not jam. This was a horrible discovery. I rejected the custardy thing (and started on the malteasers)

A lady in another shop had horrendous body odour. I pulled a face and muttered some comment and was overheard by yet another woman, who then followed me round the shop wishing to discuss the smelliness of the other... making a point of showing me who the smelly person's companions were. Note to self - be more discreet when condemning the aromas of others!

I watched Burnt Money yesterday, which was pretty, but not as perfect as I had been lead to expect - I think my expectations were over high however - it was good, intense.

I am having very disturbed sleep lately - I do sleep, but I have bizarre dreams - last night I was having to play Little Bo Peep, in some kind of important work based production. I had to wear the ridiculous costume, and both act and work in front of a vast audience of offenders. bosses, colleagues and public alike. But it wasn't the classic anxiety dream.. I was suprisingly relaxed, more concerned with boasting that I has cycled to and from the venue earlier in the day without dying or getting lost. I was a little concerned about how I would get back, but I was talking and snuggling with nice men whilst I was waiting to go on, my leading man (no I don't know what the story was about or why I was dressed as Bo Peep) was atrcative and it all went well. There was a big 4by4/motorbike crash in the audience during the interval tho....

I've left my washing on the line. bum.

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Ug. so tired. And work was dull and long. So I wrote QL drabbles instead

oh boy! (Sorry, groan I know!) )
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Don't really know what this is - it's a story... It's not fandom, just someting I scribbled. No one else has seen it so it's all my own fault.

Here be words, lots of em, kinda ust-y )
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Cliche-ridden, drabble-esque cheesy fic thing -that will make NO SENSE AT ALL, unless you read the entry in [profile] gaybours a couple of days ago about the best!storyline!ever!

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