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I have a ginormous fruit salad in the fridge. Every time I make it I tell an invisible audience how to slice the grapefruit. Not a cookery show type audience, just an invisible individual person. They never really seem interested and I can't say I blame them. I tell them the same thing every time. I have (different) conversations (not related to laundry technique) with a (different) person whenever I hang up laundry too. Not sure why. That person is a priest.


Lunch tomorrow was going to be eggs, but I haven't any. So far I've cobbled together fruit salad, salted popcorn and dates. I'm sure that will be fine to see me through the day. As a happy by product of this search I've discovered how nicely dates and bacon go together.

I was going to watch a film today, but dithered too long over which to pick, so saw none.

I saw Les Miserables at the cinema on Thursday and really liked it, the running time flew by and it was grand. Mainly. But last night I sat down to watch it again and all I could see was Hugh Jackman's fleshy lips. It was a disappointment.

And I watched Ripper Street and might be beginning to ship Bennet and Jackson.
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Belated Happy New Year. Lj was petulant every time I tried to post at an appropriate time, so I played it at its own game and stopped trying. Ha! I can outsulk you lj, anytime you like.

In the meantime, I have been to work - which was rubbish as usual. Oh, but the foul man - I saw him again (We bumped into him in the street over Christmas) and he started out aggressive, before moving on to quiz me about who I was out with when he saw me and what I did over Christmas. (A while ago he asked me if I knew what it was like to go through a divorce, I gave my standard answer that I don't talk about my personal life at work from which he has intuited (!) that I am divorced with children - he continues with this idea, I continue to give no information other than generalised "yes, I had a nice Christmas"). I then had to talk to him about a missed appointment, making it clear that a second missed apt would result in a return to Court, he was sulky about this. Then announced "You need to find another job." He repeated himself, then added "You're too good for Probation. I like you."


Who'd have thought I pined for threats!

Work aside there was a New Year's Eve. Which was quiet but I can't be bothered to write about it. I was going to comment on the Jools Holland programme, but I realise I can't spell it. It was enjoyable anyway!

I have made some resolves and am going to do a book for them in a minute. If I get organised enough I will scan it.

Oh, I watched The Hobbit. Not in the cinema, I wasn't overly interested really, but then it became available and I thought I might as well and it far exceeded my expectations. (I had none, well, I expected to be bored). I have no knowledge of the source (I should read it really) and so none of it offended me and although there were bits that I initially wasn't clear on (I struggled to tell Orcs and Goblins apart for a while) I did enjoy it and even have interest and anticipation for seeing the next installments. Hell, be truthful, I'm even tempted to watch it again. Plus Richard Armitage is very easy on the eye.

Miranda - I watched her too (twice) and enjoyed it muchly.

The decorations (such that they were) came down in all locations I am linked to - at work I was called "The Bauble Police" because I insisted they came down Friday so as not to pass Twelfth Night.

I have increased medication for my ulcer issues, I have multi vitamins and I have a headache.

I was succesfully outbid on something on ebay that I bid impulsively for and regretted. (Joules did a breakfast giftset for Christmas. I wanted the bowls that came with it but wasn't overly bothered by the box of porridge oats, the toast racks or the eggcups (I already have the eggcups). I was going to buy it half price in the sale, but they sold out. I became a bit obsessed, found it on ebay and bid in a moment of ridiculousness - thankfully someone was even more silly than me and outbid me (paying more than full price ultimately PLUS postage.) The bowls are pretty though.)

Then I undone the good work by paying £36 on a dish drainer. £36! More stupidity, provoked by a "I have a coupon to get £10 off if I spend £50 and I want the cheap perfume (that was a bargain at half price) and I need to buy something else to take it over £50 and... yes, I know it's rubbish. My bank account is struggling after Christmas anyway and I need to economise not buy unneeded things. On the other hand it is very pretty.

I shan't tell you about the sink tidy I bought to go with it, or the new duvet cover.
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Right then, I'm guessing White Collar is a new fandom for me, because not only am I watching it every night, I've started seeking fic and now I've bought and watched (and absolutely loved) Big Eden (initially) just because Tim DeKay is in it.

Oh Big Eden! What a glorious film. Henry Hart was in A Midnight Clear )

Oh, and I liked some of the art in the film too - and loved the soundtrack.
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I had my first proper meal today! Yay! Haven't been ill yet, so I'm remaining optimistic.

In other news: I watched War Horse today hmmmm )

I've also started watching White Collar - and I'm enjoying it. Matt Bomer has incredibly pretty eyes, and Tim DeKay is cute and I like it. But I was thinking about it this morning and realising I wasn't hooked - and then I've just watched 1.7 and was left gaping at the screen and agog to see the next ep, so perhaps it's been a slow burn thing. I haven't hit the fic yet, but it may be looming....
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So today has been a duvet day in the true sense of the word; the most energetic task of the day has been snapping off chocolate to eat.

Lots of stresses on at the moment, so I've interspersed feeling blue (and eating chocolate) with varying distraction techniques. [Yes, programme that I teach my offenders, this would be emotion focussed avoidance and not a helpful way to deal with problems, but a) sod off b) I can't change most of the situations c) I haven't committed any offences so can be as dysfunctional as I like and d) sod off.)

Erm yes. So I've worked out how to transfer files to the otherwise useless kindle (although I can only do it via Ao3 which has the mobi files there ready and waiting for me. Lord knows how to adapt non mobi files). I've watched Tangled (loved Maximus), Megamind and rewatched Paul (I did still enjoy this on a rewatch, but don't love it). I watched Bailey and Scott and although it was engaging it felt distanced. (That was last week's ep I watched btw, not seen this week's yet, nor case histories yet). Oh and I watched River Cottage too. Thrilling day.
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I has internet, but it is rubbish.

In other news, I quite liked Doctor Who this week, and SPN was also of the good. Primarily for the same reason :p

I can also enthuse about two books The Boy I Love by Marion Husband and the sequel Paper Moon The first set immediately in the aftermath of WW1 and the latter following WW2, but with characters and themes in common. I've a weakness for novels in such settings, but with some Daddy issues thrown in amongst the angst and discomfort, well, I thoroughly enjoyed these. The only shame is that reading the second, I still had a much greater concern and care for the characters from the first than those that were supposed to be in main focus; but that's probably just me refusing to let go!

Watched the second and third in the Ocean's.... trilogy over the weekend, initially only watched for SC, but they were fun too.
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Just viewed Back Soon ( )- and although it has some dodgy acting and a few overly broad strokes, it was just like reading a big fat slash fic and it was enjoyable for that alone. Some parts of the premise annoyed me, but it was all salvaged by a kinda sweet final scene.
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I've had a lot of pain in my hip today - so I had a hot hot bath and then applied a heat pad, donned my comfy pants and spent the day reading, lounging and watching films.

Lots of Hawaii Five-0 fic - I really will get a list together soon. (I've also bought more bizarre - but very cheap - dvds in the name of research...)

I watched last night's Supernatural )

I also watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - bits in there that I'd forgotten from the cinema viewing. Hot Tub Time Machine - funny. And I could really see Joan Cusack in John at times. Facial expressions etc. Oh and I've just watched ( ) The Trip - one of the dvds I discovered when I had my recent sort out. That was really good too - Larry Sullivan reminded me of Scott Bakula at times, which was a little disconcerting, but I really enjoyed it - although the wigs could have been better!

(I had three unopened TLA/DEFA shrink wrapped films that I was choosing between this evening, couldn't decide so went onto Empire Reviews to see which had the best feedback - and not one of them had been reviewed. Hmm. I used to know a website which reviewed gay themed books/films can't find it now though - any recs?)

I might have rewatched some favourite bits from the most recent Hawaii Five-0 episode too. Yeah yeah, what can I say. I can't help myself. apart from the obvious ) bits like that!

I finished Flanders too, having held off doing so, but now it's done and I want to be able to read it for the first time again. Has anyone read Patricia Anthony's other books - they're strongly Sci-Fi from what I can gather. Apparantly she's been unable to get her subsequent books published because they're not sci-fi.

Oh and I rewatched the season end of Doctor Who in preparation for next week.

It's been a very lazy, restful day :)
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This weekend has been sunny and therefore I have too - I'm always suprised by just how very much difference bright, sunny days make to my moods. Yay for Spring!

What have I done?

I bought some shoes - after weeks of ignoring the holes that were appearing in my current pair (I do own more than one pair of shoes, but tend to stick to the same pair nonetheless, and over time this pair had become my only black pair) I had to finally give up on them when the t-strap came off, leaving me with only 40% working shoe! Pah. I have dreadful feet and always always blister (ie I've had bleeding blisters from wearing flip flops), so I now have two pairs of shoes to wear in, with the expected pain. Still, hopefully I won't have to deliver another group scared to move my foot in case the final 40% surrenders - not for a whiles anyway!

I went to a tea shoppe with my parents, one that boasted HUGE sofas in the corner and I lay there on my sofa as the sun blased through the window and it was wonderful. As was the clotted cream tea that accompanied it. The parents thought I was a bit odd, but they ate their cakes and pretended not to know me.

I bought 6 dvds in the sale 50% of which were entirely because of fandom interests (and are bound to be rubbish). And I don't care.

I watched vid of Misha and Jensen reanacting When Harry Met Sally ( and actually blushed!

I read some excellent fic, I installed a new modem (realising as I did so that I have 4 days to get the old one sent back before facing a £100 fine!), I upgraded to Firefox 4 (which I'm not yet sure I like) and I finally packaged up the dvds I promised to send.

Oh, and I have been friended on facebook by my niece and nephew. No biggie you might say - except I have never met either of them. My brother and his wife fell out with my parents a long time ago and although as a result he has behaved in ways that make me want to shoot him, I remain civil to my brother at the request of my parents. We see each other only if we bump into each other in the supermarket, on average twice a year. In all that time my parents and I have continued to send Christmas and Birthday cards and gift cards to the children, despite as I said, never having met the two youngest.(My parents also saved for them and presented them each with around £1200 when Dad retired 3 years back - with no response from anyone) - And yet they have now friended me on facebook. Odd and intriguing. I wonder where it a) came from and b) will lead.

Now it's time for Pizza and cheesy movie #1

okay, so I might have watched Misha fake an orgasm a few more times than is healthy.
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Lazy weekends are marvellous - although I have done some cleaning... Still a busy week behind and yet another ahead and I think I'm allowed an afternoon of reclining on my sofa, surrounded by cats and reading fic.

I have a family quiz to go to tonight though, so I've been digging around gathering questions for my round and I should be 'revising' for the other rounds... but I imagine a few more fics may distract me.

I finally got to see Paul last week I haven't seen a lot of reaction )

Mother's Day tomorrow - Mum and I shall be lunching somewhere as usual, although Mum is more and more housebound now. She's always said it is her intention to live to 100 and has always 'threatened' us with this whenever we're pretend arguing or teasing; but she's started saying she doesn't want to do this anymore, which is...distressing. Mind you, following a similar announcement this morning, she proceeded to spend the rest of the phonecall gloating about how much she has hoarded and what a dreadful job I'll have sorting out the house when she's gone. I think she's missed the point of Mother's Day bonding!
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Does anyone want any of these VHS movies?

Mission Impossible
Summer City (Mel Gibson's first movie)
Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
My Beautiful Laundrette
Lethal Weapon 1&2
Lethal Weapon 3
Lethal Weapon 4
The Bodyguard
My Best Friend's Wedding
The Godfather
The Godfather 2
As Good as it Gets
Pulp Fiction
Forrest Gump
Romeo & Juliet (Leonardo DiCaprio version)
The Velocity of Gary
Fast and Furious
2Fast 2 Furious
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Sleepless in Seattle

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I just watched A Single Man and, although I can see how very very beautiful it was, it has left me feeling very unsettled. I have to say I don't think I liked it.
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On Wednesday I worked a 12 hour day. I had no food in the house, so planned to get lunch at the sandwich shop round the corner from work, when I got there though the buggers had closed down. Most inconsiderate.

Left lunchless, and knowing I had to work late, I thought Sod it and I took my book and went to the pub opposite work for an hour, sandwiches (and chips!), a soft drink and an hour with my book. Actually done me the world of good.

However, what I didn't initially realise is that 4 folks from work were also lunching there - they left about 10 minutes after I got there and I said Hi as they left. They gave me an odd look as they passed and seemed to be looking back at me and talking as they went. But, hey, I dismissed this as general paranoia, ate my food and read my book.

I've been out tonight with other work colleagues though (saw The King's Speech again - Yay!) and they started quizzing me on my lunch, telling me that the four had returned to work abuzz that "Lola is in the pub alone", It had prompted discussion of a not altogether flattering nature. Yay.


The people I was with tonight (both older ladies) expressed the fact that they wouldn't be comfortable going into a pub alone, but the group on Wednesday were all young, a good 10 years younger than me.

I'm not sure if they were judging me or pitying me, but either way it pissed me off. Pah.

Film was still fantastic though.
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I don't think I can put into words just how utterly marvellous and joyous "The King's Speech" was.
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I just watched Gattaca )

[personal profile] mashfanficchick have you seen it?
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I am supposed to be tidying - so now is teh ideal time to make an entry!

My mouth is finally beginning to recover - Hurrah. Now I have just a vinegary feeling cheek, a seemingly oversized tooth - whch I know is just because one the tooth next to it is missing- and a healing gum. These are all good. I am finally 98% pain free which I count as a success!

[ profile] ugerchucker posted about timing herself reading to see how many pages she could read in an hour - I tested myself whilst I was in Bradford (there wasn't a great deal else to do!) and I read 96 pages of a Jonathon Kellerman book in an hour (with a brief sidestep to make a cup of coffee in the middle). It's not high literature though.

I read The Web over the last couple of days (Kellerman again) and really did not like it. Milo was reduced to arround 3 pages input and I disliked the whole story, and teh denouement (sp?) left me going "PAH!". So Hmm.

Erm. Watched SPN and )

Have watched Sherlock Holmes 3 times since Tuesday - Made myself *not* watch it yesterday! I love the )

My car is going to be collected by teh garage on Tuesday, and I'm in Court Wed onwards - which is wonderfully inconvenient - I would so love the defendents to plead Guilty and save me teh whole Court process! And after that I'm off for another week in Swindon!

Right, I shall go and tidy now!

ETA: Cut text borked - SORRY. But I don't think there was anything spoilery per se. Sorry.
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Today I felt the urge to watch The Krays - I have a bit of a kink for 60s gay gangsters - vis The Krays, Harry Starks (The Long Firm) and Mickey Ryan (Dangerous Lady) - howevere I couldn't find the dvd.

No worries thought I - I'll watch Borstal Boy instead - bloody disc is region 1 and my unlocked player that lived downstairs died and I've yet to unlock the new one - foiled again..

Instead I watched some of "Civvies" - a Lynda la Plant adaptation featuring Jason Isaacs. I watched it in 1992 and bought it from eBay about a year ago - completely forgot I had it. (It turned up when I was rooting for The Krays!) - and you know what. It carries a bit of 1992-itis, but I think it will still hold up. It has Jason Isaacs after all (and Peter Howitt!) - and most of all it is tremendously slashy! I'd remembered only that I enjoyed it (enough to buy the book!) but that's about all.. looking forward to the rest now!


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