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I have a ginormous fruit salad in the fridge. Every time I make it I tell an invisible audience how to slice the grapefruit. Not a cookery show type audience, just an invisible individual person. They never really seem interested and I can't say I blame them. I tell them the same thing every time. I have (different) conversations (not related to laundry technique) with a (different) person whenever I hang up laundry too. Not sure why. That person is a priest.


Lunch tomorrow was going to be eggs, but I haven't any. So far I've cobbled together fruit salad, salted popcorn and dates. I'm sure that will be fine to see me through the day. As a happy by product of this search I've discovered how nicely dates and bacon go together.

I was going to watch a film today, but dithered too long over which to pick, so saw none.

I saw Les Miserables at the cinema on Thursday and really liked it, the running time flew by and it was grand. Mainly. But last night I sat down to watch it again and all I could see was Hugh Jackman's fleshy lips. It was a disappointment.

And I watched Ripper Street and might be beginning to ship Bennet and Jackson.
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I may be overtired, I woke at 6.24 this morning and had been into and out of town by 11am, which is stunningly bad form and shouldn't be encouraged.

I have built my new hoover (where exactly does it say on the box or catalogue or any internet site anywhere that when you spent many £s on a new hoover(having carelessly melted your old one) that you have to take it home and build it?!?! huh? hmmm? When I say I built, I mean that I opened the box, saw the instructions, couldn't get the pieces out of the box, so made coffee, cried, then called my Dad to come and do it. It now works spiffingly, and demonstrates how apallingly bad my last vaccuum was (or just what a slatternly 'housewife' I am.

My Persuaders! 'poster' arrived today, So on my Mother's Day flower buying dash this am, I bought myself a frame and now all I need to do is bang holes in the wall, but I think I'll do that when I am in a better mood. It is very beautiful though - Danny has a giant tie and leather gloves, and Lord brett is holding his arm with both hands and talking into Danny's ear. It's most lovely.

My feet hurt.

I have noodles and beansprouts and chicken for my tea. I have never cooked beansprouts before. I hope it is easy. I have sweet chilli sauce or stir fry sauce to use and I don't know which to have. These are very minor choices, but are looming above me most distressingly. I think I am definately overtired.

I dreamt that I had a fight - ie a falling out with my best mate P, and a physical rolling around on the floor wrestling fight with a vague aquaintance. Also that one of the g's at work (the irritating one) went to an awards ceremony wearing a kilt, revealing that he had only one leg, and our only reaction was that he was 'attention seeking'

pah. I'm gonna go and be grumpy elsewhere now.
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I'm here again.. sorry.
Watched Parting Glances today.. had forgotton how really lovely it is... and Steve Buscemi, omg, he is fantastic.
Posted some caps in [community profile] boy_touching

had cheese on toast for tea and it was so much nicer than Chinese all you can eat Buffet with work colleagues! -

oh, and Mum has finally persuaded Dad to agree to change their wills, which might not seem very cheery, but at the moment my brother who 'disowned' us all 14 years ago is executor, and that just sucks. Cos my other brother and I, who actually care about my parents, will be in no state to argue against his decisions etc. They not going to disinherit him or anything, just make me and P executors instead.

This is one of the situations I could rant about for hours, but do bite my tongue in general ways. (Just 1 eg, cos I can't not! - He is a postman, and, after approx 10 years of ignoring parents, no bday cards anything, he started having to deliver to their house.. so started knocking on the door to USE THE TOILET. After 10 sodding years of Mum in tears at the loss of her son and grandchildren, he starts coming round to use the loo! - as postman he also ACCEPTED A TIP at xmas, but didn't even wish them merry, or give a card... rargh.... I'll stop now...!!)

Anyway, I'm actually feeling very mellow. so yay. ( oh and Mr Susan is dying!!)
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pancakes and lemon and sugar for tea. Brie and crackers for lunch. This is, on the whole, "good cooking, very good cooking", and it entirely isn't. But jolly nice.
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Strawberries! With sugar and water and all syruppy and were very nice indeed thank you.

Much snow. 8 inches on my car and 65 minutes for a 25 min journey. with skidding and black ice - and I remembered to pump! my brakes and didn't crash and die horribly, so that was good.

my big dvd (big? only 4) buy up all arrived today - there was:

Girls in Prison - which I bought simply because I have had the movie poster for a number of years and had to have the real thing - tagline: "What happens to women without men", can't wait to watch it ( tho obv I can, 'cos I did, don't be so literal)
A Month in the Country - Colin Firth and Kenneth Brannagh, all beautiful countryside, great suppressed, repressed emotion, unrequited love AND slashy undertones.
Parting Glances - Which I just remember as Steve Buscemi being (as usual) brilliant, so I added it to the list, and
The Woodsman - Kevin Bacon - this is the one I watched this evening.. it was fantastic. I was wary ( not 'cos of omg let's be shocked' but because I thought that it might have been trying too hard) but I really liked it. Kevin bacon was amazing in it, so internalised. And also Kyra Sedgewick has amazing nipples.

I am not miserable or grumpy or moody or sad today. Hurrah.
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I have discovered I really really dislike swordfish. ( And consequently paid £13 for a handful of oven chips!)

I have had my first journey in a 2CV. (And pushed my first 2CV along 6 roads till we could find non permit parking to leave her when the accelerator cable went.This also included calming my friend, whose heartening response when things went wrong and the engine started making a horrendous noise etc, was to let go of the steering wheel whilst yelling 'oh no! oh no! oh no! oh no!'. We then walked to mine (she was giving me a lift home) so I could drive her home)

I have attempted to see Brokeback Mountain. (But the person I was going with thought it was in the little 1 screen cinema, not the other one, so didn't bring the right pass, and hadn't taken her beta blocker things that she needs for the big cinema. So we went to Asda instead)

I went to the awards ceremony. ( I drove. It took two hours, and I took a wrong turning on the way back, so went through all the little villages instead of the A11/A14 planned route. It was okay. the meal was nice, the ceremony as embarrassing as I anticipated (but it wasn't ME who fell over, so hurrah!). The motivational speaker WAS as embarrassing as one could anticipate, but the lady sitting next to me found him hysterical, and elbowed me in the ribs each time she laughed (deliberately) to draw my attention to the fact!)

I had some spare time at work so sorted out all the boxfiles and heaps etc that had been left in our office by the previous occupant ( I made organised files, with copies of forms and worksheets ready to use etc, was very organised. I found several duplicates of relevent manuals so took some through to the two men who started this month, The first pile ( a complete course file) I took through I was grunted at, the second (sentencing guidelines, essential for report writing) I was greeted with 'look do I actually need these?' - after that I threw everything else away, (in an admittedly juvenile funk, but manners don't really take that much extra effort do they!)

This is a (somewhat whingy) summary of my week. I have really spent most of it going to work, then going immediately to bed once home, feeling very bleurghy and pants, but that's enough of that.
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I am a little non specific grumpy tonight.

today was okay, there was laughing and not much work really - although amazed to find that I am 90% up to date with all the admin type tasks I am supposed to do - This is the most up to date I've ever been except when I very first started training and only had one case! - however did that happen? I appear to be getting organised. It is not like me at all.

My tea ( entirely unhealthy sausages and Aunt Bessie's oven chips was most scrummy, and I had a doughnut too, because it was somebody's birthday at work and I brought mine home. I made up nearly an hour today ( as in recouping lost time, I didn't actually make it (though if I were it could explain how I am getting up to date?)

I have to go to a graduation type thing on Friday. It is in Cambridge. People want to go by train and then go for a drink and be celebratory and fun. I am unsure about celebratory and fun, I am not always like this. If I go by train I will be able to 'join in' but will have to catch a 6.30 AM train, then pay for taxis across cambridge (a 20 minute journey apparantly) and will have to be sociable with others, whilst spending money and not getting merry, because it will be with important work people who I don't want to get drunk in front of and not just the nice work people.
If I go by car, I can leave an hour later and get home several hours earlier. I will only have to be sociable with the dull people for a few hours but will not be 'joining in' and will be stone cold sober throughout the speech ( somewhat worryingly it has Polar Bear in the title and is timetabled to last over an hour..)
Plus I don't want to have to walk across a stage in fron t of everybody and have photos taken ( and this isn't even a proper graduation ceremony with mortar boards etc - that is in July somewhen)

hmm. I am a bit boring really.
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boring phone update: STILL no phone, so call them to chase it. "oh yeah, we had a batch of faulty sims, yours is probably one of them.. I'll go check" - puts me on old for an age - " yes it is, i'll send you a new one"

I was remarkably polite.

NEIGHBOURS: - eep! I love the socio realism of this show! - Names of survivors announced over the radio before next of kin are informed! But that doesn't matter, for despite the CHEESE, this was fabulous! Again! - there were tears, and anger and relief and angst and it was all so much fun. There was Dylan in the sand, and a little wrestling and more tears. I love this show! I love Karl Kennedy and Susan, and Dylan and Stingray and PAul!!! oh and Lou, and Lynn. -oh and Joe. probably would have been easier to list who I don't - ie the dying guy and his stupid kids!

And there was House! and pancakes! ( these not actually inter related at all, just occurred at the same time)

I told my friend I was making tea at 8.30pm - she said it was 'disgusting' and 'abnormal' to eat that late?!?
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hurrah! I am back - there has been illness. Not bad illness, or anything identifiable as such, but I have had tin foil instead of bones, and pains like putting your tongue on a battery. ooh - there was violent shuddery shaking too, which amused for a little while, but then didn't stop. But I am better now, so that's old.

I made pancakes for breakfast! That's how better I am - I made proper pancake day pancakes for breakfast, and had lemon and sugar. This is very bad actually, but does at least count as me 'cooking' and may counteract the chips Dad brought round for my tea when I was poorly? ( I don't think putting my own ham, pineapple and cheese on top of a microwave pizza counts either...)

There was tv whilst I was ill - there was Derren Brown, who is something of a God, but I was a little disappointed in this one, cos I like a bit more Derren hurt/comfort and there was only a little(!) - but was cool to see the Milgram experiment redone - (though the screams weren't very convincing) - i liked the little man who turned into a "I'll kill your family" style armed robber tho...

ooh, and last night there was MOJO - which was fab. had that wonderfully mannered style that always comes with plays transferred to film, and starred Andy Serkis - who whilst I appreciate all the gollummy goodness, I wish he did more him acting instead of stop motion, cos he is good (and some very nice arm pron last night, and dressed in late 50s gear too.. yum), and Ian Hart and Ewan Bremmner who are both fantastic actors, and it was very intense and fab. ( oh and aiden Gillen from Queer as Folk was in it too, but there wasn't a great deal of difference between this character and Stuart - I don't know which camne first 'cos I cant be bothered to research it, but one role definitely "informed" the other - either that or he can actually only do one character)

And now I have three days of flist to read.......


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