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Normally, in a normal mundane normality, the list of very good things in my life would be headed with meeting [ profile] ironicdutchess and [ profile] jekesta, who would get to the top by their both being so very shiny.

However. There is no longer any such thing as a normal mundane normality, for Lo! I have seen Starsky, and it was good.

(This, as Cee would tell you is a nice, controlled distillation of what could be written as 48 trillion pages of squee interspersed with mutterings about Boots and thighs and OMG STARSKY.)

In a world where Starsky is Hook, then nothing else can compare.

He was so very beautiful, and we were in the SECOND ROW and could touch him (with our mind) and he sat down. RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, with his thighs and boots for all to see. There was singing and thighs, and he had the most delightful huge smile the whole time, so that he seemed to be having the best time and the most fun of his life ever and Paul was made for Hook, and yet it was so very easy to imagine it was Starsky up there. And when he was Mr Darling he wore the most shiny black shoes and evening trousers and a smoking jacket and he was beautiful, with his hair all perfect and tiny tiny bit grey and neatness and beauty - and then he cecame Captain Hook and it was all about the love, and the thighs and the boots. He should always wear boots.

Peter Pan was quite easy to hate and instead of being a boy who wouldn't grow up was a man with an incredibly deep voice and Wendy was just horrible, but the crocodile was fantastic and Smee was funny, the other pirates were beautiful and Paul? Paul sat downand had thighs and boots and he sang and he danced and he hammed it up fantastically and I would like to go again please.

oh - and the mood theme is perfect and we watched this episode and Starsky's brother too and meeeep!!!
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Today, in a most startling turn of affairs, I have had energy.
Oh I don't mean anything stupid, I haven't done anything with it, but I moved with purpose and got things done. Two very good sessions with Offenders today - I love it when they come back at me with arguments I have to counter. Parry and thrust. Challenge and debate and actual progress. :D

Oh and I got feedback from a PDA today - these are the people who were teh Gods when I was training, the power to pass or fail us, make us do work over etc - today she came and gave me very positive feedback based on the report from the trainee who sat in with me last week! Heh! I must be doing something right still! (ie not totally corrupted yet - although I did allow an offender to tell me two jokes today. Om)

On the negative side it took me 6 phonecalls before I could find someone at Birmingham Probation to answer a simple question. I don't think it was me. All I needed was the name of an office and a senior. 6 attempts!

There has been snow, there has been coldness. I have a secret weapon! My duvet has come out of hiding. Up till now I have just been using a throw - full on snuggley warmth for me tonight. Hurrah.
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It's my paid account anniversary! I have just been automatically updated and have even more user pics! Yay! God I have a sad life! - I don't care though - I have just updated, added 11 and got rid of a few old ones - little things...

My birthday card from my friend - look at all the hearts! )

I think I'm gonna get a 'new cat' - he's sorta moved in already. Stray. But if he does come and stay he's gonna be snipped! I may call him Edward.
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I had a nap at 5 o'clock today - for 2 hours! It was very nice
I had a pizza from Asda - that was very nice too.
I had lunch with my friend and her beautiful little girl - who has just started walking and gives BIG sloppy kisses and is beautiful!
After lunch I didn't go back to work.
It was sunny and warm.
My new book arrived from Play
I got paid more than I spent this month (and if you could see the ridiculous things I've been buying from ebay this month you'd be as astonished as I am at this fact!!)
This ebay extravaganza means I have seen my horrible brother TWICE in one week (he is a postman and I see him at the sorting office collecting parcels - I've been polite and 'friendly' to him on both occasions - I think this means I win!
I am playing "favourites you haven't heard recently" on my player thing and singing along at the top of my voice - Hey I had a nap earlier, I'm not tired!
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12 hour day at work today, looks like another to follow tomorrow. woe. self pity and all that.
Though actually I'm fine about it, knackered, but fine.

In fact I'm feeling quite happy. !

I might do a stupid happy post in the spirit of my ridiculous whingy one the other week... )
yay for happy things!
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This picture might be massive... but it is so cute.

there's a long proper caption, all about new recruits having a 'gruelling physical' before being accepted into the Navy, but really, It should just say omg look at the really, really cute doctor, He's like Radar and Mulcahey all rolled into one )

(it's not so big)
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Why did I not know that James Marsters is in Smallville? Is this a regular thing or? My flist who know these things must tell me.... please....

Eee - I have found Compulsion! to buy on dvd. this is a triumph! - this is Dean Stockwell (the wondrous wondrous Al) being in Rope! ( well that's as complicated and detailed as I can be bothered with at this precise moment - suffice to say I have wanted to see it for years and I've only ever found NTSC tapes beforenow - and now it's on dvd!!!! yayness!)

Hurrah -Ecuador are (at time of posting) WINNING! My Ecuador double draw is FATE. (Good or bad I've yet to decide)

I am sooooooooooo bouncy. manic. happy. HA HA HA HAppy!

I am on annual leave

(the above two facts may be linked!

I have a week off... then a fortnight after that another 10 days off! (and I still have 21 days to use by end of October)

I might have a stalker (well a clingy dependent offender who thinks that he and I "really really really get on" and is looking forward to the next 7 months "together". Who comes in at least twice a week 'needing' to see me. I "calm him" Hmm. This isn't a really good thing.

We had doughnuts at work. This is a good thing.

music is another good thing - I am playing mine very loudly at the moment and bouncing!

Rabbits and ducks make me smile. There were ducks wandering around outside Tesco this morning. Quackling really quietly. I think I'd like a duck as a pet.

I thnk I will go now and find alcohol.

*wanders off beaming manically*
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la la la.. cheesy, beany mash for tea. yummy!
hair cut at 8.15am Saturday.. Why?
Sore arm.
good mood.
The Stranger House by Reginald Hill - book I am reading is becoming very engrossing. Lust by Geof Ryman - the book I have been reading at work - well despite being full of teh gay, so glad it is now finished.
The Shield - all finished :( ..... unless I succumb to Season 5...
Offender 1 today - everybody was swooning over him, "Isn't he lovely, What's he like" etc - (Is he pretty? Kinda, in a very fit dad kinda way, but I don't swoon over him)
Offender 2 - Had great fun smacking him down! (Sex offender who tries to justify his actions) it's so satisfying to logically counter his arguments; and so much more effective. That minute when you get hesitation and a stumbled answer instead of the usual rote justification. YES!

I had a thought about lie detector tests - I know they pick up changes in the heart and bodily reactions, which I presume is supposed to be linked to the stress and anxiety of giving an incorrect answer? Well what happens if the question is one that promotes anxiety even when telling the truth? Hmm.

I think I only really started fancying Derren Brown when he put a gun to his head.
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It's my LJ anniversary! Happy one year to me! Eeh I'm reet glad I found it (Thanks [personal profile] elfinessy who lured me here with her fabulous fics - and has kept 'em coming!) and not quite sure I would manage well without it now (can we spell unhealthy, children?).

Erm, 'spose that would be the cue for some kind of omg review of the year, but I have enough of them at New year, so aren't gonna delve into that now. Besides I have just spent 128minutes(!) on the 'phone to my friend who lives in Rome and am exhausted! - amongst the conversational subjects were; his dubious sex life (He pretends to be a bisexual married french man, rather than a 'married' gay man to pull at the local dogging spot); time spent trying to persuade me to go over for a holiday; him wondering if it's patronising to ask the local butcher and his wife over for dinner; and a big debate as to the validity (or not) of astrology and star signs. (This became quite heated in an academic argument stylee and we had to agree to disagree in the end!)

I awoke this morning to the realisation that I'd just had my last lie-in for a fortnight, as work rears it's ugly head tomorrow, and next weekend I have a family gathering in Hampshire, one that is already giving me cold sweats. Ug.

Mind you F tonight (the Rome guy) was bemoaning 'our lives', and how, had our 14 year old selves viewed our lives now, they would have been disgusted at 'our lack of achievement'. And I know it's a classic double negative technique, but I felt quite indignant hearing this dismissal of my life. I may not have achieved those things I expected (or that were expected of me). So I am single, I don't have the partner or the babies, I haven't written the novel and parts of my life have been downright failures (Uni #1 anyone?!), but I did feel a little insulted - if nothing else I have survived! (And yes, melodrama time, but there were times when I wasn't so sure about that). I don't know. Every so often I get the biological clock thing ticking, but not loudly enough for me to compromise (yet anyway!). Pah, In general terms I think I am doing quite well, I get up everyday, I deal (badly sometimes) with the things that need dealing with. So - Yah Boo Sucks F !

My last day of leisure then, was spent doing some boring householdy things intermingled with watching The Shield - Ooh It stays exciting, even tho I loathe the new captain. The Sentinel (Ha!HA! [personal profile] jekesta yes! It is rubbish! - It is cheese squared, added with wooden acting (especially Simon the captain) and the people are nothing like I imagined - But I have seen 4 eps already, and it is just .. wheeeeee! there was dangling from helicopters, and propping up dead bodies in wheel chairs, I am LOVING it ( but there are no outtakes on my dvds boo!). I have also gone back to Xander/Giles fics which is good. Very mellow last day.

Right. This is far too long.. Will stop now.
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vroom! - Spent the afternoon in Great Yarmouth - looking at the most beautiful cars. There is a 50s weekend at Hemsby, and today there was a gathering of all the cars on Great Yarmouth's main drag. Oh there were Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets, Pontiacs, so beautiful, with the big fins, shiny chrome. These cars are so big, with bench seats, aw twas fab! - And loads of people wearing the full 50s gear too, DA haircuts, turned up jeans, the gingham, the white T's. Oh! - I was just walking round with a big gormless grin.
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Well, spent all of yesterday cleaning house - I don't think my gaff has ever been this tidy!
So, today, I had a 'day off' - and it's been absolutely grate! I have spent the day reading (the latest Christopher Brookmyre), I have been going through old cds, ripping different tracks to the pc - revisiting a huge and varied mix -The Proclaimers, Patsy Cline, Elvis (Presley and Costello), Buffy, Harry Connick jr, Kaiser Chiefs, oh all sorts!, I've been editing (beta-ing?) some fic, shopping (The Sentinel, The Shield, Jackass!), I've visited friends (and been headbutted by a 4mnth baby, who split my lip!), had a meal out, and edited all of this years lj entries for tags.
All the windows have been open all day, the house smells fresh (now I finally found the cta's pee!) and I am so mellow... :)
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No more work for 10 GLORIOUS days!

so happy about this right now!

PLUS I dared open my bank statements and not only am I not in overdraft I spent LESS than I got paid last month! Woot! So then I dared open my credit card statement, and that is around 25% LESS than I thought it would be!!!

I got a letter from my bank last week (opened that today too - I'm not terribly good with things like that...) and they advised me they had increased my overdraft facility - overnight, without request I now have an od facility of £4,500!!!!!! What the hell is that about? No wonder people get so in debt, when given that kind of promiscuous leeway)

I plan to tidy, paint my front door, paint my bathroom, see my friends, and NOT BE AT WORK!!!

And it's sunny.

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One of those days. Running to try and stand still, a ton of crises, every 'phonecall leading onto more angst and work and stress* and arghhh! - and in the midst of it all, my desk buried under piles of files. 4 people (colleagues) 'queuing' to see me, referrals, recalls and reports, I had this sudden realisation that

I like my job

This, as you might imagine, is quite disturbing! Not quite sure how it happened, but, blimey!

*so stressed that when I went back to a computer log later in the day I saw that I had noted my telephone call to a dishwasher - I had meant to write 'domestic violence unit'.....
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so bouncy! What is the matter with me? bouncy and mellow and silly. I have cheesy but classic music on ( brown eyed gal etc) and am just bouncing around. - I think I'm a bit manic.
watched A Month in the country and remembered why I had a crush on Kenneth Brannagh for so long ( my friend Cheryl and I went to see his Hamlet 4 times in one month, the 4.5 hour uncut version, at the RSC, even queuing overnight on one occassion to get the tickets- oh and waited after to get his autograph too! We spent that whole summer vacation sitting on rocks at the beach writing 'odes' to him and casting spells against Emma T, wrote Mary-Janeesque hurt/comfort fic, fab memories)
- Now off to have takeaway with P, the work on her presentation for her job interview next week.
I'm so mellow..!
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Strawberries! With sugar and water and all syruppy and were very nice indeed thank you.

Much snow. 8 inches on my car and 65 minutes for a 25 min journey. with skidding and black ice - and I remembered to pump! my brakes and didn't crash and die horribly, so that was good.

my big dvd (big? only 4) buy up all arrived today - there was:

Girls in Prison - which I bought simply because I have had the movie poster for a number of years and had to have the real thing - tagline: "What happens to women without men", can't wait to watch it ( tho obv I can, 'cos I did, don't be so literal)
A Month in the Country - Colin Firth and Kenneth Brannagh, all beautiful countryside, great suppressed, repressed emotion, unrequited love AND slashy undertones.
Parting Glances - Which I just remember as Steve Buscemi being (as usual) brilliant, so I added it to the list, and
The Woodsman - Kevin Bacon - this is the one I watched this evening.. it was fantastic. I was wary ( not 'cos of omg let's be shocked' but because I thought that it might have been trying too hard) but I really liked it. Kevin bacon was amazing in it, so internalised. And also Kyra Sedgewick has amazing nipples.

I am not miserable or grumpy or moody or sad today. Hurrah.
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Still no phone :(
but I've used my car for a whole day and it hasn't broken yet!!

day from hell in terms of SOOOOOOOOOO busy, double bookings, people shouting at me (offenders) and children attending with parents meaning whole session has to be conducted with niceties and and talking about "what happenned" and "the reason you're here" and after "the event" etc, bit like spelling w...a...l...k in front o fthe poodle.. hmm - it wasn't a bad day though - I come away feeling okay...

I also came away specially in time to watch the neighbours crash of doom!!! yay! there was: ghostly Dylan ( which actually gave me goosebumps), there was: diabolical 'special' effects, there was: Susan in peril! There was: choral music! There was: absolute fabulousness!!!

there were also, elsewhere screencaps of Dylan kissing Stingray! ( and a quite apalling comment which I'm not sure if was meant to be a joke with the people knowing each other, or was simply shocking prejudice? I've opted to assume the former rather then be upset!)

there was also Due South - which the wondrous itv3 are showing daily - I could be glued to tv at the moment if I didn't have tremendous self discipline (hollow laff!)

oh and HOUSE tomorrow...
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I got my car back today - hurrah! - the man said he spent several hours bleeding it and other such terms, turns out was a faulty radiator cap!!! - so it is mended again and was FREE FREE FREE!

this is a good thing.

I phoned up 02 again (everyday since the bloody thing was stolen) - they STILL haven't received the 6020 back, but again was assured I can order the 6230i when they do... which is good, they activated my sim for me, which will take at least 24 hours, so it's a week without a phone and still counting, boo. BUT, BUT the man (in between telling me he'd rather spend his money on computer components rather than phones...)did say that when it was activated it WOULD BE THE SAME NUMBER!!! ( I am very cappsy today, but these things are exciting me and I have not the energy to concentrate with the little < things to make emphasis in a neat way). If this is true (my pessimistic side reveals itself) then is is YAY and WHEE and things like that because OMG - i like my number, and maybe the telephone numbers will still be on there too????

this will be another good thing.

There are still more:

I had a moment of lking my job today - well the place and people more so perhaps - but I have been on yet more training events for the last few fdays, but had to go into work at 5pm afterwards - it was all lovely - people kept greeting me like I'd been away for ages (3days) and there was pleasedness to see me (which sounds like I'm being all false modest and so on, it's not that, it's just nice when people make a point of being pleased to see you, does that make sense?) But aside from that, I gathered a huge pile of work that has accrued in my absence - tomorrow is going to be hell! - but i got a little 'giggle' inside when I did. I like my job? When did that happen? I'm so glad I moved to this office.

(Bonus - I had to do a three way interview tonight, me, offender and the staff member from Norwich known as Devilishly Handsome - he is so very lovely and had jet black jeans today - the deep black that looks like it would mark if you touched it... I really wanted to test the theory.. He is indeed DH!)

still more goodness: I work in a place where, in the midst of the work, a colleague came and took us out to look at the sunset. It was stunning, beautiful orange/purple, with clouds and all, but my last job - when the solar eclipse happenned we had to flex out for the 5 minutes we were alloud to look at it, here, everything just stopped.

one more bit: Neighbours!!! -OMG. I am so excited for the crash and boom and they did look so very good (most of em, Dylan disappointed me I have to say) in their 40's gear. But there were all the loaded comments 'I love you's and 'I don't care if I never see you again' comments, and it was all so OOOH! - and I can't wait!
(Actually I can't, I went and read the episode summaries for the future episodes, so I know what happens, and I still can't wait!!!)

I think I should probably stop now!


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