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I went to see a link worker today, referred by my doctor 'cos I was such a wreck when I went to see him. To be fair to the link guy I took against him straight away as he greeted me so apologetically, but he didn't do himself any favours when he appeared unable to say any of the words linked to dead, died, death etc. I went off him further when he proceeded to advise me to think about Dad only once a day (I could sort of follow the logic behind this, if thinking about Dad made me unhappy - thinking about his loss upsets me, remembering him is a comfort.) He also told me that it was 'impossible to think/listen if one is speaking'. To 'prove' this he had me read from a text book whilst he spoke some nonsense at me. Literally nonsense - lines from nursery rhymes, football scores etc. When we'd finished he asked me to tell him what he'd said. I told him. He looked so crestfallen that I felt compelled to offer him fake consolation that I hadn't really remembered much of what I was reading if that helped at all...?!

Ah well, he gave me some telephone numbers to take away with me.

BUT! I've been making...

Look at my lovely bag..


Cable ultra thick wool, lining sewn on my new sewing machine and handles, um, recycled from an unwanted gift.
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Yup, finally bit the bullet. Went to a local Sewing machine centre, where a man proceded to hard sell (and wow my Mum into the process who has never seen a computerised sewing machine and was all wide eyed and "it's like magic", especially about the one step button holing thing.) But I kind of need to be hard sold, otherwise I would dither for (more)months.

So I have a machine that does stitches and button holes, and all sorts of wondrous things. I haven't had chance to play with it yet, but will do so over the next few days.

Now I just nee something to sew!

Peg Bag

Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:49 pm
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So, as well as the two cats and 9 pairs of the mittens/handwarmers I showed you last week, my Christmas Present makes included this peg bag, which I made today:

Just one more pair of gloves to complete for Christmas, then I'm done.
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Time spent knitting in matching pyjamas - Mum is creating baby clothes for presents and I've knocked up kittens and mittens* )
*I know they're not mittens, but that rhymed

**Pattern for not mittens from a post by [personal profile] curiositykate
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I'm actually quite proud of this.

odd stuff

I even lined it!
odd stuff

It took me a couple of evenings of knitting, and an evening of stitching together.

Get Me!


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