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Friday I had a dodgy throat.
Saturday morning I gashed my knee open on my shower screen.
Saturday lunch time I bruised my elbow helping a friend's father mend Mum's window.
Saturday night my ulcer decided to explode and I spent all night throwing up.
Sunday and Monday: I couldn't move due the elephant sitting on my chest.
Today I went back to work, spent the day unable to breath or talk. Left off early.
Got a migraine.

Enough already.
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Dreamt: A supernatural episode - very ghostfacers-y in terms of production values. At one point the SPN males held hands and ran to catch a baddie, which they did by encircling him. I watched and thought "They look like they had fun making this one". Then they had to make a cake in the form of a batered and torn London underground seat. When they finished Castiel walked up to Dean and plunged a knife into his chest and carved a slice from him and started to eat it.


(this was a dream on migraine meds though, so might explain it!)


Jun. 9th, 2011 09:38 pm
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Mum's latest lump is nothing to worry about, tests and scans have been declared clear, cystular not cancerous.

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'Ow do.

I'm still spending hours gazing at ISPs, I did a direct speedtest comparison - Dad is getting 13.8, I'm getting .18!!! Anyway. I've found one with good reviews, but dearer than the rest - but 9/10 over a hundred reviews as opposed to 3/10 which most of the 'main' ones garner. Oh I don't know. It's all so complicated.

Not helped by migraine - I went to a prison visit yesterday - left my house at 7.30 after the routefinder estimated a 90minute journey. It took 45 minutes! So I sat in the car, no books, no where to go, for 45 mins, strolled over to the prison to be told that I had the time wrong and there was yet another 30 minutes to wait until I could see my chap! I had my meeting, drove 90minutes in a different direction, got to that destination, to promptly get a migraine, aura in both eyes practically blinding me and the worst head pain I've had with it in a long time (lately I've been by-passing the pain and just getting blindness followed by someone shoveing a ton of cotton wool in my head). So, once I could see, I turned round and drove the hour home and went to bed. Where I stayed all of yesterday and much of today. Till I went to GP (coincidental appointment, the lump thing on my leg is nothing to worry about and I have new migraine medication to try).

Anyway. I did manage to watch H50 and whilst I enjoyed this week's episode muchly, the trail for next week has just about broken my brain. WANT.NEED.WANT.MUST HAVE.NEED.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful as Danny there?
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Haven't read any flist since yest am - 'cos I had a migraine yesterday and have been working and then out today, but having just got home, have to take a second to say the New Harry Potter move? Absolutely fantastic!. Brilliant. Great and other superlatives. Not perfect, but bloody grate nonetheless.

I will read, review and comment as necessary tomorrow!
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Poo. have been in bed for the last 24 hours with a migraine. Poop.

before I became headache infested however I watched Red Dirt and capped pictures of Nude!Shane!

Nude!Shane! - (no spoilers) )

ps - I'll read flist tomorrow - so if something drastic has happened - I'm not ignoring you!
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At 3.45pm on Friday afternoon I decided "To hell with it, I'm leaving work early today. I'm going home at 4.00pm"

At 3.55pm I got the first flashy zigzags of a migraine.


In bed by 4.35pm Fri - got up properly this morning at 9.25am.

The whole of Friday night and ALL of Saturday just lost.


I started to get my head back at around 3am this morning. So lay there, unable to sleep, with my brain buzzing.

Couple of plots, a few mellow daydreams. Then coma again.


Then I wake up this morning at 9.20 and pmt is finally over - pains are now in place. (oh,and tmi I think I actually came on at about 6am despite not waking till 9am...)

Guess who is not a happy bunny! 'cept I'm in that state of being so very much aware that my head works and I can see that I'm feeling okay really.

I'm wavering with the thought of doing a 5 things fic... not sure what thing yet though...
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I don't do well with dentists - one of my true facts was about having punched a dentist once... this dentist - the first time I met him I thought I'd be sensible, walk in and say "Hi, I'm an extremely anxious/phobic patient, I am monosyllabic and will never speak to you, or smile at you. I also have a low pain threshold, will cry and shake" - What I actually did was walk in, start crying and wail "Don't hurt me." Unfortunately this is not an exageration.

Today I had to have a broken filling removed and replaced. He looked in my mouth, then announced (somewhat tentatively to be fair) that he would do it *without* anaesthesia... I let him. I was silent. He did have to hold my mouth open a couple of times but...

Anyway. The hyper panic, can't breath, shaking and silent weeping thing I had going on transfered itself into a migraine. Luckily I had gone to mother's for a cuppa to calm down before driving to work, so I just came home and phoned it in and spent the day in bed.

The zig zags and blind spots have gone, though I've still got the blurry. There is only one knife through my eyeball at the moment, which is an improvement!

I have an appointment at the hair salon tomorrow and have to decide whether to grow my fringe or have it cut in again. It is currently stupidly flicky.

I've been watching Scrubs the last couple of days - season 5 I think - is it just me, or are they being out and out upfront with the Cox/JD pairing? They practically seem an explicit couple. Not that I'm complaining...

Bed again now.
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this one comes with the aura, the pain and the desire to cry. Pah.
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today I have a man coming round - unfortunately it is a married friend of the family, so I won't be oggling - instead I will be trying to be adult and home-ownery, and getting a quote for central heating.. I have vowed that I will not spend another winter crouched in front of the computer wearing 7 layers of clothing! No more will I have to dare myself to strip for a bath (I have, no word of a lie, taken a bath in a jumper, whilst I did all the leg shaving bits!) Anyway, TMI aside, the man coming means that I am whirling through my house with hoover and duster and trying to pretend that I am not a sloverny, slattern who would be voted out of the 50s housewife club in disgrace.
Thank goodness it is sunny that's all I can say, I can't do housework when it's gloomy (!), oh and I've found where the cat's pee smell was coming from - all the time I have washed the walls, and the cupboards, floors and furniture... the bloody thing peed on the hoover! - the thing I have been moving to get to all the washing surfaces! Argh!

What else? My poorly peugeot is going to the auction today... Dad and I spent Sunday afternoon washing her and making her pretty - (dad used a brillo pad to get a mark off - we had... words is the best way to put it!) I have a reserve of £850 - she's in good condition, new, low mileage.. ah well, we'll see.

I spent the last three days devouring season 3 of The Shield. omg! cut for spoilers - for Ironicdutchess's sake if no-one else! )

Right, erm, I have Life on Mars on order, have been listening obsessively to David Bowie, and read two excellent fics over the weekend - which I have just remembered I didn't feedback on - will be there later to do that!. I have been in bed for two days of the long weekedn with a migraine, I have spent £150 on bargain clothes, including 4 bra, and am feeling suprisingly positive!

Anyway, I have to go - wash the vacuum cleaner for starters! - I will no doubt be back later!!
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my headache became a migraine - so i was comatose all day yesterday. now just headache hungover, hazy and blurred. This is not interesting, but i wanna write it down so I maybe see if there is a pattern or trigger. My trigger used to be flourescent lightbulbs and the fridges in tescos. hmm.

back at work today tho, and home in time for neighbours, with its self sacrificing brothers of love and prettiness. And The persuaders ( and delightful possibility to access more courtesy of [Bad username or site: @] (but I can't remember how to spell it - sorry)

I have nothing sensible to write.


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