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Went to see Legally Blonde (the musical) yesterday - and it was such a fun show. Lively and very well staged - loved the UPS man, Pauletta the hairdresser and the dogs! Very funny. Good to see my friend too, we had dinner at Carluccio's first and then chilled at the theatre.

Slightly soured when I came home at 11pm and then spent the remainder of the evening trying to block out the activity across the road - remember the 'is the drunk man in the house ok' shananigans in the the snow a couple of weeks ago? Well soon after I got home there were ambulances and Police cars outside doing their thing. Unfortunately it appeared to be a similar thing to when we lost Dad - ie very little ambulance activity but an awful lot of waiting. So now I deduce that someone in the house passed away last night - and I spent the night trying to repress memories.

Reverting to more positive news - (or should I say bizarre) Mum received a cheque yesterday for £50 from the Co-Op Insurance. "In compensation for your complaint" - no letter, no apology, just a cheque for £50 and the above statement. I was on the point of sending a third complaint (after the first complaint, they sent a letter (saying only "we have your complaint, we think it is about...") addressed to Dad, I returned it with an additional complaint letter - they then sent a letter (saying "we can't answer your complaint yet") addressed to Mum on the envelope, but headed Dear Mr W...") I have to say that £50 isn't unwelcome, but there is still no way I'd touch Co-Op services with a barge pole in future!
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I'm too pantsy to post proper, so meme from elfinessey and dawn-eh (I'm too pantsy to do the proper name things too!)

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otherwise? neighbours was fab. I bought Persuaders on ebay. and i am so argh it's argh and unsayable. argh.
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Cliche-ridden, drabble-esque cheesy fic thing -that will make NO SENSE AT ALL, unless you read the entry in [profile] gaybours a couple of days ago about the best!storyline!ever!

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no reason.

I screwed up my alarm clock, pressed something wierd when i tried to 'snooze it' at 7am. Next time I woke up the clock said 9.52. As I had an important interview at 10.00 and it takes me 25mins to get to work, this caused me some concern... jumped out of bed, cats, clock and duvet flying. Trying to find my specs with one hand, phone with the other... As I was dialling i noticed that my phone said 8.22? Goodness knows what I did! Much relief. Was still late, obviously, but in time for interview with person( who didn't turn up!!)

Been feeling very... hormonal can be my euphemism of choice... my mind wasn't always on my work, that's all I can say! (didn't help when colleague was discussing in detail the News of the World footballer allegations, I hadn't read it, but hearing all the graphic details!)- I don't fancy any of the men with whom I work, but I realised how flirty I can be. Never noticed it before (ie when I worked in an practically exclusively (straight) female environment) I think it's because I feel safe and unattractive - 'cos I know they don't fancy me, it is a risk free and fun pastime. Certainly makes the day go quicker anyway!

Karl's only snotty cos he doesn't like whatserface either.

My friend is thinking about declaring himself bankrupt. He has £2000 in premium bonds - which he has announced he is cashing IN MY NAME so he doesn't lose it. He has already sent the forms in, and I have been warned to expect a cheque in the near future. Is this illegal? If he declares himself how closely with they check things like that? I don't really approve anyway, though it is credit card type people he owes money to, not individual people, but obviously I don't want to be involved in breaking the law (Not necessarily through any great moral dilemma, but in my job I am not allowed to be even a little dodgy...)

TV: Top Gear last night was funny.. I begin to see why other people like it so much... Petrolheads- absolutely awful. Trying far too hard. Life on Mars - I kind of want to really like this and be in love with it, but have only seen two eps... do like it, but I haven't swooned yet.

poo. I'm boring myself now...
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my headache became a migraine - so i was comatose all day yesterday. now just headache hungover, hazy and blurred. This is not interesting, but i wanna write it down so I maybe see if there is a pattern or trigger. My trigger used to be flourescent lightbulbs and the fridges in tescos. hmm.

back at work today tho, and home in time for neighbours, with its self sacrificing brothers of love and prettiness. And The persuaders ( and delightful possibility to access more courtesy of [Bad username or site: @] (but I can't remember how to spell it - sorry)

I have nothing sensible to write.
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headache please go away now..

There has been work ( spent the morning talking with Nice G, then went to prison. A man cried, I went home)

There has been neighbours (some of, some of it went missing, primarily because I didn't get home till 5.45) There is far too much of the man with the big head, and, as many people have said, why doesn't he just die already! Also Ned? Surely his brother would have noticed his literacy problems? I know people get proficient at hiding things like that, but his own brother? My brothers were never out of my business when I was younger. And Karl and Paul have obviously had a spat, because Karl was mean, and Paul is running away. ( I know there is the hardcore Paul/Dylan love, but Karl and Paul had the comfort sex when Susan and Dylan were dead, and it started off with tussles and ended in tumbles, and now they both feel guilty and betray-y, and are suffering woe. I think this could all be made better if Mr Susan dies.

There was a meal out - at a Brewsters restaurant - I didn't know how very much food could be pre-prepared and plastic. It was all very so, and you could imagine a 'chef' getting bogged down trying to cope with the trillions of 'cook in a preheated oven' instructions on all the meals.

There has been coffee and jam tart ( home made are much better, I should do this, but I won't)

There has been reading ( I got scared to read my book at bedtimeafter the other night, but read it today at lunchtime and i'm not scared anymore. hurrah)

There has been, and still is, a headache. Boo.
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I am feeling very mellow... this may be because I have Time Off. Time Off is very good, and definitely deserves the capitalisation. I have only Fri and Mon, but this is a very good Good Thing and shall be celebrated... mainly I shall celebrate it by not going to work. This is A Plan that I think will work very well.

My New Years resolution involved reading a book a week. I have read 11 books so far this year. I boast about this and pretend that it makes me win at resolutions in the hope that I can skim over all the others that I have FAILED at. I shall hum whenever they are mentioned and pretend I can't hear.

Work is so much more relaxed now there's just one g! - the other is still here of course, just not in my direct space. I like him, just not all the time, he's so chaotic and attention seeking and needy.... and keeps cocking up at work.... only a little thing today - ie going to Norwich and then home when it's his turn to lock up....

spent the day talking with G ( how to diferentiate? Nice G!) inbetween work of course (!)

An article in a newspaper today bemoaning the fact that the advertisement standards people allowed an advert showing two men kiss, whilst banning an advert with children playing conkers wearing goggles. The Standards agency guidelines explained that it was because the conker ad was making a political statement which is disallowed, whilst the other was just a gay 'peck' within context, but the paper was all "political correctness gone mad" and "hidden agenda" about it. Showed Nice G the article, expecting him to mock along with me, and he just saw the illustrative photos and reacted with "eurgh". He did then go on to agree with me regarding the content, and acknowledged that it was in part a knee jerk reaction, at great pains to point out non homophobia, but even so... (I should have directed him to a few boytouching communities!)

Neighbours!! Yay!!

My posts are repetitive... work, neighbours,.. hmm.

I dreamt about a 4foot long eyelash last night. There was no lickage. how sad.


Jan. 31st, 2006 08:23 pm
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If I answered the phone and told trhem I wasn't interested i expect the insurance people would stop ringing every night... that would be the sensible thing to do .... i find ignoring it much more proactive (!)

Yesterday I was at a lecture about Sex Offenders - well more about the laws behind it - it was done by a lawyer who was advising the police the correct way to lodge different Court Orders etc - he was very peppy, full of energy etc - loads of horrible stories about different cases etc - he kept using himself as examples too - repeatedly saying "So, If I buggered a boy...." - He was very knowledgable and personable etc - but in the midst of his lectures he pointed out that he was both a prosecuting solicitor for CPS AND a defence solicitor, pointing out that if he is acting as defence he will use ANY loophole to get an offender off, and have absolutely NO qualms, as his sole purpose is to "Win at any cost" ..
- I know that defence solicitors have to defend some hideous people, and I used to wonder how they resigned themselves to that, sionce doing this job I've beenable to understand a little more (tho my role is giving support and facilitating change etc, NOT about getting people off) - but how does someone juggle those two totally juxtaposed roles?

I have pains. :( Why isn't there a way to prevent periods altogether ( apart from hysterectomy )

Neighbours yesterday had terrific Harold - and Skye was goo dtoo ( both peep I don't normally have soft spots for ) Am excited for tomorrow's ep - I've even had extra plot bunnies floating around in my head (And PAUL! Paul was mourning for Dyl today)

Did nothing at work today - one report, that should have taken 2 hours at most took all day because I could simply not get focussed. pah, means I'm behind for rest of week now - but I have Friday AND Monday off, so I expect I can cope...!

I can't remember if I mentioned this, I googled my Grandpops last week - and found my family tree! - someone has gone back as far as 1744 - I didn't spot anyone important in the history tho (Except My Grandpops of course!) - Can't imagine bits of me stretched back that far tho - or someone having the patience and resource to trace that far.

I'm in one of those stupid moods where I want to keep on writing, but this is all rather pointless... I will just say that after the shock of stumbling on Vimes Slash I now cannot get it out of my mind!

but will go now....
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I have a pretty new phone! AT LAST!

(This has additional bonus, as my mother had to come round and wait in for the delivery man... and she cleaned my house and did washing and all sorts whilst here!)

There was more Karl and Paul in Neighbours, and Dylan went all rambo/native and started howling with limited amounts of clothing.

I am very thirsty.


Jan. 23rd, 2006 10:59 pm
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I borrowed a dvd from one of the Gs at work last week. Said I didn't know when I'd get to watch it, said not to loan it if it would be needed back quick. Said to ask if he wanted it back. - So - practically every day since he's been harassing me, have I seen it, have I watched it yet - culminating today, with a dig that I had "cost x money, cos he had to rent the film 'cos you still had it"
arggggg - I will of course return said film tomorrow without having seen it, and with a mental note never to borrow from him again.

He was just such a twat all afternoon in fact, interupting conversations, opening emails, guffawing histerically the second he clicked to open (text only) mails then announcing - "I haven't time to read that now" - So what are you laughing at then!? ug.

The morning, which I spent with the other G was much better!

what else? oh yeah, have three interviews to do this week - the first one didn't turn up, tomorrow's turned up today to tell me he wouldn't be coming either - keep your fingers x'd for a hat trick for me! - The 2nd guy came to ask me to interview him today - I refused (we're not allowed, it's an equal ops thing) and so I was firm and told him no etc - when he left his handshake was so 'firm' he made all the bones in my hand crack... when i went back into the office it was to be told that this man was the scourge of town x, who thought nothing of 'sorting someone out', who had slashed the throat of someone's pet in retribution for a slight, and it was considered best not to upset him (!!!)
Hmm...! Perhaps I better look over my shoulder the next few days!

Neighbours! - Rocked once more! Karl, Karl was lovely - there was sorrow, and love and joy and he is actually really rather very pretty (rather very... I've just realised that's a quote from something). There was manhandling of Paul Robinson too, and although he was (as has been pointed out) cruel regarding his leg, there was manhandling which could (in my head maybe it did) have moved into that most joyous of cliches, the fight that resolves itself into a realisation of closeness, proximity and hot hot kissing.
The stupid Alex was in it too.. but ah well.

ooh - and I finally got to order my phone! yay!
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boring phone update: STILL no phone, so call them to chase it. "oh yeah, we had a batch of faulty sims, yours is probably one of them.. I'll go check" - puts me on old for an age - " yes it is, i'll send you a new one"

I was remarkably polite.

NEIGHBOURS: - eep! I love the socio realism of this show! - Names of survivors announced over the radio before next of kin are informed! But that doesn't matter, for despite the CHEESE, this was fabulous! Again! - there were tears, and anger and relief and angst and it was all so much fun. There was Dylan in the sand, and a little wrestling and more tears. I love this show! I love Karl Kennedy and Susan, and Dylan and Stingray and PAul!!! oh and Lou, and Lynn. -oh and Joe. probably would have been easier to list who I don't - ie the dying guy and his stupid kids!

And there was House! and pancakes! ( these not actually inter related at all, just occurred at the same time)

I told my friend I was making tea at 8.30pm - she said it was 'disgusting' and 'abnormal' to eat that late?!?
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Still no phone :(
but I've used my car for a whole day and it hasn't broken yet!!

day from hell in terms of SOOOOOOOOOO busy, double bookings, people shouting at me (offenders) and children attending with parents meaning whole session has to be conducted with niceties and and talking about "what happenned" and "the reason you're here" and after "the event" etc, bit like spelling w...a...l...k in front o fthe poodle.. hmm - it wasn't a bad day though - I come away feeling okay...

I also came away specially in time to watch the neighbours crash of doom!!! yay! there was: ghostly Dylan ( which actually gave me goosebumps), there was: diabolical 'special' effects, there was: Susan in peril! There was: choral music! There was: absolute fabulousness!!!

there were also, elsewhere screencaps of Dylan kissing Stingray! ( and a quite apalling comment which I'm not sure if was meant to be a joke with the people knowing each other, or was simply shocking prejudice? I've opted to assume the former rather then be upset!)

there was also Due South - which the wondrous itv3 are showing daily - I could be glued to tv at the moment if I didn't have tremendous self discipline (hollow laff!)

oh and HOUSE tomorrow...
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I got my car back today - hurrah! - the man said he spent several hours bleeding it and other such terms, turns out was a faulty radiator cap!!! - so it is mended again and was FREE FREE FREE!

this is a good thing.

I phoned up 02 again (everyday since the bloody thing was stolen) - they STILL haven't received the 6020 back, but again was assured I can order the 6230i when they do... which is good, they activated my sim for me, which will take at least 24 hours, so it's a week without a phone and still counting, boo. BUT, BUT the man (in between telling me he'd rather spend his money on computer components rather than phones...)did say that when it was activated it WOULD BE THE SAME NUMBER!!! ( I am very cappsy today, but these things are exciting me and I have not the energy to concentrate with the little < things to make emphasis in a neat way). If this is true (my pessimistic side reveals itself) then is is YAY and WHEE and things like that because OMG - i like my number, and maybe the telephone numbers will still be on there too????

this will be another good thing.

There are still more:

I had a moment of lking my job today - well the place and people more so perhaps - but I have been on yet more training events for the last few fdays, but had to go into work at 5pm afterwards - it was all lovely - people kept greeting me like I'd been away for ages (3days) and there was pleasedness to see me (which sounds like I'm being all false modest and so on, it's not that, it's just nice when people make a point of being pleased to see you, does that make sense?) But aside from that, I gathered a huge pile of work that has accrued in my absence - tomorrow is going to be hell! - but i got a little 'giggle' inside when I did. I like my job? When did that happen? I'm so glad I moved to this office.

(Bonus - I had to do a three way interview tonight, me, offender and the staff member from Norwich known as Devilishly Handsome - he is so very lovely and had jet black jeans today - the deep black that looks like it would mark if you touched it... I really wanted to test the theory.. He is indeed DH!)

still more goodness: I work in a place where, in the midst of the work, a colleague came and took us out to look at the sunset. It was stunning, beautiful orange/purple, with clouds and all, but my last job - when the solar eclipse happenned we had to flex out for the 5 minutes we were alloud to look at it, here, everything just stopped.

one more bit: Neighbours!!! -OMG. I am so excited for the crash and boom and they did look so very good (most of em, Dylan disappointed me I have to say) in their 40's gear. But there were all the loaded comments 'I love you's and 'I don't care if I never see you again' comments, and it was all so OOOH! - and I can't wait!
(Actually I can't, I went and read the episode summaries for the future episodes, so I know what happens, and I still can't wait!!!)

I think I should probably stop now!


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