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Woke up feeling sad, and tired, and ill. Not the best start and not a strong foundation. Work was, there was nothing that happened as such, but I felt ill and out of place. I dealt with everything, but then I was getting ready to interview and since we've moved offices everything's changed - before we had a report, we were given a file and everything else we needed was saved onto the computer under their name - now, well now there's no tellingwhere anything will be, it seems to depend upon whichever individual processed it, Norfolk people are saved in Suffolk, have teh systems are inaccessible and... anyway, I went into the other room to ask my colleagues for help. I'm wheezing 'cos I'm still ill. I explain my query and someone comments on my lack of voice, next thing I know, I'm crying. And can't stop. I disappear into the loos for a while, wash my face, come out - sit at my desk and find I'm just sitting there crying. Thankfully, one of my colleagues just came over to me, took the file for the imminent report from me and told me to go home.

I drove around for an hour - just crying and driving before I eventually went home.

Home, where I had lunch - and broke my tooth on a bread roll.

So then followed emergency dentistry - which regulars amongst you will know I don't do well. Dentist "AW!"ing at me as I lay there shaking, crying ('cos I hadn't leaked salt water enough today) and making embarassing squeaky noises.

I now have a headache, toothache and screwy sinusses. Today sucked.
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ow. ow. ow.
Nothing dramatic - this month I have reverted to type - ie minimal weepy pmt, majorly owy pains. I think I prefer this version - just not right at this minute!

Um. Why is it never the right person who is a little bit crushy on you? I had a suspicion, but was told today that X liked me as in liked me. Which is nice, but no boat floatage for me. :(

Black grapes are the best of all the colours. Why are they not always available?

[ profile] kimberlyfdr What movie did you say The Narrows followed on from? I am listening to it at the moment and feeling intrigued to see the earlier episode as it were.

Gonna go get a hotty bottle now for my poorly tummy.

I still need to sort out my icons
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I dreamt that I bumped into Sean connery, as one does, and having done so, commented to him that he had much less hair than when I had last seen him on screen. He looked suitably afronted, and I went up to him and cupped his face between my hands, pointing out that he had no beard this time and it was facial hair to which I was referring. He was happy at this and went away. I don't generally do face cuppage, so this was quite strange.

I watched Grave Danger last night - and again was struck by how very fake all the beginning, blatantly Tarantino, dialogues sound. But then later there was all the writhing and crying, so that was okay.

Today I watched Death in a Different Place - only the second time, and phew. Last time I was watching them all in a frenzy and missed a lot of the nuances, and this episode has a lot of nuances! Apart from the sheer beauty of HUtch, all sweaty and hot. And oh God how many times does he touch himself.. guh. And then at one point there is a drop of moisture rolling down Starsky's chest.. just slowly making its way, down the centre of his chest, amongst the chest hair and... Oh. My.

And that's without getting into the Looks that Hutch keeps giving Starsky, oh there is so much going on beneath the surface there. And I said it before but Starsky is NOT homphobic, not even a little bit. Reacting to a pivotal, stable figure from your life being revealed to have been living a lie, is not the same thing at all. So there.

Today my pmt finally reached payoff and I've been cramping all day. Went to bed mid afternoon. I think if I were left to my own devices, without any work commitments or societal norms I would live my days split in quarters, nap, up, nap, up. Either that or I'm just naturally very lazy. Or perhaps I'm an alien with an entirely different timezone?

I got the two 20p Commando war story/cartoon library things I bought off eBay, following my family book nostalgia - just as I remembered them, full of heroic self sacrifice, hate, love and guns!

Did I mention that drip of sweat on Starsky's chest?
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hfjvczygvgzmcx vxn !!!!!

What a craptastic day! - not that I'm sad or anything, just so quick to snap it's quite scary.

Why? P.Pains for starters. I get so fractious - more when I'm actually on than in the sense of PMT. It hurts and I get grumpy, and I hate all the faffing and the inconvenience and bleurhg. So I have pain, anyway, which is one reason for grump.

I went bra shopping (and unlike the gorgeous Cee I didn't discover anyone remotely fuckable in the mirror - prob best not to go when I'm puffier than ever really). I did buy two pairs of pjs however, which are like my comfort clothing. So that's something (3 brassieres too.)

A man drove his lorry into the back of my little car. P'raps I should have mentioned this earlier on the list of my reasons to be grumpy - but it's not as dramatic as it sounds, he rear-ended me, but did very minimal damage, and was very apologetic. Oh, it was a van thing more than a truck/lorry. One of them they put windows on. I think I scared him (and my mother) though - He hit me, and after the 'jerk' I looked in the mirror to see what had happened, then launched into a stream of obscenities and just kind of rarghed. Then I got out of the car and had a perfectly normal civil conversation with him! Bizarre.

I had to grocery shop. I loathe this more than you can comprehend.

I spent a good few hours last night editing a fic... and this morning it has vanished. Completely. This is the main reason for my grump. So cross. I've hunted through every possible file (except of course the one it has snuck away to) - sickening. Will start over...

Oh, and I ran a bath and it was cold before I could get to it.

See, many reasons for the grump, but apart from being incredibly intolerant of people with umbrellas, I'm actually calm.

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somebody stole my cheese!

I put it in the fridge yesterday afternoon, it has been vouchsafed as present at 9.30 this morning - yet at lunchtime it had mysteriously vanished!

There is a cheese thief at my office.

This is woe in the extreme.

also much pain from ladytime.

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Our office flooded. (well, we have a flat roof, with no drainage - over the last few weeks, this has been collecting rainwater, over the weekend it binged on it. the roof fell in. We have no waiting area downstairs, no power downstairs. 1 toilet in the whole building. This is all a bit sucky. They let people go home - but I had people coming in so had to stayt. such woe.
Also. I cricked my neck. So have been moving like a bad robotics dancer and been the subject of much non sympathetic mirth.
I sent a man to jail. (He deserved it).
I nearly went to Preston, there is a prison there, but they moved the man to Blundeston instead. This is much nearer to me, but not Preston. (I was gonna stalk the House o' Pink... this would have entailed : driving round for 7 hours till I found it. Sitting outside it for a bit. Imagining saying 'Hello'. Then driving to my Travelodge. Do not fear House O'Pinkians, this will not happen.)
well then.


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