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I'm going to Sunderland tomorrow :) The ticket people keep emailing me to remind me to go. I don't think it will slip my mind.

I haven't packed anything yet but I did get my car serviced ready for the journey. I find this incredibly organised of me. And expensive.

I am really looking forward to teh break. Mum and I are going Christmas shopping Saturday. And I'm off work till Thursday next week, so - excluding Wed which is my hosp apt - I have time to rest and sleep. And catch up with other stuff, but rest mainly.

I'm back to the so tired I could cry stage - had another blood test today though so hopefully there'll be a discernible improvement soon.

And Starsky in panto! That's bound to help!
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Normally, in a normal mundane normality, the list of very good things in my life would be headed with meeting [ profile] ironicdutchess and [ profile] jekesta, who would get to the top by their both being so very shiny.

However. There is no longer any such thing as a normal mundane normality, for Lo! I have seen Starsky, and it was good.

(This, as Cee would tell you is a nice, controlled distillation of what could be written as 48 trillion pages of squee interspersed with mutterings about Boots and thighs and OMG STARSKY.)

In a world where Starsky is Hook, then nothing else can compare.

He was so very beautiful, and we were in the SECOND ROW and could touch him (with our mind) and he sat down. RIGHT IN FRONT OF US, with his thighs and boots for all to see. There was singing and thighs, and he had the most delightful huge smile the whole time, so that he seemed to be having the best time and the most fun of his life ever and Paul was made for Hook, and yet it was so very easy to imagine it was Starsky up there. And when he was Mr Darling he wore the most shiny black shoes and evening trousers and a smoking jacket and he was beautiful, with his hair all perfect and tiny tiny bit grey and neatness and beauty - and then he cecame Captain Hook and it was all about the love, and the thighs and the boots. He should always wear boots.

Peter Pan was quite easy to hate and instead of being a boy who wouldn't grow up was a man with an incredibly deep voice and Wendy was just horrible, but the crocodile was fantastic and Smee was funny, the other pirates were beautiful and Paul? Paul sat downand had thighs and boots and he sang and he danced and he hammed it up fantastically and I would like to go again please.

oh - and the mood theme is perfect and we watched this episode and Starsky's brother too and meeeep!!!
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... but when this ) is his adversary?
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OMG! Paul in costume!!!!!!

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tickets (or pretend to be a 15 year old boy and audition!) here:
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Have just booked my ticket!!!!!!!!

*I promise I won't be entirely squee between now and Dec*
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yesterday I asked for something joyous to cheer me up...

ask and it shall be delivered!!!

Paul *is* starring in pantomime!! In Kent!!!! Near me!!!*

Paul Michael Glaser is Captain Hook and OMG SQUEEEEEEE

Am I a going? Oh Gods yes! At the moment I'm itching to book a seat or three and am trying to stop myself compulsively booking a seat for EVERY DAY - money? job? what's that?


*When I say 'near me' I mean in the same country - distance not so much of a problem really!


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