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Whilst capping some Doctor Who for a post in [profile] boyscry_too (Go join and keep it alive. It needs lots of pretty boys - sobbing!) I noticed how absolutely incredible are the eyebrows of Adjoa Andoh (Francine - Martha's Mum)
They are A- Maaaaa-Zing )
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heh heh!

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Not perfect.. but with limited resources...
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This is not an original idea, but I thought I'd do a HUG spam. Just because - Well we all need a hug sometimes, and some of us don't have huggees easily accessible (sob sob, can you hear the violins!)

Aww.. I need a hug )

Huggage heavy!

eta: my layout prevents me seeing half of these picture - can you see them? Changed it!
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First of all I hear that there's a fabulous 'making of' doc for season 5 of The Shield - then I find out that there was an exclusive 'prequel' filmed for season 6 which featured spoiler perhaps for those who haven't seen season 5 ) How do I not buy the boxset with those things luring me....

I succesfully completed all my social engagements - met my ex sister-in-law's new fella today - the one she left my brother for. Slightly odd. He seemed fine - a nice enough bloke, friendly and ok. Still felt slightly odd having lunch with him though!

mini pic spam - got some clippings etc through over the weekend )

It's ok, non Sh-ers, you can look again now!
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Poo. have been in bed for the last 24 hours with a migraine. Poop.

before I became headache infested however I watched Red Dirt and capped pictures of Nude!Shane!

Nude!Shane! - (no spoilers) )

ps - I'll read flist tomorrow - so if something drastic has happened - I'm not ignoring you!


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