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I've got to go back to work tomorrow. Which is depressing and distressing in equal measures. I am trying to not think about it, which isn't the best of ploys. I shall be going to bed imminently not sure whether that's a preparatory or an avoidance technique.

But! I've had a week off and it has been good and I have been busy -I have sewn (although not finished anything yet, as I got distracted), I have painted my bathroom, I have eaten out almost every day. I have seen friends and I have taken Mother shopping, I have seen friends, I have read fic, I have revamped my garden. (My garden is tiny, and "revamping" was really only removing a winter's worth of cat poo, stripping the bark away, replacing it with compost, weeding, pruning and planting out 72 Lobelia (I bought trays of plants, they were on offer, 3 for 2, I never looked at how many were in the trays, and now I have 72 Lobelia) I also have 3 periwinkle in pots. All of that took just long enough for me to have aching limbs and one shoulder and half my back burnt to buggery, whilst the rest remains resolutely lily white.) I lost track of my brackets there.

I also cleared out my clothes - wardrobes and chest of drawers, after opening a drawer I rarely use and finding a stack full of clothes I didn't remember owning. It sounds as if I have oodles of gear, but I'm just a rut dresser, wearing the same 7/8 outfits on a cycle. So, today I tried on, rejected unworn clobber (and found some stuff that I didn't know I liked - it's almost like shopping!

And I've been watching season 1 H50 and remembering when it was all good and every episode didn't make me cross.

The highlight for me has been the last two days though, I put my foot down (with myself as much as anyone else) and vowed that I wasn't going to leave the house. I can't remember the last time I did that (I can, it was before we lost Dad), since then I've been to Mum everyday, or on the days I haven't, it's been because I've been somewhere else and couldn't make it. These past two days are I think the first where I've just been here, doing what I want, with no time table. I haven't been idle, it's these two days that have seen me gardening and wardrobe sorting, but I've done it at my own pace. I haven't even gotten dressed today (or I've gotten dressed a hundred times, if you count trying on all my clothes!) and it's just been mellow. (Even if I've eaten cream crackers for all three meals, because I have no other food in the house!)


Work tomorrow. Bed now.
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today..has been pootling day.

I flirted with a little housework - just for show, and since then have been pootling.

I taped Priest (again!) for [profile] dawn_e_h, and finally got my dvd to accept the recording of Rage - so that has now been transferred onto dvd. Fantastic film btw.

I'm back on my mission to transfer vhs to dvd and dump the tapes - less space to store and hopefully more resistant to the ravages of time! (not that I'll be dumping the SH themes tapes!) - but all the tutt I've taped off tv over the years can go - Especially all those tapes I've kept because there's one 5 minute clip on there that I didn't want to lose!

Other than that there has been 'sorting' and dumping of clothes.

Not very exciting, but satisfying nonetheless.

eta: tripping over into irritability now, 'cos I'm cold and I want chocolate! And after 111 days I aint giving in!
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Last day of freedom. ooer.
Sposed to be having a last rush on tidying things - ie finding room for my beanbag and my New!printer in my 'me' room, but arrival of new!Printer, means that I just want to play with it - it scans!copies!prints!faxes!does other probably quite clever things that I haven't read about yet! - took me 2 hours to get it set up tho, 'cos of all the stuped wires and leads under my desk - my desk is the size of a small village, so I have to literally crawl right under it to get a plug, crawl right out again etc etc, I concocted all sorts of clever fishing rod-esqu things to pull leads about and it was all very constructive.

pointless post -
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I bought wedding clothes, I bought wedding shoes. I bought boxes. what more could you want?

My shoes have 3inch wedge heels - so I am practising walking in them. I have a week. I normally wear flip flops so this is, erm, different. I am 6 foot in my shoes, and feel like a drag queen. If I buy a gold lame (I can't find the accent - I mean lah-may not lame!) dress (instead of the brown skirt and polka dot top) I could go as a Divineogramme. Don't think the bride would be over amused somehow.

I have to buy a wedding gift, but have left it so late there's only £15 handtowels, or £500 dinner services left on the list. Pah. Weddings are pantsy. Especially work weddings where I am literally the only single one who will be there. Normally I am fine with my single status. (More than fine) but I hate it when you go places and are pitied. - And this is only the start of the wedding season - there is one a month from now on in. ug.

This week I have become borderline agoraphobic, and with the exception of the wedding compelled shopping, have not actually left the house. I have however, sorted to within an inch of my life! A sofa, 2 chairs, 2 cabinets, 2 tvs, and a picture have gone to dump/auction. I have emptied drawers and cupboards, binned 11 pairs of shoes, 50 pairs of socks. yes 50! I have two BIG boxes for the charity, (including the aforementioned table lamps.) Oh, I also bought a dvd recorder and am transferring snippets from tape to disc (you know when you have held on to a tape for that 10 minute snippet of x that you can't bear to part with?or is that just me?) So, with that and getting rid of my tv taped versions of Quantum Leap etc, I have disposed of 17 vhs tapes so far and as many more to check then dump. It's fantastic!

The agoraphobic bit? not so good, kinda scared to go out and face people, but I've been productive whilst dealing with it - so? mmeh.

The Shield was on tv last night. And should be watched by EVERYONE, because it's fantastic, and angsty, and angry and beautiful. there's love and violence and woe. Vic and Shane have a love that is so angry and unhappy. Not one of these happy OTP things at all. They would never be happy together, but are so unhappy when apart. Oh everyone should watch it and love on it.

Doctor Who tonight - curious to see, and I watched the cybermen one in the week, and that was quite spooky, and had alternate Mickey finding a new love, so that was good. Not sure about this one tho..

Right. brie and crackers time!
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When my uncle died recently and they did the house clearing, there were constant exclamations of "*why* has he got so many...x,y,z" and much humoour and incredulity.

I have now hit 8, yes EIGHT table lamps. mugs inumerable and clothing I don't even remember buying, let alone wearing. I want to 'tidy' nice things - like go through my dvds and prune the 'one frees' of all the bogofs I've bought random discs for and will never watch again. I want to sort through books and discard those I'll never read. Instead I'm stuck in some kind of Mummy's Hand cycle of bloody table lamps!

And scarves - I have one neck, why have I so many woollen scarves? rargh!
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soooooooooooooo hot

today there has been:

sorting ~ how is it possible that I own a suitcase full of mugs? I had 12 nescafe mugs in special boxes. they were all free some years ago (1989!) They apparantly moved house with me. (there were also some 10 or so other mugs I am not exclusive to red coffee mugs..)
I have only 'done' one cupboard - there were 2 tvs, also 4 table lamps (3 of which still in the box) hmm. Some pictures, some music. All now in a big box to be gotten rid of somewhere.

crossness ~ I have bought a dvd recorder. this should be terribly exciting.. but I cannot make it work. (I took the first one back to the shop, but in hindsight it was my stupididity that was the problem not the thing, cos the new thing does all the same. There are two many wires. I got an electric shock and have now given up in a huff

fandom ~ as in cold air blowing - I found this in a cupboard too - hurrah!

Music ~ I bought The Communards/Bronski Beat greatest hits and am remembering my youth. And Queen too, which is also tied up in memories of sad/happy, so have been feeling nostalgic and aw-y, missing my beautiful C.

nowehere near enough alcohol.


Jul. 2nd, 2006 03:22 pm
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having a sort out... have replaced these with DVD, so does anyone on my flist, or anyone out there even, want:

Queer As Folk (UK Version)
The Full Monty
Dangerous Lady
Go Fish
Quantum Leap~: Americanisation of Machiko & What Price Glori
Quantum Leap~: Shock Theater & Dreams
Quantum Leap~: The Colour of Truth & Camikaze Kid
Quantum Leap~: The Leap Home partts 1 & 2
Quantum Leap~: The pilot episode


All on UK PAl format.

EDIT: These are video tapes not dvds...
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Well, spent all of yesterday cleaning house - I don't think my gaff has ever been this tidy!
So, today, I had a 'day off' - and it's been absolutely grate! I have spent the day reading (the latest Christopher Brookmyre), I have been going through old cds, ripping different tracks to the pc - revisiting a huge and varied mix -The Proclaimers, Patsy Cline, Elvis (Presley and Costello), Buffy, Harry Connick jr, Kaiser Chiefs, oh all sorts!, I've been editing (beta-ing?) some fic, shopping (The Sentinel, The Shield, Jackass!), I've visited friends (and been headbutted by a 4mnth baby, who split my lip!), had a meal out, and edited all of this years lj entries for tags.
All the windows have been open all day, the house smells fresh (now I finally found the cta's pee!) and I am so mellow... :)
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today I have a man coming round - unfortunately it is a married friend of the family, so I won't be oggling - instead I will be trying to be adult and home-ownery, and getting a quote for central heating.. I have vowed that I will not spend another winter crouched in front of the computer wearing 7 layers of clothing! No more will I have to dare myself to strip for a bath (I have, no word of a lie, taken a bath in a jumper, whilst I did all the leg shaving bits!) Anyway, TMI aside, the man coming means that I am whirling through my house with hoover and duster and trying to pretend that I am not a sloverny, slattern who would be voted out of the 50s housewife club in disgrace.
Thank goodness it is sunny that's all I can say, I can't do housework when it's gloomy (!), oh and I've found where the cat's pee smell was coming from - all the time I have washed the walls, and the cupboards, floors and furniture... the bloody thing peed on the hoover! - the thing I have been moving to get to all the washing surfaces! Argh!

What else? My poorly peugeot is going to the auction today... Dad and I spent Sunday afternoon washing her and making her pretty - (dad used a brillo pad to get a mark off - we had... words is the best way to put it!) I have a reserve of £850 - she's in good condition, new, low mileage.. ah well, we'll see.

I spent the last three days devouring season 3 of The Shield. omg! cut for spoilers - for Ironicdutchess's sake if no-one else! )

Right, erm, I have Life on Mars on order, have been listening obsessively to David Bowie, and read two excellent fics over the weekend - which I have just remembered I didn't feedback on - will be there later to do that!. I have been in bed for two days of the long weekedn with a migraine, I have spent £150 on bargain clothes, including 4 bra, and am feeling suprisingly positive!

Anyway, I have to go - wash the vacuum cleaner for starters! - I will no doubt be back later!!
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No more work for 10 GLORIOUS days!

so happy about this right now!

PLUS I dared open my bank statements and not only am I not in overdraft I spent LESS than I got paid last month! Woot! So then I dared open my credit card statement, and that is around 25% LESS than I thought it would be!!!

I got a letter from my bank last week (opened that today too - I'm not terribly good with things like that...) and they advised me they had increased my overdraft facility - overnight, without request I now have an od facility of £4,500!!!!!! What the hell is that about? No wonder people get so in debt, when given that kind of promiscuous leeway)

I plan to tidy, paint my front door, paint my bathroom, see my friends, and NOT BE AT WORK!!!

And it's sunny.

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Well I think there are too many exclamation points on my keyboard, I seem to be using far too many. I may try and pretend they don't exist at all for a little while.

I am supposed to be cleaning etc - but i am so disorganised, I have a trillion different things that need doing, and just keep randomly starting them without finishing. I have a half stripped bed, half a oile of laundry put away, I need to hang some pictures, need to hoover and have a pile of bags to take out to the bins.. and then I remembered I needed to check ebay, and now i'm on here an getting further sidetracked. plus. it will be lunch time soon. argh.

Brokeback has come to our small town at last ( there would be an exclamation point here if they existed). I obviously wanna go see it, but have no friends who would go see it with me ( one expressed vague interest, I called her to maybe arrange it and the only answer I got was 'dunno') So now I have to be brave enough to go alone - which I have limited qualms about when in the city, but become less brave about when facing the thought of our small lil cinema...

(My friend and his partner went to see it a while ago - friend quite liked it, but wanted more sex, his partner had a major reaction to it and sunk into a depression and ended up calling his therapist to talk about the issues it raised...)

Right.. must do some work..
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I am throwing things away, which is good, and i am putting them in the recycling bin which is better. They are all my dead study things - which is best!
When I finished I kept everything, put all the articles and extracts and stuff in folders, with index things (indices?) and neatness. It is now 4 months later and i haven't touched them once - and i need the space - so I am getting rid, besides, Eddie Izzard sez it's good to recycle, (not even gonna think about the three trees worth of paper..!)
I feel this is positive - and am trying to decide whether to keep all my nvq units, or dump them too? - I might just take them to work and let them have the storage of, that's a kind of compromise. they needn't know.

It is very cold. I have a scarf on so my head, at least is warm.
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pah. work sucks.
Did I say that already? Speck so.
I am kind of promising myself a shopping trip in my lunch break to cheer myself up and help me thru the day, but i think i have booked people in over the lunch hour and daren't look to see! Ah well, there is wed, and thurs and all the days to infinity that loom ahead of me. !

enuff of the misery - I cooked proper food today, chickeny stuff and baked pot, and have half read a book, these are good things. I started putting all my clothes away - it's not that i own a lot, just that i NEVER put them away, they have been growing into a massive pile bigger than my house, so i spread them all out on my bed to put away today, sorted into piles for each drawer and cupboard etc... they is still there. I am a slob, but promise that i will put them away before bed, rather than just pile back into linen baskets...

i watched 102 dalmations today - for which much shame - I thought Hugh might be in it agian (and it seemed better than clothes) - it was awful. I got cross at the crapp Probation stuff, and all i could think was how much it would cost to put 102 dalmations in quarantine for 6 months.. I AM getting old!

hmm. right.


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