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I may be overtired, I woke at 6.24 this morning and had been into and out of town by 11am, which is stunningly bad form and shouldn't be encouraged.

I have built my new hoover (where exactly does it say on the box or catalogue or any internet site anywhere that when you spent many £s on a new hoover(having carelessly melted your old one) that you have to take it home and build it?!?! huh? hmmm? When I say I built, I mean that I opened the box, saw the instructions, couldn't get the pieces out of the box, so made coffee, cried, then called my Dad to come and do it. It now works spiffingly, and demonstrates how apallingly bad my last vaccuum was (or just what a slatternly 'housewife' I am.

My Persuaders! 'poster' arrived today, So on my Mother's Day flower buying dash this am, I bought myself a frame and now all I need to do is bang holes in the wall, but I think I'll do that when I am in a better mood. It is very beautiful though - Danny has a giant tie and leather gloves, and Lord brett is holding his arm with both hands and talking into Danny's ear. It's most lovely.

My feet hurt.

I have noodles and beansprouts and chicken for my tea. I have never cooked beansprouts before. I hope it is easy. I have sweet chilli sauce or stir fry sauce to use and I don't know which to have. These are very minor choices, but are looming above me most distressingly. I think I am definately overtired.

I dreamt that I had a fight - ie a falling out with my best mate P, and a physical rolling around on the floor wrestling fight with a vague aquaintance. Also that one of the g's at work (the irritating one) went to an awards ceremony wearing a kilt, revealing that he had only one leg, and our only reaction was that he was 'attention seeking'

pah. I'm gonna go and be grumpy elsewhere now.
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Things that have occurred this week:

I have melted my hoover - 8inch hole in the hose because I left it too near the fire. Can't afford a nw one at the minute, but can't actually seem to care. Least I didn't burn the house down.
(Did I mention that my neighbour but 1 had a bonfire in his back garden in the middle of the night?) odd.

Overheard in chippy: tail end of a conversation about the government and sleaze. 60yr woman ended with "what we need is another Hitler to get rid of some of the crap that's in this country" - her fellow conversationee made some non descript noise, whereupon Hitler's fan conceded that "Trouble is, he went a little too far"

Interview with dangerous man - lasted 3hours. He wasn't terribly frightening, but every so often there was a look, he kind of went 'unfocussed' and I became very aware that I was there alone. He blocked my exit very early on, in the way he was sitting, and every half hour or so, reached into his sock/shoe/trouser leg area.. ie like reaching for the knives he is known to carry... Was a very strange experience.

More dreams about colleague, whispering together, in moment of near peril, hidden and dark and so close that as we whispered our lips were almost touching. No kissing, no acknowledgement of this. Just UST I suppose. Very disconcerting, when it doesn't reflect the real life situation.

Watched: Top gear by accident - RH in a fast car getting so excited that 'the hairs on his body were standing up' was oddly sweet.
Watched: Dalziel & Pascoe - Andy losing it - punching his hand, was affecting. And the last exchange between he and Peter was lovely (newspaper review today said that 'Andy and Peter need to sort their relationship out' ending that they needed a 'good fist fight' to clear the air. Not what I was thinking!)
Watched: Neighbours. Alex is no more, The Timmins' are free, and I am slowly regrowing my schoolgirl crush on Dr Karl
Watched: Billy Elliot again - two bits: the Town called Malice setpeice, and the Father crossing the picket line. I love.
Watched: Raspberry Reich.. Didn't like it. Perhaps I'm too conventional. How disappointing.

Been very very low, crappy, hurty and poo. No reason, and therefore not allowing myself to fully recognise it, hence my juvenile descriptives. Have damaged however, which diminishes me. But will dismiss that too and say yah boo sucks. To whom I have no idea.

Have bought The persuaders #2 ie eps 12 - 24. Hurrah.
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I'm too pantsy to post proper, so meme from elfinessey and dawn-eh (I'm too pantsy to do the proper name things too!)

Read more... )

otherwise? neighbours was fab. I bought Persuaders on ebay. and i am so argh it's argh and unsayable. argh.
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my headache became a migraine - so i was comatose all day yesterday. now just headache hungover, hazy and blurred. This is not interesting, but i wanna write it down so I maybe see if there is a pattern or trigger. My trigger used to be flourescent lightbulbs and the fridges in tescos. hmm.

back at work today tho, and home in time for neighbours, with its self sacrificing brothers of love and prettiness. And The persuaders ( and delightful possibility to access more courtesy of [Bad username or site: @] (but I can't remember how to spell it - sorry)

I have nothing sensible to write.


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