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The Shield )

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First of all I hear that there's a fabulous 'making of' doc for season 5 of The Shield - then I find out that there was an exclusive 'prequel' filmed for season 6 which featured spoiler perhaps for those who haven't seen season 5 ) How do I not buy the boxset with those things luring me....

I succesfully completed all my social engagements - met my ex sister-in-law's new fella today - the one she left my brother for. Slightly odd. He seemed fine - a nice enough bloke, friendly and ok. Still felt slightly odd having lunch with him though!

mini pic spam - got some clippings etc through over the weekend )

It's ok, non Sh-ers, you can look again now!
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Poo. have been in bed for the last 24 hours with a migraine. Poop.

before I became headache infested however I watched Red Dirt and capped pictures of Nude!Shane!

Nude!Shane! - (no spoilers) )

ps - I'll read flist tomorrow - so if something drastic has happened - I'm not ignoring you!
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I kinda started my M&T Liver challenge story this afternoon... Don't think I'm gonna make it somehow - Although I have reached the word count! Ah well.

I was sniped on eBay today - when do 'tactics' become unethical? I'm sure the winning bidder used one of those programme things, because they bid 50p more than me, in the last 8 seconds, having placed no bids before... Bah!
I'm happy to be beaten by genuine bidders, but this makes me cross.

I have toothache and some kind of allergy itch thing going on.

Whilst channel hopping for something braindead to watch whilst I ate my tea, I was hypnotised by a clearly insane woman selling craft materials - she was folding pieces of card in half and calling them 'designs', it was how children's tv would be, if children had money to spend. I escaped and watched the Edwardian Supersize me thing instead.

The Shield is great and Dalziel & Pascoe was quite bleak and slashy also, (although without the heartstopping visceral panic).

Also there is a post on [community profile] boy_touching with fab vintage adverts, and all I can think is how much like Starsky's costume from the Voodoo Island episode it looks!

compare and contrast:

er.. well I thought I had all the pages bookmarked, but I can't find the page with all the screencaps, but I mean when they're all washed up in their slinky black and white numbers...

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[profile] ironicdutchess - I still can't work out what's happened with season 6, was it the end or not? But I read this article -there were no spoilers in it (ie nothing we haven't seen, LOTS of spoilers up to season 5) - but there's all the boys and talk of tears!

oh and DEF a season 7!
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la la la.. cheesy, beany mash for tea. yummy!
hair cut at 8.15am Saturday.. Why?
Sore arm.
good mood.
The Stranger House by Reginald Hill - book I am reading is becoming very engrossing. Lust by Geof Ryman - the book I have been reading at work - well despite being full of teh gay, so glad it is now finished.
The Shield - all finished :( ..... unless I succumb to Season 5...
Offender 1 today - everybody was swooning over him, "Isn't he lovely, What's he like" etc - (Is he pretty? Kinda, in a very fit dad kinda way, but I don't swoon over him)
Offender 2 - Had great fun smacking him down! (Sex offender who tries to justify his actions) it's so satisfying to logically counter his arguments; and so much more effective. That minute when you get hesitation and a stumbled answer instead of the usual rote justification. YES!

I had a thought about lie detector tests - I know they pick up changes in the heart and bodily reactions, which I presume is supposed to be linked to the stress and anxiety of giving an incorrect answer? Well what happens if the question is one that promotes anxiety even when telling the truth? Hmm.

I think I only really started fancying Derren Brown when he put a gun to his head.
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a)I don't do mornings at the best of times.
b)I am on leave.
a + b = LIE IN
(especially when I didn't get to bed till the early hours, - no I wasn't watching The Shield, and anyone who says I was is a big fat fibber)
erm, anyway, yes.

Electrician woke me at 8.03am - AM! -

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today I have a man coming round - unfortunately it is a married friend of the family, so I won't be oggling - instead I will be trying to be adult and home-ownery, and getting a quote for central heating.. I have vowed that I will not spend another winter crouched in front of the computer wearing 7 layers of clothing! No more will I have to dare myself to strip for a bath (I have, no word of a lie, taken a bath in a jumper, whilst I did all the leg shaving bits!) Anyway, TMI aside, the man coming means that I am whirling through my house with hoover and duster and trying to pretend that I am not a sloverny, slattern who would be voted out of the 50s housewife club in disgrace.
Thank goodness it is sunny that's all I can say, I can't do housework when it's gloomy (!), oh and I've found where the cat's pee smell was coming from - all the time I have washed the walls, and the cupboards, floors and furniture... the bloody thing peed on the hoover! - the thing I have been moving to get to all the washing surfaces! Argh!

What else? My poorly peugeot is going to the auction today... Dad and I spent Sunday afternoon washing her and making her pretty - (dad used a brillo pad to get a mark off - we had... words is the best way to put it!) I have a reserve of £850 - she's in good condition, new, low mileage.. ah well, we'll see.

I spent the last three days devouring season 3 of The Shield. omg! cut for spoilers - for Ironicdutchess's sake if no-one else! )

Right, erm, I have Life on Mars on order, have been listening obsessively to David Bowie, and read two excellent fics over the weekend - which I have just remembered I didn't feedback on - will be there later to do that!. I have been in bed for two days of the long weekedn with a migraine, I have spent £150 on bargain clothes, including 4 bra, and am feeling suprisingly positive!

Anyway, I have to go - wash the vacuum cleaner for starters! - I will no doubt be back later!!
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Oh. Once, there were 10 days without work in them, and someone has stolen them, and this means I have to set my alarm for 6.30 (and then 7.30 and then snooze it 'till infinity) and get up, and find clothes that people can see me in, and then drive, and then, as if that wasn't enough, I have to spend 8 hours at work. Talking to people. And trying to remember what it is I'm supposed to do.

Today I have painted. ooh and I polyfillad first and sandpapered. I pretended a little bit that I knew what I was doing, but that got boring, so instead I had imaginary conversations with Father Michael, who I called Christopher, and a very irritating girl called Tanni. (This might mean I am a little bit mad, but I know it wasn't real, and they didn't tell me to do anything like go and kill people, So I think this is ok). The bathroom is now very blue, and when I paint the white bits too, and build the flatpack stuff, and bribe someone to put it on the walls I think it will look very nice.

I don't think I am obsessive, but this is the 4th colour in the bathroom and I only moved in 6 years ago. First it was beige (that wasn't me), then it was raspberry pink, but that was a big mistake. Then it was aqua, with purple paintwork. Now I am going for traditional blue and white.

Since I moved in I have decorated; My bedroom 3 times, kitchen twice, bathroom as above, front room twice, other rooms just once. that's not too bad is it? It's only really paint and blinds.

I missed Derren Brown, and Sharpe 'cos I accidentally watched more Shield. It is very exciting, and I'd forgotton what it's like to be totally unspoiled for something and truly not know what is going to happen next.

the only thing that makes going back to work tomorrow bearable is the fact that I have the first week in May off! heehee - 5 more days then it starts over!!
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My car is completely dead. rip lil peugeot ( yeah I know, i should have known better, everyone told me that AFTER I bought it. hmm.)

Have spent the afternoon, therefore, car hunting. Except I have no car, so have been with my Dad. Except that it's 'his turn' to look after my Nan this weekend, so the whole family went.

I am close to ripping my eyeballs out, and using them to choke myself.

why? Nan has alzheimers. her current fixation is car number plates, thus the entire afternoon was spent pointing out every number plate that had a 5 on it. Can you even begin to imagine how many there are? I can.

add to this mum hectoring dad at every given opportunity and my "I'm buying a car" anxiety.

I am visiting a friend shortly. To DRINK very much alcohol. much much much much. I'm hoping this will be soothing and consoling. Either that or I'll be a miserable drunk and end up battered and bruised. Either way I will be viewing it through an alcoholic haze, so nothing will matter.

On a more positive note, I watched the last two eps of The Shield season 1 last night, and OMG! I can't remember the last time I was actually 'on the edge of my seat' watching something. Completely unspoiled, and not even any real expectations. It was great. There was Vic in breakdown, and such testoserone-y posturing and stand offs, and there were deaths and threats. And ooh, Vic ran straight through a fence, and there was blurring of boundaries and it was startlingly good.
[profile] ironicdutchess I love you for loaning this to me. You were right I LOVED it. Thank you!!!


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