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I've finally caught up with my viewing with the help of a day under a duvet with a hot water bottle :)

Suits )

I also saw white collar )

And then there was SPN )

I also had H50 )

And finally Lewis )

In briefer verdicts, Miranda was fun the past two weeks, very much liked the guy in the shop. Ripper Street was less so this week and I haven't watched Call the Midwife yet. (I know it looks loads, but these are the only shows I watch all week.)

*Rick Hoffman, I went and looked and he's only 6 months older than me! I thought he was in his 50s. Oops, sorry Rick Hoffman. Although that's probably a compliment to your acting, so actually you're welcome Rick Hoffman.

** Titus Welliver - yes he was, he was in Suits too - fancy that.
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Doctor Who keeps happening. I keep watching. I'm not quite sure why. I want to remain hopeful I suppose. I do like Rory.

White Collar - also keeps happening. I am much clearer why I keep watching this. This week for example there was spoilery stuff )

And there's also been Lewis. Which I'm watching out of order, because some were on the telly and now I'm watching the ones I've missed and it doesn't really matter and there's a delightful distance between Lewis and Hathaway and it's all blissfully underplayed and Laurence Fox is very appealing.
(Where is the fic? I need the fic and there isn't enough. Where's fic?)

Oh, oh, and there was Greg and John from Masterchef doing that antiques roadshow auction competition thing and are there spoilers in antiques roadshow auction competition thing? )

And finally, how fantastic is Sue Perkins' quiff in The Great British Bake Off?!
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I've been watching things. Some things I won't link you to - ie not even I'm sure why I watched a video of a chap called Mark watching Buffy, Once More, With feeling. 50 minutes of overhearing the soundtrack and watching his face. Yet I was not bored and he seems quite charming.

Some I will: There was this, which I know is a hundred years old, but I haven't seen it before and I'm astonished at how well it was done.

This vid annoys me though, because it's flipped from the one I saw this morning and I can't find that one.

Then I've been watching this, which is lovely lovely lovely.

This reminded me of that yuletide multi fandom video (to Angel of the Morning I think) which is also wonderful, but that was on my other laptop so I couldn't find it again.

So. I also watched White Collar in which Neal wore a wonderful cardigan and there was a slightly bizarre plot.

And last night I watched my first ever Lewis! I might be a little smitten. Hathaway sounded nothing like I would have predicted, but I really liked the dynamic between them - and I imagine I lucked out and watched one of the more slashy episodes (I don't know what it was called, but it was very angsty). I liked it though and shall seek out more.

Hmm yes, and now to watch this weeks Suits...
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I've been reading (and really enjoying) Lewis fanfic this week. But I've never seen Lewis...

I've been reading (and really not enjoying) those Grey books. Or rather I read the first and am now skim reading the last. I *didn't* buy them, they were badgered on to me by a colleague at work with whom I've shared other books. SO. I'm glad to have read the one, so that I can comment with knowledge instead of just pre-judgement, but really. Aside from all the other ills that have been described by those much more able than I am, they're just so damn repetitive.

Oh but White Collar came back and Lo! It was good. Peter wore jeans and smiled in the sun and looked beautiful and oh. I would say other things but they would be spoilery and I don't have the brains to make a cut right now.
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Oh, but the perk of being a 'live' fan instead of a catching up fan, is that I get the buzz and excitement of trailers like this one...

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So maybe watching 8 episodes of White Collar since yesterday's post is a tad excessive, but on the other hand -

Oh the angst! Glorious, delicious angst. Plus, y'know ridiculous and so badly done green screen stunts, and it came back to loveliness.

Although, no one told me that Season 3 was the latest! The show was completely off my radar, it was fluke that I started watching it, and the lovely list of streamed episodes that I was pointed to, has 4 or 5 episodes showing, so when I was clicking on 3.14 for example, the ones below read 3.15, 3.16, 4.1 - so I thought I had a whole 'nother season to watch - I've been very spoilt (in the old sense of the word) being able to just jump from cliffhanger to next episode in a matter of moments, now I apparently have to wait till October?!?!

Tim DeKay is *so* very pretty.
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I'm finding Season 3 of White Collar difficult. )
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Peter Burke onna horse!!!!!!
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Right then, I'm guessing White Collar is a new fandom for me, because not only am I watching it every night, I've started seeking fic and now I've bought and watched (and absolutely loved) Big Eden (initially) just because Tim DeKay is in it.

Oh Big Eden! What a glorious film. Henry Hart was in A Midnight Clear )

Oh, and I liked some of the art in the film too - and loved the soundtrack.


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