Jul. 19th, 2013

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And ankles the size of elephants and sore feet, but I also have new picture frames for my hares, new pjs, tops and a little cardi and a sense of a day well done.

I met a friend for coffee this morning (drove 10 miles to Gorleston, realised I didn't have my purse, drove home to get it, drove back to Gorleston, but I played my cd ridiculously loud and sang along all the way.) When I was eventually there, we sat out on the cliff top deck of a grand hotel, and dined on coffee and cake and it was lovely.

Then this afternoon I took mother shopping, and we mooched the length of the town (I wrote mooched there, which reminded me that I often use the term "Schlepping" and Mother simply cannot grasp it and every time she attempts to use it, she asks me if I'm going to "Slurp around the shops". Lol.)

But yes, we wandered all afternoon, gently, had a late sandwich and bought pyjamas. I have more pyjamas than is feasible, but I don't care. These are blue and pretty.

And Mother, who was a true redhead before she went white-haired and has the colouring etc to go with it, has not a jot of colour or sunburn. I on the other hand have a scarlet nose to outshine Rudolph.

Today is a good day.


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