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"All over for another year."

I had a Christmas and I had a birthday. Thank you for your greetings and pretty pictures and cards. Lovely things.

On my birthday I did lunch with a friend, then shopping, then my Brother and sister in law visited, then my friend and her two gorgeous girls. Then we had takeaway and interspersed throughout there were presents and loveliness. Then I waited for my friend P to arrive for a much delayed rendezvous. And she arrived and it was grand. For 5 minutes. Then my ulcer exploded and I was ill and ill and ill with yuckiness. And she took me home with my head in a bucket amid much groaning.

I stayed up. I would say it was to await Santa, but my head remained in the bucket for a significant number of hours, so I didn't see him arrive. Still I then slept and woke up moderately refreshed. Christmas fare took the form of cream crackers and a particularly daring baked potato, which was slightly untraditional, but never mind.

P continuing her very kind friendness collected me and took me to my mother's, and there were yet more presents and the aforementioned exciting potato meal, then friends visited and then family. It was,despite the inauspicious start a rather lovely day.

Presents were very much of the good, including books, cds and dvds, vouchers for books and theatre tickets, perfume, (nice) clothes, alcohol and chocs. In fact there were only two items that invited incredulity - a calander - which was perfectly sweet, with pictures of cute kitten, but was approx A3 sized and bigger than comprehensible (with nowhere to write on) and a filofax from 1990. (And I know I sound evil, but I'm mocking with love and gratitude.)

And it's still not over, with one pile o'presents left to open.

Work tomorrow - which, the least said about the better. I am wondering if I can get in ridiculously early to get it over and done with, but the early morning Lola doesn't really talk to me and I don't think she'll play along.
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Christmas was hard. Everything was off kilter and wrong. But then, I expected nothing else and we got through it. Boxing Day was easier than Christmas Day 'cos we did different things. We went shopping, we went to my house and sat with the cats and then we went to see my brother. All different so there was no direct comparison, whereas Christmas Day everything was imbued with 'we normally do this'/and absence.

Still. I am trying not to post nothing but misery, so I'll stop that now.

Change of subject: Anyone have any sewing machine recommendations?
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Merry Christmas folks - it's all just starting this side of the pond, I know some of you have practically done, so I hope you had fun - I'm now sitting here gathering energy to go and visit the folks and get the present thing underway! Whee!!!!
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Those of you who left me your address in my recent post all have cards en route, if they're not there already.

Those of you who would have thought, with good reason, that I have your address, evidenced by the previous things I have sent you.. well, your cards are sitting on the mantel, sealed and stamped... somewhere in my home is my address book. Only Santa knows where. He might see fit to tell me some time soon, but don't count on it! The cards will get there once the book resurfaces (they are after all weighed, airmail stickered, stamoed and ready to go, just don't be suprised to receive a Christmas card in July!
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I can't help it, it's a weakness!

So, if you want a greetings card of any degree of festivity or not, let me have your address. I can be relied upon not to sell it to pirates (although it may not be safe from ninjas).

If you have given me your address in any previous communication frenzy, please do not think that this means I still have it, it could very likely have been shredded. Plus I think some of you have moved.

Go on, you know you want to!

Comments screned.
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Merry Christmas, season's greetings, happy holidays etc.

It's Christmas morn and I'm here with a croissant and coffee. later ther'll be gifts with M&D, and later still dinner and more gifts with brother, brother's gf and my nephew. Oh and with three kittens! I shouldn't view this as the best bit of the day but... kittens!

Hope you all have (or had for those of you running ahead!) a
wonderful day, full of whatever it takes to make you joyful.

Love to all x x x


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