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Almost two hours in the bank, but mortgage application is underway, home insurance is £35a year cheaper than with my previous provider and I have all sorts of quotes for other insurances (income protection etc) - needless to say my brain is mush. I was on the phone for 50 minutes of the visit and all of this with the sore throat from hell - but the chappie was very nice and went and got hot chocolate for me from the coffee bar across the road. No I just have to wait for paperwork and a house valuation. Still things are in process.

And it's time for [community profile] naarmamo! Which, after thinking about it all last month, I promptly forgot about this morning. So I will off to create something once I'm done here - that is instead of going to bed as my unwelcome summer cold is making me thing that bed would be very pleasant right now.

And Suits continues to be rather jolly and Torchwood is still watchable and my Case Histories books are almost finished and I have a new SPN novel to read that I'm not really bothered about but some of the bigbangs are good and neither of my neighbours have moved out yet and I'm not at work so am pretending it doesn't exist and that's going well for me and now it's time to draw.
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Yay! It's Naarmamo time again!

I have to say I think I've peaked already! I am so ridiculously proud of this, ridiculously .

I made a book! From scratch! Out of paper and glue and ribbon and stuff. I sewed pages and glued things (including my fingers - Superglue really does glue your fingers together in seconds.)

Oh but I love it! (I'm sorry, I know it's bad form to say things like that, but mostly my stuff is rubbish, so I'm happy!)

There are 31 double pages, so I am going to paste a picture or two of each day's Naart in there, so I have a proper diary/record of Naarmamo 08.

And a couple more shots here... I can't believe *I* made this! )
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Little artist men wanted to dance )


Aug. 24th, 2007 12:08 am
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everything is so busy. I did work, then had to be here for a delivery, then I had to go out and I've just got in, and there's been no time to comment or even read, and I *will* catch up I swear. In the meantime more bad drawing - and a pic of the original 'cos he's just gorgeous! )

It's a cat btw
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Naarmamo - photos )
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Naarmamo - Soft toy shuffle )
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Naarmamo in a hurry!! )
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Today's naart )

These are quite big.

Naart 8

Aug. 8th, 2007 11:17 pm
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Naart Day 8 -Still experimenting with watercolours )

nb in the truest sense of the word I may not actually *be* artistic - but Hell, I'm prepared to lie if it lets me look at Starsky's bum!!!
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You should all applaud my willpower! - or pity me. I'm not sure which.
Starsky came - and I have done things today other than purely watch dvds!

I went on a proper walk with my friend and her mum's friend's mother's dog. We walked in nature with trees and grass and crickets chirping! We scrumped apples. I have big blisters now, but it was still rather fab. (The dog was a bit of a nuisence,I'm not really a dog person, so could have done without her, but it made us look more natural when we were looking for apples!)

I spent several hours trying to create a gallery for my naarmamo stuff ( I did: but it's a bit crap, 'cos the 'taller' pictures are just showing the middle section and I don't know how to adjust that, and after the huge effort it took to rearrange them into the correct order I just gave up. Still a record of my Naarmamo experience is there for all to see.

I did some cleaning, and had a long bath and spoke on the phone several times.


I have only watched a few - I think Starsky is much prettier with longer hair. I think they work so well together, and I can't possibly squeak about specific things here, 'cos I need to go to bed - but in The Fix (which was fantastic in every way) there was one particular moment - and it wasn't all the hugging and holding and embracing ( though that, of course, was wonderful), but Hutch is on a wall, kind of just lying there, and the look that Starsk gives him then is just - perfect.

Right. bed.


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