May. 23rd, 2013

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I went hidey again. But I didn't actually hide. I went to work and I lost my book. My To Do book, that has *everything* in it. It's gone and I am bereft. And not doing the things. But I am also on leave again today and therefore not caring as much as I might.

I have poorly cats - well, sorely cats. Phoebe has a claw that is growing into her paw. This will entail armageddon in the vet's surgery this afternoon as they try and remove it. She's not a docile, malleable cat. When I tried to have her claws clipped previously to prevent such issues, the nurse gave up after a paw and a half of blood loss and screeching. And poor Albert has something wrong with his mouth, he cries even at the thought of eating and is sad and blue. I have to take both of them to the vets this afternoon *and* My Mum's cat for an inoculation. This is going to be fun.

Other things?

F's garden won a gold medal at Chelsea. I nearly went to see it, but it would have entailed gate crashing his sister's trip and she didn't want me, but didn't want to say she didn't want me and was angstful and woe until I just said I wouldn't go. She's not being mean, just she was going with one set of friends and I'm from a different set of friends and sometimes sets don't mix. Besides, It's saved me a long day and I'm sure Alan Titchmarsh will talk about it at some point. It's the 9 billion conversation garden in case anyone is interested and stuck for who to vote for on the People's Choice awards.

Oh and I have a tidy house, because I had a man come round Monday to measure up for blinds. I'm having all the blinds. Vertical in the main rooms, Venetian in the bathroom and kitchen. It means I can be rid of the broken roman blinds that have been here since I moved in. It also means I have to paint the back room within the next three weeks before they are fitted, because the paint is peeling off and looks terrible and I can't be doing with having to paint round the blinds. (I should be doing this today, but I have no oomph or enthusiasm today and can't face pulling all the books off the shelf to do it. Even though I really really should. Anyway. Blinds!

I also have cushions. I made my sewing machine work and made a cushioned seat for my Lloyd Loom ottoman and then some normal cushions just because. look! ) Aren't they pretty.

I bought jeggings. The first denim anything I have owned in years. I feel rather as if I am in fancy dress when I am wearing them, so there won't be pictures of them. I bought some other clothes too. Summer things. I'm not sure why.

I also bought notebooks. I had a book voucher and decided I couldn't possibly have any more unread books, so spent it on notebooks instead. The large Waterstone's in Norwich has such a range of stationery and I literally squeaked when I saw some of them. I spent £18 on birthday cards and pretty notebooks. Notebooks that I tend to just stroke and purr at without daring to write.

I saw Star Trek: Into the Darkness and have never been more attracted to Benedict Cumberbatch. (Even whilst wanting to cringe at how very villainesque he was being). I remember little of the plot. I don't do well at action plots, and I spent a lot of time trying to remember a particular actor's name which distracted me.

I had a squeeful conversation about H50 (not the finale, the girls held hostage ep) with my ex programmes boss and was really happy to have a fandomy, downloady conversation - but when he had gone colleagues were all "ooooh, is he married? Do you like him? ooh..." about it which made me really cross and spoilt it a little.

It would appear I have a job until April next year at least, which is small blessing. I missed the manager's briefing but have been told it was the same as all the other briefings, which consist of us asking questions and him saying "We don't know, we don't know how, we don't know who", but apparently they did know the when , in that staff 'destinations' will have been determined by April next year. Hmm.

And now someone smiling: gas mask drill photo heeee.jpg


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