Aug. 15th, 2013

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I worked late(ish) last night. I often do so and am often the last in the building, it doesn't worry me, although my colleagues often shudder at the thought.

Last night though, as I sat there, I kept thinking I could hear things not explained by empty building syndrome. I kept stopping to listen before telling myself not to be silly. Then I had to get up and shut the big fire escape door that was open due to the heat, "just in case". I still kept hearing things and in the end decided I had to pack up early and go home for the sake of my nerves.

Nerves that are only just now recovering from going downstairs, turning a corner and walking into a person doing some kind of something to one of the group rooms!! I'm not sure who jumped the most.

On the one hand I was reassured that I'm not just turning into a jumpy scaredy cat, on the other hand, it would have been god to know they were there in advance.

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With the rider that I've actually had a nice day - lazy morning, long lunch with a friend (ie 12.30-5.00 - although we only actually ate a cheese scone in that time!) tea at mother's and then a drive to find today's sunset.

(15.08.13a photo 14and15005_zpsbd12ff09.jpg in case you want to see it!)

1. Text from my friend's mum about them having to have their cat euthanized yesterday. I already knew, but she offered me left over cat treats for my babies and it made me cry.

2. Watching children dancing at a local fun day park - mixed reasons, they were having such fun and it was lovely, but then that made me think how I'd have been too shy to join in as a child, which made me think about how my Dad would have encouraged me, which made me think of my Dad and... It was all of these things, one atop the other.

3. Walking around the supermarket. No rhyme or reason to this one.

4. Taking a photo of the sunset that didn't come out right, I took it, checked it, realised the place wasn't a good vantage point and went back to my car - and started crying!

5. A fanfiction. Not even a good one, but one that made me think and therefore cry.

6. Driving home, after sunsetting. Again, no reason, just tears.

I don't think I'm quite right today.


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