Sep. 18th, 2013

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I drove an hour to Norwich today, waited 40 minutes and then drove an hour back. All to have a Hep B vaccination. Which is quite a frustrating waste of time in and of itself. When you factor in the fact that the nurse delivering said jab didn't actually bother to make the journey herself, well, that adds a whole new layer of irritation.

Still, at least my arm isn't sore.

Yesterday I drove 5.5 hours for a 1.5hour meeting. I had a posh new hire car for that journey though, so that was yesterday's silver lining.

Today my boss got an ear bashing for a piece of work that wasn't done instead of me. (Mind you, it's fair 'cos it was her that hadn't done the work, not me.)

Also today: I spent hours today completing recall paperwork - completed on the shiny new forms that go with our shiny new computer system. (You know, the shiny new system that has tripled the time taken for anything to be done) - done this, only to get an email at the end of the day stating "oh, we can't use that form yet, you'll have to do it again" - (And no it isn't just a copy/paste job cos the boxes are different.) My nice boss had also spent several hours doing the exact same thing for another offender. Such purposeful use of our time. Nice to know I'm not the only one - and (because I'm so brittle at the moment I think) bosses have arranged for their PA to complete the redo and not me.

So hey, look at that - all those silver linings.


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