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We have snow, but not as much as they keep telling us we're going to have. Which, I don't even like snow, but I can't help but feel cheated.

Work has been weird - Monday started by going in and finding out that one of the receptionists had been sacked abruptly late Friday, which was unsettling. It's sad that all the expressions of sympathy were empathic in nature, frather than genuinely upset that the particular person had gone. Sad too that the reactions went from "Gosh, really why?" to "who's covering her work?" very quickly. She was an odd and not overly pleasant person though, so I guess that's been reflected.

Anyway, after that, Tuesday there were men on the roof making ridiculous amounts of noise. Removing some form of structure, which resulted in Wednesday, walking into an office with caved in ceilings, debris and muck and much water everywhere. (Thankfully not my office space). Much dispute has arisen between contractors and management as to the extent and cause of damage. (contractors are positing the theory that it was a coincidental ceiling catastrophe and naught to do with their removing roof tiles and failing to secure any cover...)

Friday saw confirmation that, once again, they are moving staff around, shifting people's desks and locations and general disruption. Have yet to have any real explanation as to why. Of course, we all have so much free time that a few more days wasted packing up and relocating is not going to be a problem. \sarcasm.


On top of that it's been a crappy week, I've been speaking to Debs around the loss of her mother and it's heartbreaking just on a compassionate level, but of course, it's bringing far too much to the fore about Dad - and as a consequence I'm dreaming horribly (or about my late boss*, which is equally disturbing if not emotionally distressing) On a lighter note though, I did dream that my bathroom taps were possessed by an evil spirit so I attempted an exorcism by singing Amazing Grace at them...

I don't think Sam'n'Dean ought to try that anytime soon (although it would be amusing to watch, perhaps less so than the current eps!)

On the tv front - I'm watching; SPN, this week's episode was good, but emotionally bleak. H5O which was, well, rather ridiculous of course, but enjoyable nonetheless. Ripper Street - similarly ridiculous, but managing to seem believable while I watch and I really like it and I have Suits still to watch. Oh and Lewis! I don't like it in two halves and I don't like where it's going but I'm enjoying the journey, and there was a dramatic moment when Hathaway looked sooo young and vulnerable and oh.

And my tummy hurts still and I've been feeling bleak all week, but I bought myself a new duvet cover and I won £5 on a scratchcard and I'm trying t hold on to the bright side.

*did I mention that walking into work a couple of weeks back I clearly and distinctly heard his voice? There was just me in the corridor and two women in the staff room. Strange. He would have found the concept of haunting the place amusing though, so I'm not perturbed.
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First things first: [ profile] kassidy62 thank you for my panda! So cute.

The window man arrived 90 minutes late and was here less than 5 minutes. I'm so glad I took the day off for that.

Trailers - trailers have been the theme of the day.

I saw The Hobbit trailer ) I know I'm in the minority in not really caring about LOTR and Hobbit. I know that's internet sacrilege but there it is. (it's not that I didn't like them. On the contrary I remember finally watching the dvds and being deeply impressed and I watched all three movies in quick succession - it's just that, well I don't remember it. Seriously, of the three movies I can recall the ending of the first, a visual image of elves talking near some water and the "I will carry you" thing. Yes I know it's a misquote, I'm paraphrasing and I probably only remember that because it was said in Dangerous Lady. I know it's shameful perhaps but, um, yes. So the trailer? Intrigued me in that Guy of Gisbourne is in it. Martin Freeman seemed very cute and appealing and I was filled with the feeling of recognition and homecoming when I saw old familiar faces. But that was it. Sack me from the interwebs now.

I also saw the H50 trailer ) and just. Ugh. I stick by 'my' shows. I remain hopeful, ever hopeful, so I will watch and I will hold out for the good bits, but watching that. Just made me lose any of the optimism I was clinging on to.

Surprisingly though the SPN trailer ) made me more intrigued and hopeful than I have been since midway through season 6. Pessimistically hopeful, if one can be that, but flashes of hope nonetheless.

And then I watched Lewis; Generation of Vipers and got to see )

From that you may conclude that I have had a lazy and you'd be right - although sandwiched between frenzied house cleaning (and litter changing!) this morning and the horrors of grocery shopping this evening.

And now work looms loomingly.
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Doctor Who keeps happening. I keep watching. I'm not quite sure why. I want to remain hopeful I suppose. I do like Rory.

White Collar - also keeps happening. I am much clearer why I keep watching this. This week for example there was spoilery stuff )

And there's also been Lewis. Which I'm watching out of order, because some were on the telly and now I'm watching the ones I've missed and it doesn't really matter and there's a delightful distance between Lewis and Hathaway and it's all blissfully underplayed and Laurence Fox is very appealing.
(Where is the fic? I need the fic and there isn't enough. Where's fic?)

Oh, oh, and there was Greg and John from Masterchef doing that antiques roadshow auction competition thing and are there spoilers in antiques roadshow auction competition thing? )

And finally, how fantastic is Sue Perkins' quiff in The Great British Bake Off?!


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