Jan. 14th, 2013

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My lovely friend Debs called me today, to tell me her Mum died at the weekend. She died at home unexpectedly, D was away and sent a friend round to check on her when she had no answer to her calls. Deb had to rush home and fight with the Police to allow her mother to stay in the home until she could get there - eventually they agreed and she got to say here goodbyes in the house.

Absolutely dreadful, her brother is working offshore and can't get back and she's dealing with it alone. She called me to tell me, and to ask for what to do lists. So I told her and talked and listened.

And wept my socks off when we'd finished.

Then I went home and hugged my Mum to smithereens.

Oh, and seeming much more trivial than it did when I first saw the post; my nephew married at the weekend. The eldest of my middle brother's children. The family that don't speak to us. Still felt strange seeing the wedding photos on facebook, the younger two kids are very beautiful (the elder somewhat less so), and they all looked happy and gleeful. (top hat and tails, pimp stick and sneakers!) - and they're there without anyone from either family there (They've disowned all of her family too, we're not alone) and it's saddening - but in an abstract way. We've all moved on (it's been 20 years since any meaningful contact).



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